Mrs. Moore – Girls’ Counselor – NUWEST NWV-460

14 Mar

F/f; time: 15 minutes

NU-WEST’s model actress meets the fraternity paddle. ‘Katie,’ the pet blonde, very early in her career, and possibly the cutest model we have ever seen in CP, gets paddled in an Arkansas school. Actress Katie will be playing every fetish game producer Ed Lee can imagine over the course of her film career.

Katie narrates the film in a full headshot which could grace the cover on any magazine. She is a girl from New Jersey but must now face the paddle in a backyard Arkansas school. We see her fidgeting outside the principal’s office, in yet another portrayal of this essential anticipatory schoolgirl hallway scene. Long blond hair,bangs, big eyes, she paces in a sleeveless T-shirt, jeans, and boots. The camera focusses on her trim little denim bottom.



A female principal, a mature brunette using a comical Southern accent, calls her into the office set NW has used in many films. Not much discussion, she will be paddled,and she quickly bends over the desk. She takes 12 very hard swats on her jeans from a full-size American fraternity paddle. She goes silent–if there were repeats, we didn’t care. Katie got rocked. Great facials of this sweetest of spankable actresses.


You know it had to happen and usually does at NW–she must drop her jeans to show the principal the results. Typical round red paddle bruises. Katie is warned the next visit will be worse. And we are only halfway through the film!7C3CF15B-02A5-45A0-A4F2-DB0C921DF040

Sure enough, back in the blue studio/office. “Twenty-four this time, Missy, counted aloud.” Over the desk again, in spandex jams, T-shirt, and work shoes. They change locations and she assumes the frisk position, hands on the wall, and takes 24 resounding smacks, counted out. Another bare bottom check–this time there is no thong and this time she is cornered, pants down, for a long pose. Freeze that frame.


2 Responses to “Mrs. Moore – Girls’ Counselor – NUWEST NWV-460”

  1. Steven Richards April 19, 2020 at 1:22 pm #

    How does one get a copy of this video??? e-mail me

  2. Steven Richards April 19, 2020 at 1:25 pm #

    How does one get a copy of this video. Nu-west is notoriously bad at replying.

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