The School Lesson – KANE

16 Mar

M/2f; late 1970’s; 6  minutes

Naughty schoolgirls, one of the earliest CP films we have found, one of George Harrison Marks’ ‘Lesson’ films, when he was still a ‘glamour’  photographer, doing series for JANUS and beginning his own magazine and when a naughty bare (schoolgirl) bottom on film had salacious attraction. Despite the cinematographic facilities in the bigger movie industry, these early ‘smoker’ films looked like Thomas Edison stuff.

Two randy schoolgirls deliver papers to a headmaster and wait outside his office. In no time (because there isn’t any time in this film), they are masturbating to photos of naked men, and have each others’ clothes coming off for some  aggressive lesbian play. Of course the Head catches them. They will be caned.

The girls, both with the round spankable bottoms which mut have been part of their audition for GHM, are taken over the HM’s desk in turn. Knickers down immediately, he whales them with a long, thin, whippy cane, which leaves many marks in just a few seconds, mostly on wrap-around areas. The headmaster is grinning and salivating like a crazed man.

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