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College Classics #4 – CALSTAR

14 Mar

M/f; M/f; Time: 59 minutes

Two episodes; schoolgirls and bare bottoms. Both stories are excellent portrayals of widely attempted fantasies with schoolgirl or employee submissives, where the bare bottom is the only solution to the predicament.

In part 1, actor Martin Sykes, that marvelous, smarmy, and horny ageplay spanker, plays a headmaster who must discipline his school nurse/matron ‘Miss Courtney.’ He confronts her in his fully furnished parlor, seated magisterially in a wing chair. No  cinder block-walled workroom or motel room set here. “Where’s your hat?….you look scruffy.” He has a list of complaints–messed up laundry, worng medicines issued, but worst of all, she’s been spanking the male students. She admits she makes a regular practice of “spanking bare bottoms”; it is clear she covets pulling boys’ pants down.

This crusty HM  admits corporal punishment is “most effective,” but she is not authorized to spank the boys. When the HM shows Courtney the  sleek black vibrator he found in her quarters, you might say ‘the die is cast.’

Of course “there could be an alternative” to dismissal. Courtney agrees to accept a spanking–the camera holds her face in closeup as she consents, “if that is the only alternative.” The spanking starts immediately. She is OTK on the piano bench. This actress has a smoky, exotic peasant-Mediterranean face, curly black hair, huge brown eyes, with a lot going on under her smock.

Skirt up,a full round bottom with only a thong strand between her cheeks. For the next sequence, she bends over the back of a Queen Anne chair for the strap. Sykes takes her thong and her stockings to her ankles. The high chair locks her legs straight and highlights her bottom. She begins to struggle and blotches develop.

“Strip, I  said strip,” Sykes bellows, a specialty in his verbal repertoire. Courtney is naked. Her boobs are large handfuls, and she sports the most luxuriant bush we have seen since blue films. Her body is an even light brown all over, no variations. No wonder she doesn’t shave–she doesn’t even bother with bathing costumes. Naked, she leans over the piano for the cane–on tip-toes for about a dozen very entertaining cane strokes to complete her admonishment.

Part 2 contains 30 minutes of some of the most entertaining CP for our taste we can recall. Minnie Champ, a stunning actress who made a half-dozen CP films and then had a short adult film career before somebody probably took her home to stay, plays an insouciant schoolgirl dismissed from a tony school.

Minnie receives a middle-aged guy, a talented spanking actor (and probably a stockholder if he got this assignment with Minnie) from this early ’90’s era at CalStar/Tallion/SfP, who has been retained by Minnie’s parents in South Africa to “dish out some old-fashioned English discipline.” In addition to being a lights-out sensation with no clothes on, Minnie can actually act. She murmurs many cunning lines during this performance, even as her spankings escalate. She pretends she doesn’t know about English tradition. The guy shows her his cane, which she noticed when he brought it in. “You can’t hit me with that, sir.”

So they phone South Africa. Settled. Minnie is taken OTK on a wrought-iron lounger in a classy floral solarium setting. As in the first segment of this film, CalStar took care  with the set. Schoolgirl pleated skirt flipped up, white panties down. “Down?” Minnie whispers. A glorious sight, little winks between her thighs, and the camera cannot resist her stunning face.

The guy puts a cushion on his lap under her hips to raise her bottom (or was there another reason?). “That’s better. That raises it.” As he spanks, Minnie reaches back to clutch her cheeks–long sexy fingers and carefully tended nails. The last two smacks are “two very hard ones.”

“Face out there [the window], lift your skirt.” Neither we nor the camera can take our gaze off her tush. “Phase 2, the strap…3 nice tails to grace a lady’s tail…and a schoolgirl’s tail.”  This is the tawse. Minnie’s bottom high and hard over the back of the couch. She giggles a bit, at both all the CP chatter and that her pain threshold is not being challenged.

Now starts one of the most er0tic canings we have ever seen. She touches toes in front of the prototypical English fireplace. At least 15 strokes on the bare, amid a lot of banter between the players. “Taae your skirt off…the jumper too.” She leans on the mantel, bends forward over the mantel hearth, knees locked, bottom thrust out. We thank the director for this elegant positioning. Four more strokes. “Tie off” for 5 more strokes.

At last, the blouse and bra are handed over, she gives us a glimpse of a tawny pubic thatch, beautiful breasts, she melts us with a direct glance (her adult film career is still new enough that she looks into the camera). Six more zingers and “one for luck…always the hardest.” “Stay there [naked] for 10 minutes.” Long camera hold.

Dressed again, long holds on her face as she is lectured. We are reminded of Minnie’s performance in ‘Mutual Agreement,’ where the acotr ‘Reggie’ reminds her he’d be glad to return next month to spank her again for late rent.

Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks Tanya Fox – NUWEST NWV-218

11 Mar

Two CP queens in a playful bare bottom romp. Although the spankings are conventional over-the-knee pants-down affairs, the participants are both already in anyone’s Hall of Fame. We continue of our reivew of Ms. Fox’s work.

