The Guy Who Couldn’t – NUWEST SPV-156

16 Mar

Year: 2008; 4F/m, time: 17 minutes

A young male on the receiving end, and the NuWest girls love it! The NW text explains that a correspondent contacted NW and claimed he would accept spankings if he could not masturbate in front of the NW girls in two minutes. Another completely unexpected flight of fancy from the House of Ed Lee.

The film may have been in the archives and then released in 2008. What jewels, do you suppose, are still in Nu West storage?

A faux story unfolds to act out this challenge:  ‘Julia’ has caught the ‘boy’ wanking with spanking magazines in the studio bathroom. He will be presented to actresses ‘Jacque,’ ‘Katie.’  and ‘Rachael’ in the blue studio;  the girls sit in conventional street clothes on a couch.

Julia drags him in  and makes him strip naked in front of the girls, to their delight. They giggle like schoolgirls. He is a bit shy; if you had to drop your pants and  stand completely naked of front of this crew, would you know what to do with your hands? First, each girl will take the naked boy OTK for a short but rousing spanking, Jacque, Katie, Rachael, and domina Julie last. Not hard, but fun for everyone. That should have gotten him started, but apparently not. Worked for us.

The boy now stands in front of the girls, wanking furiously, much to their amusement, and they admit they are not seeing anything they are not intimately familiar with. They are doing a nice job of not seeming to be the traveled adult actresses they are. Ed Lee steps in off the wings to motivate the boy and tells him to “relax,” and the cameraman offers him a soft drink, all while he pumps away. He admits the difficulty with the lights, camera, and spectators. “This is definitely a weird feeling.”

Jacque and Julia decide to help him along, and  about time, we thought. Jacque drops the top of her dress, needing some help to unzip, and Julia rases her top. Four melons. “Does this interest you?” Julia inquires.

They rub and touch him, although a handjob at this point is avoided, being possibly illegal when this film was made. It would have completed the mission. Julia flashes a completely unshaven crotch as the film comes to an unedited conclusion.

More silly superfluity maybe, but we loved it. especially the unchartable imaginings of  Ed Lee.


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