College Classics #4 – CALSTAR

14 Mar

M/f; M/f; Time: 59 minutes

Two memorable edgy episodes; schoolgirls and bare bottoms. Both stories are excellent portrayals of widely attempted fantasies with schoolgirl or employee submissives, where the bare bottom is the only solution to the predicament.

In part 1, actor Martin Sykes, that marvelous, smarmy, and horny ageplay spanker, plays a headmaster who must discipline his school nurse/matron ‘Miss Courtney.’ He confronts her in his fully furnished parlor, seated magisterially in a wing chair. No  cinder block-walled workroom or motel room set here. “Where’s your hat?….you look scruffy.” He has a list of complaints–messed up laundry, worng medicines issued, but worst of all, she’s been spanking the male students. She admits she makes a regular practice of “spanking bare bottoms”; it is clear she covets pulling boys’ pants down.

This crusty HM  admits corporal punishment is “most effective,” but she is not authorized to spank the boys. When the HM shows Courtney the  sleek black vibrator he found in her quarters, you might say ‘the die is cast.’

Of course “there could be an alternative” to dismissal. Courtney agrees to accept a spanking–the camera holds her face in closeup as she consents, “if that is the only alternative.” The spanking starts immediately. She is OTK on the piano bench. This actress has a smoky, exotic peasant-Mediterranean face, curly black hair, huge brown eyes, with a lot going on under her smock.

Skirt up,a full round bottom with only a thong strand between her cheeks. For the next sequence, she bends over the back of a Queen Anne chair for the strap. Sykes takes her thong and her stockings to her ankles. The high chair locks her legs straight and highlights her bottom. She begins to struggle and blotches develop.

“Strip, I  said strip,” Sykes bellows, a specialty in his verbal repertoire. Courtney is naked. Her boobs are large handfuls, and she sports the most luxuriant bush we have seen since blue films. Her body is an even light brown all over, no variations. No wonder she doesn’t shave–she doesn’t even bother with bathing costumes. Naked, she leans over the piano for the cane–on tip-toes for about a dozen very entertaining cane strokes to complete her admonishment.

Part 2 contains 30 minutes of some of the most entertaining CP for our taste we can recall. Minnie Champ, a stunning actress who made a half-dozen CP films and then had a short adult film career before somebody probably took her home to stay, plays an insouciant schoolgirl dismissed from a tony school. The episode to dominated by cunning facials.

Minnie receives a middle-aged guy, a talented spanking actor (and probably a stockholder if he got this assignment with Minnie) from this early ’90’s era at CALSTAR/TALLION/SfP who has been retained by Minnie’s parents in South Africa to “dish out some old-fashioned English discipline.” In addition to being a lights-out sensation with no clothes on, Minnie can actually act. She murmurs many cunning lines during this performance, even as her spankings escalate. She pretends she doesn’t know about English tradition. The guy shows her his cane, which she noticed when he brought it in. “You can’t hit me with that, sir.”

So they phone South Africa. Settled. Minnie is taken OTK on a wrought-iron lounger in a classy floral solarium setting. As in the first segment of this film, CALSTAR took care  with the set. Schoolgirl pleated skirt flipped up, white panties down. “Down?” Minnie whispers. A glorious sight, little winks between her thighs, and the camera cannot resist her stunning face.

The guy puts a cushion on his lap under her hips to raise her bottom (or was there another reason?). “That’s better. That raises it.” As he spanks, Minnie reaches back to clutch her cheeks–long sexy fingers and carefully tended nails. The last two smacks are “two very hard ones.”

“Face out there [the window], lift your skirt.” Neither we nor the camera can take our gaze off her tush. “Phase 2, the strap…3 nice tails to grace a lady’s tail…and a schoolgirl’s tail.”  This is the tawse. Minnie’s bottom high and hard over the back of the couch. She giggles a bit, at both all the CP chatter and that her pain threshold is not being challenged.

Now starts one of the most erotic canings we have ever seen. She touches toes in front of the prototypical English fireplace. At least 15 strokes on the bare, amid a lot of banter between the players. “Taae your skirt off…the jumper too.” She leans on the mantel, bends forward over the mantel hearth, knees locked, bottom thrust out. We thank the director for this elegant positioning. Four more strokes. “Tie off” for 5 more strokes.

At last, the blouse and bra are handed over, she gives us a glimpse of a tawny pubic thatch, beautiful breasts, she melts us with a direct glance (her adult film career is still new enough that she looks into the camera). Six more zingers and “one for luck…always the hardest.” “Stay there [naked] for 10 minutes.” Long camera hold.

Dressed again, long holds on her face as she is lectured. We are reminded of Minnie’s performance in ‘Mutual Agreement,’ where the acotr ‘Reggie’ reminds her he’d be glad to return next month to spank her again for late rent.

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