The Cane and Mr. Abel – CALSTAR

19 Mar

MF/2f; year: 1986; Time: 27 minutes

Very early George Harrison Marks. Teacher AND teen student get spankings here. A very attractive female teacher, ‘Miss Margaret Daly,’ (Linzi Drew) a tall blonde-redhead in a mini skirt (we’ve learned teachers looking this good should be watching their own backs, so to speak, in a spanking video), has discovered a letter written by cute blond crumpet 18 year old ‘Fiona,’  the contents of which could cost poor little Fiona a layer of skin off her bottom. The great pleading begins. “I’m terribly sorry.” Rather than being reported to Mr. Abel, our Fiona will accept a spanking. “Oh no, Miss, not the cane.”


Lovely, sweet desperation from Fiona. She hands over her jacket. “What do you mean, ‘bare bottom'”? Over a chair, uniform dress up, nice black knickers come down with no delay. An elegant bottom shines in pefect lighting. Margaret gives her a good six, with evident enjoyment, lots of fondling, and sawing with the cane. Immediate wheals; begging. Headmaster sleazy Mr. Abel,  wanders in.

This is too good to be true–a pretty little 18 year old student’s compromised bare bottom over a desk and an equally inviting teacher. He gives Miss Daly a tongue-lashing.  She is a lousy teacher, and what’s more, ineffective with the cane. She is told she is to be fired at the end of the term. When they are alone, she scrambles to recover. “Don’t you find me attractive?” She wiggles her bottom and flashes panties like one of her girls, and of course suggests a spanking to arbitrate the situation. She is to report to Abel’s office at 7 PM. “It will be quite a sound spanking.” We are counting on that.


7 PM chimes. Abel loves her attire. “Ooh, that’s nice. I suppose you’ve come for a spanking. Let’s have that dress off.” Down to bra, panties, and garter belt, and stockings. We can see Margaret was expecting to hand over the dress. She gets a light handspanking and collapses on the floor, whining and pleading–an actress! Back OTK, pants down now, not much of a spanking, but a pretty sight and a squirming lapful. Margaret starts to coo. Abel is getting excited too. He suggests he’d like to pour champagne over her bottom. There are hugs and fondling–Abel gets in a legitimate feel-up. “You’re learning your lesson.”

Margaret is no dummy. “The lesson is just beginning, sir.” No hardspanking in this exercise, but succinct, erotic, and top bottoms.

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