Katie and Sandra Home Alone – NUWEST NWV-352

16 Mar

time: 30 minutes; 2F;  year: 2001

For NuWest Katie fans; she is buck naked for 28 minutes here; this would be the film if you are working on her freckle count. The film  is more of a girlie porn smoker than anything else.

NW uses its studio for a plain bedroom, a double bed, a divan, and simple tables. Katie walks on-set wearing nothing but white heels, and strolling just as casually as if getting another cup of coffee from the kitchen. No sashay, no wiggle, no flaunting. The cameo voyeuristic filming technique at NW has always been a favorite of ours.

Katie climbs onto the bed; she will offer and the camera will find her buttocks often in the next 28 minutes. She smacks her cheeks –clear, white, and unmarked, despite all the work she does for NW. She lies on the bed and writhes gently into very sexual postures, although this is not at all  bump-and-grind burlesque, but very much what a horny girl would do alone on a dull Saturday afternoon. We are glad to be invited.

She has shaved her pubic hair but for a puffy tuft-cloud at the top. Katie actually glances at the director here, a slip we don’t see often from her. At the conclusion of this nude squirm, she starts to masturbate with a huge dildo, but doesn’t finish.

A two minute segment follows featuring ‘Sandra,’ also naked and entertaining herself, spanking herself with a strap and operating a battery-powered dildo 15″ long!

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