Julia Spanks Jennifer; Jennifer Spanks Marianna – NUWEST NWV-214

14 Mar

2F/2f; year: 1993; time: 28 minutes

Nu West founder Ed Lee loved American classic spanking scenarios, and made many films of straightforward, unadorned, over-the-knee bare-bottom whalings. No silly caterwauling, no pulling of punches, no fakery, no amateur dialogue. Vigorous, hard,memorable spankings, where the actresses start off stoic and calm, and begin to fidget later.

This film was made 20 years ago. In the first section, NW staff-Domina Julia spanks a young, tall, and sexy Jennifer Brooks, herself a budding CP actress and producer. Jennifer is taken OTK on an empty carpeted set, spanked for about 3 minutes, first on her blue dress; then she stands to expose white girdle-panties for another 3-minute spanking; and last she stands again, drops the pants and is spanked on the bare. The session concluded with her cornered, red bottom on display. This session is repeated four times–first full frontal, then focussed on her face, then directly on her bottom, and finally an oblique on her rear.

Julia conveys stern power and control; Jennifer is a breezy, feminine, curly-haired blonde. Twelve minutes of hard spanking theater works any time.

The second part follows the same format. Jennifer does the spanking in a summer dress, and a little curly-haired brunette Marianna wears white shorts, and a top tied off to display a bare midriff. She’ll get the “spanking of her life.” She is short enough that her suspended legs kick freely as the disitress develops. Panties are important at Nu West, and in these films, the models wear conventional clothing, not tarty strippers’ gear. Marianna’s undies are semi-transparent, form-fitting, figure-control.

No frontal nudity, just glimpses of luxuriant hair.

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