The scene is NuWest’s empty studio. Tanya to Chelsea: “Well, young lady, are you ready for your spanking?” Chelsea is taken OTK first; long black dress, her long legs and fingertips easily touch the floor and her shoulder-length brunette hair flies. After a little spanking, Chelsea stands. “Pull up your dress.”

OTK again, Tanya spanks aggressively on pantyhose. “Don’t kick so much.” After a bit more, “Pull your pantyhose down. I’d like to spank your bare bottom.” Chelsea stands, bares her buttocks and flashes pubic fuzz. More spanking, fondling, kneading. “You’re very warm.”

As Nu West did in this era, this spanking is repeated from different camera angles, the rear and oblique rear.

The roles now reverse. Tanya will now be taken OTK. She tries to exhibit some innocent hesitance. “I’m not real sure about this.”  The procedure is the same–she is spanked on her skirt, then stands to raise her red dress, then stands again to bare that bottom which has launched a thousand ships. Tanya wears reddish pageboy hair. This spanking is also repeated from the rear.

The film concludes with Tanya cornered, nose to the wall, red bottom on display, a view every director should include for Tanya.

Julia’s Girls-Katie – NUWEST NWV-282

9 Mar

F/f; time:  30 minutes

Dominatrix Julia whips her way through a series of bare bottoms in quite a collection of ‘Julia’s Girls’ videos from NUWEST.  None better than this one with ‘Katie.’ Little Katie walks into the scene, nothing more than a hotel room. There are the checkout instructions framed on the door.

Powerful, buxom, intimidating brunette Julia: “I’ve wanted your ass for a long time and tonight I’m going to get it….take off all your clothes and lie face down on the bed.” All this in 2 minutes. Katie matter-of-factly removes her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties, facing us, climbs onto the hotel bed, and lies face down, legs spread.

Julia steps into the passage to the bathroom in this small room and strips down to Domme-like bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. As Katie watches, Julia steps into her dildo harness, adjusts it menacingly, rolls a condom onto the 8″ monster, and begins flexing her tongued whip.

“You take this whipping good and I’ll go easy on your pussy when I fuck you.”  Now we won’t be recommending this speech to the Oscar Academy, but Julia surely sets our personal table. The whipping is moderate, and if you look at the extent of her work in the NW catalogue,  there was value in keeping Katie’s charming compact bottom from getting too banged up. Great facials of the ever-ingenue blonde, despite harsh lighting in this confined space, but all eyes are on that great little body splayed on the bed.

After the whipping Katie sits up and gives the dildo a good sucking. “Lie on the bed and get ready to get fucked.” Katie slides to the foot of the bed, pulls her knees up, and spreads her legs. Julia holds her legs open and slowly penetrates Katie–the action, filmed from above, allows us to watch the dong pushed in inch by inch. Julia gives her a rousing fucking, standing at the foot of the bed. Rhythmic bed springs squeaking during the rocking.

They change postions. Katie assumes the doggy posture, and this penetration is filmed from the floor through Julia’s legs, spread for leverage. Nothing much simulated here, but we don’t hang around for an orgasm.

Penelope Is Whipped – NU WEST

7 Mar

M/f; year: 1993; time: 24 minutes

Exquisite bare fanny whipping, simple theme, perfect attention to detail. Penny is one of Ed Lee’s regular models and is to be whipped for her own pleasure (and surely ours). She stands on an Oriental rug, skirt up, panties on display, waiting. Lee starts right in and warms her bottom with a series of whip strokes. She jumps and cries out. She must place her hands on her head, sweet and submissive. A pretty smiling face eagerly awaits the next step.

She places her skirt and shoes on a chair, and who is not watching that pantied bottom as she walks? Back on the Oriental, she is asked to strip completely–off with a top, then the panties, then a black bra. Very nice. Lee circles with a whip and his cocktail, as he often does. In this video, he must play an annoying radio in the background, which detracts from Penny’s little moans and gasps to come.

She stands naked but for black stockings, while Lee fastens her wrists to an oversized contraption he has lowered. Some of his videos omit this binding process because of the time it takes, but  we happen to love those processes. It certainly builds the pressure. He keeps circling. She is marvelous, top and bottom, with a lovely thick bush.

Lee lay on 20 strokes, which Penny must count. Fast, slow, high, low–sexy.

A  scene change: Penelope is now strung up by her heels, supporting her naked self with her arms folded behind her. We always admire Lee’s wicked imagination. He then rapidly whips her bottom and thighs with the camera focussed on the subject. She seems to beg him to stop, but adds: “Oh yes, that was great.” Ed retorts: “You’re a weird girl.” It is over. We watch her sit naked and untie herself, Nu West always the voyeur.


