Julia’s Girls-Katie – NUWEST NWV-282

9 Mar

F/f; time:  30 minutes

Dominatrix Julia whips her way through a series of bare bottoms in quite a collection of ‘Julia’s Girls’ videos from NUWEST.  None better than this one with ‘Katie.’ Little Katie walks into the scene, nothing more than a hotel room. There are the checkout instructions framed on the door.

Powerful, buxom, intimidating brunette Julia: “I’ve wanted your ass for a long time and tonight I’m going to get it….take off all your clothes and lie face down on the bed.” All this in 2 minutes. Katie matter-of-factly removes her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, facing us, climbs onto the hotel bed, and lies face down, legs spread.

Julia steps into the passage to the bathroom in this small room and strips down to Domme-like bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. As Katie watches, Julia steps into her dildo harness, adjusts it menacingly, rolls a condom onto the 8″ monster, and begins flexing her tongued whip.

“You take this whipping good and I’ll go easy on your pussy when I fuck you.”  Now we won’t be recommending this speech to the Oscar Academy, but Julia surely sets our personal table. The whipping is moderate, and if you look at the extent of her work in the NW catalogue,  there was value in keeping Katie’s charming compact bottom from getting too banged up. Great facials of the ever-ingenue blonde, despite harsh lighting in this confined space, but all eyes are on that great little body splayed on the bed.

After the whipping Katie sits up and gives the dildo a good sucking. “Lie on the bed and get ready to get fucked.” Katie slides to the foot of the bed, pulls her knees up, and spreads her legs. Julia holds her legs open and slowly penetrates Katie–the action, filmed from above, allows us to watch the dong pushed in inch by inch. Julia gives her a rousing fucking, standing at the foot of the bed. Rhythmic bed springs squeaking during the rocking.

They change postions. Katie assumes the doggy posture, and this penetration is filmed from the floor through Julia’s legs, spread for leverage. Nothing much simulated here, but we don’t hang around for an orgasm.

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