Tanya Spanks Chelsea -Chelsea Spanks Tanya (Fox) – NUWEST NWV-218

11 Mar

Two CP queens in a playful bare bottom romp. Although the spankings are conventional over-the-knee pants-down affairs, the participants are both already in anyone’s Hall of Fame. We continue of our reivew of Ms. Fox’s work.

The scene is NU-WEST’s empty studio. Tanya to Chelsea: “Well, young lady, are you ready for your spanking?” Chelsea is taken OTK first; long black dress, her long legs and fingertips easily touch the floor and her shoulder-length brunette hair flies. After a little spanking, Chelsea stands. “Pull up your dress.”

OTK again, Tanya spanks aggressively on pantyhose. “Don’t kick so much.” After a bit more, “Pull your pantyhose down. I’d like to spank your bare bottom.” Chelsea stands, bares her buttocks and flashes pubic fuzz. More spanking, fondling, kneading. “You’re very warm.”


As NU-WEST did in this era, this spanking is repeated from different camera angles, the rear and oblique rear.

The roles now reverse. Tanya will now be taken OTK. She tries to exhibit some innocent hesitance. “I’m not real sure about this.”  The procedure is the same–she is spanked on her skirt, then stands to raise her red dress, then stands again to bare that bottom which has launched a thousand ships. Tanya wears reddish pageboy hair. This spanking is also repeated from the rear.

The film concludes with Tanya cornered, nose to the wall, red bottom on display, a view every director should include for Tanya.

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