Ingrid’s Caning – NUWEST NWV-258

20 Mar

F/f; time:  26 minutes

NuWest’s Debra and her fascination with bare bottoms; statuesque blonde ‘Ingrid’ returns to meet the Domina. The film opens with her already kneeling on a leather bench, wearing a red dress and heels. Someone has arranged for her to be punished for poor performance at work.

Debra circles and scolds in her Lee-trained way, explaining that conventional handpanking and paddling no longer seem to work for Ingrid. She straps Ingrid’s back and ankles to the structure of the backwards-Z padded frame, throws up her skirt to expose black pantyhose.

Debra wears her action-figure outfit–boots, short black skirt, blouse, and black pantyhose. We’re in the pale blue barren studio with the faux walls and open ceiling. Debra slowly rolls down Ingrid’s pantyhose to bare her bottom. Excellent shots of Ingrid’s apprehensive face.

A slow caning begins, at least 25 strokes, moderate, and delivered in irregular groups while Debra circles,paces, and scolds. Tram lines develop at 6; Debra fingers and fondles, between her buttocks and thighs. Overhead shots from the bar joists. “This is the ultimate humiliation, is it not?”  She is left whimpering at the conclusion of this phase.

“One week later”: Ingrid stops by the studio to see Ed Lee, who at this point was in his shaggy gray ponytail phase. She looks for all the world like she is coming home from a day of classes at junior college. All she needed was a backpack.

This is a bottom-check. She kneels up on the bench again. Lee bares her bottom, and he asks the camera to move closer. We see bruises and lines. “Closer, focus, OK, out now,” he directs. He explains there were 36 strokes–we didn’t see them all, but we had a very good time.

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