Diva Bodyguard -Amelia Jane Rutherford–FIRMHAND

25 Mar

FirmHand; 2008-9; 10 segments; 5-10 minutes each

‘A’ Another short series of brief films on a theme; here we have a depiction of what actor Kevin Costner should have done to Whitney Houston in the 1979 film ‘Bodyguard.’ Amelia, as ‘Mimi Golden,’ has hired ‘Anderson’ as her bodyguard. The first segment involves the interview, his contract, and her instructions to him–let her blend in, let her be the celebrity she is.

Anderson sees his responsibilities differently and risks showing how he would enforce obedience. Amelia, wearing a sweet little black-and-white dress, is dragged OTK, her little dress flies up to expose white panties, garter belt, and stockings. “Stop it, not your job!” The camera circles to film that world-class bottom.  A crisp handspanking, modesty mostly retained.

Ms. Rutherford teases us with a not so convincing objection to such treatment, as she checks her bottom in the mirror.

‘B’ Bodyguard Anderson has let Mimi escape his control. She returns in her silver Range Rover. Ms. Rutherford stands a half-foot taller than the actor. She is stylishly dressed and cute as usual–white blouse, skirt, blond hair braided. She was speeding–Anderson reminds her what the tabloids would do with that.

They argue. She is deliciously belligerent, asking for it. “This is not the Army!” Anderson pushes her over the back of a couch, skirt up, black panties on display, then down for the first time. “How dare you!” After a shoe sole on her bare bottom, she apologizes. Great facials, bottom full-screen. When he threatens to report her behavior to her manager, we see he has full control of her.

‘C’ This episode begins with a bang. Anderson has Mimi trained now. She wears a slinky black dress and is leaning on the mantel, her beautiful face filling a mirror, very much into all this. She pulls up the dress; the white thong she wears is more of a g-string. Her buttocks are completely bare.

Anderson will spank her in this very sexy British posture, mantelpieced. Naughty dialogue snippets tell it all. “This is quite relaxing, like a massage’; “If you’re that angry you shouldn’t spank me”; “Poor chap, you must be exhausted…is that all you’ve got?” “Got anything else up your sleeve?”

Part of the spanking is filmed from below; a visual journey up those legs to a bottom which cannot be adequately described.

‘D’ Anderson wakes a sleepy Mimi, who is late for a meeting. As usual, Ms. Rutherford is fetchingly attired, in a red satin nightie. Anderson will wake her up with his leather belt. “What are you doing?’ she cries out. When he gets her on her stomach on the bed, we discover she is not wearing panties. After a short belting, “Five minutes to get dressed, including pants!” She sasses and earns more leather.

‘E’ ‘Mimi’ arrives at a hotel room, breathlessly nervous. A  nice scene in the hotel corridor, where she screws up her courage to knock on a door, knowing what is going to happen to her.

Bodyguard Anderson greets her. She sees his lochgelly tawse. “What’s…that?” she stutters. “It’s the consequences,” says Anderson. She had wanted to shop in freedom, but he is her bodyguard.

Ms. Rutherford  wears tight  green short shorts and a T-shirt top. She is not going to argue. “Let’s have them down, right down.” The shorts need  to be almost rolled off that famous bottom. Her cheeks are already a bit red, a byproduct of making these shorr films in a confined time frame.

“How many are there going to be?” “Twenty-five.” An entertaining strapping, hard enough to be convincing, full facials, shots from below up her long legs to swelling cheeks, and angle very flattering to her. She kicks up her heels. “Damn it, ooh.”

At the conclusion she pulls up her panties in closeup, and stands in just those knickers, impishly showing Anderson the pruchases she made, now that she has paid for them twice.

‘F’ Ms. Rutherford, totally naked and glorious, climbing into a bubble bath, a rare flash of her wispy mohawk. She settles into the suds and begins to dream of spankings.

In a dream, she reports to a male in her school uniform, having cheated on a math exam. “You’re well aware of the practice here…pass me the paddle.” She wears long blond pigtails. She must toe a line on the floor, bend forward and grasp the edges of a mantel. He flicks up her short skirt with the long wood fraternity paddle. She will count six strokes, and errors will cause do-overs. “Lower your panties, please, bend forward.” These poses suit the 6’1″ Ms. Rutherford quite well.

She loses count at four sonorous cracks and gets six more. She breaks position, so the paddling will start over as the scene fades.

‘G’ Mimi cavorts on a bed in a minimal kimono, on the phone. Bodyguard Anderson enters and is furious that she has lost her address/phone book, breeching her own security like that. At this point in the series he has her completely in his spell. “Take that (kimono) off. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Our little minx of a diva is of course naked under the robe. She sits on her haunches on the bed to await him, one of our favorite nude poses. Anderson takes her OTK on the bed for a strap. In another position, she must kneel on all fours on the bed and collapses in tears at the conclusion.

(H)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia runs to Anderson in tears, offended by someone. But he is not buying and points out she is breaking rules. That will be another spanking.

“Take them down.” Jeans and panties. Standard OTK for a paddle. Amelia doesn’t mind flashing for Anderson by this time.

‘I’ Mimi appears before bodyguard Anderson in a full length white evening gown, quite proud of her stunning appearance and thrilled by his gasp of admiration. At this point she is quite addicted to the spanking narcotic and teases that she needs reminding to be good tonight. “You want a reminder?”  “Maybe,” she goads.

She bends over thw couch, rucks up the long silk skirt folds, to expose marvelous little white lace-and-gold trimmed panty-shorts. Once again, we salute the panty custodian for this series. He teases the skimpy little things down and begins spanking with a big paddle.

“It hurts more than in the dream when I was cheating at math,” referring to an earlier bathtub catnap. Anderson is going to enjoy imagining her discomfort when she sits down at dinner.

‘J’ The ‘Bodyguard’ series concludes; ‘Mimi’ and ‘Richard Anderson’ are intimate now. She recalls their first meeting, and her “I don’t need a bodyguard.” She entices Anderson to take her down “memory lane” over his knee.

He begins smacking her jeans. “Surely you didn’t do it over my clothes.”  She stands and drops her jeans to display yet another set of notable panties–leopard print, bikini-cut and filled out to a fare-thee-well by Ms. Rutherford’s national treasure. She squirms under a handspanking, and he has to pin her wrists as part of the recreation.

“My, we’ve come a long way,” they both concur, kiss, and head for the bedroom hand-in-hand.

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