Katie and Mrs. Peagram – NUWEST NWV-315

5 Mar

2F/f;   time: 35 minutes

Katie bares everything she has in this, nearly the most explicit work we have seen of hers so far. An actual storyline, Katie plays ‘Rebecca Thatcher’ at the ‘Smith School for Girls.’ She stands before the dour ‘Mrs. Peagram,’ Dana Specht we believe, at her desk in the blue studio, dressed as a little schoolgirl in gray jumper, blouse, and knee socks.

Rebecca has been caught having sex with both a boy AND a girl, drinking on and off campus, smoking pot, and failing her courses. Any one of these offenses would cost you your knickers in a British film. NU-WEST will take us several steps beyond that.

Rebecca stands before Peagram. ‘Katie,’ even with the experience she already has, communicates perfect schoolgirl erotica. Her disrespect to Peagram increases the tension. The headmistress has received permission from her parents (well, maybe not for everything which will happen here), so it’s time for “corporal punishment.”

In the center of the room, Peagram will, without any assistance, herself remove all of Rebecca’s clothes. Jumper over her head, blouse unbuttoned and off, Peagram kneels to untie and pull off each brown-and-white and the knee socks. Rebecca stands there in just white panties, no bra. After a pause to allow us to take in this sight, Peagram pulls down the panties. Now stsrk naked, Rebecca moves around the set folding and stacking her clothes, a nudie interlude so essential to this actress’ persona.

Peagram grabs a tuft of Rebecca’s pubic hair between fingers. “Only mature young ladies have pubic hair.” Because Rebecca acts like an adolescent, she is going to lose that hair.

Fade to an infirmary setup; a fully-uniformed nurse, actress ‘Vanna’ we believe, is going to shave Rebecca. She lies on her back on a gurney, knees pulled up and open; nurse lathers her vagina with shaving cream and begins a full 10-minute shaving scene, full-screen most of the way. Rebecca has to hoist and hold her legs into the diaper position so that even her anus can be shaved. Our sense is, we will not need to watch another shaving scene. This will be our reference standard.

When the nurse is finished, Peagram takes her OTK on a little stool, her beautiful white buttocks, still and perfect, full-screen. Peagram gropes between her thighs to excite her pussy, despite her half-hearted protests. “Pretty little pussy…spread those lips wide open.” Rebecca has to crawl in circles on the floor and kiss Peagram’s shoes.

Onto her back on the desk into the diaper pose. “You’re going to get a whipping.” Some mild martinet. Peagram spreads her vagina lips for a full closeup.

Rebecca stands at the wall, legs spread in the frisk position, for more whipping and a frigging sharp enough to get her up on her toes. Back on the desk, legs spread, Peagram gives her an oral job, details we can’t see.

To conclude, Rebecca is helped to bend over the desk, and then is fucked with a dildo, lubed, with a condom. Her orgasm, while not too convincing, certainly contributes. The last scene finds Rebecca naked, curled in Peagram’s lap, asking for punishment every two weeks.

Mistaken Punishment – CALSTAR

5 Mar

2F/2f; year: 2003; Time: 56 minutes

A bare bottom spanking given by mistake; we’ve seen a few examples of young ladies being spanked in error–they were innocent of the offense. The conclusion has always been that a spanked bottom is always the better for it, no matter the reason, and that it is pre-emptive payment for other undiscovered misdemeanors. That premise pertains here; a young student accused her female teacher’s husband, also an employee of the school, of seeking sexual favors. The teacher doesn’t buy it, accuses thegirl of “trying to bribe us because we won a lottery.” “But he pulled his willy out….”

OTK she goes, in her school uniform, skirt thrown up, for a mild handspanking. Both the girl and the teacher check the camera for cues, and the girl does not emote much during her spanking until the roving camera does facials. Panties down, over-the-shoulder views, nice enough, but the handspanking does not gain attention.

Fortunately for us, in walks the Headmistress, the actress “Lady Vernon,’  with some experience in these matters. She demands an explanation, understandable in that she walked into a bare bottom spanking in progress. She hears the sorry story about the male teacher taking out his “willy,” agrees it is preposterous, dismisses the teacher, and continues the spanking, an unexpected windfall for her. They reposition OTK, but incorrectly, because Vernon is a lefty. (CalStar is filled with these impromptu moments, because they kept rolling, or their editing machine was broken). Vernon strokes and fondles the girl’s reddening bottom, raking her fingernails over it.

She bends over the chair for the oval paddle–Vernon swings from above the shoulder and leans into it. “Arch your back and keep your bottom out.” The next implement is a medium-sized tawse, both Vernon and the girl seem to know that this one is going to hurt. Full swing strokes, the girl sniffles and begins shaking.

“I’ve decided to take this one step further,” declares Vernon, as she flexes the fiberglass cane like an executioner. “Please, miss, not the cane.” Lovely bend-over at the desk for about 20 strokes, with all Vernon’s weight behind them. Various angles, muffled cries and sobs. The student’s bottom is a mass of blotches, stripes, wheals, and bruises at the end. Vernon takes no prisoners.

The female teacher returns to the scene and reports her husband has admitted to the whole thing–that he had tried to seduce the girl. Veronon’s embarrassment at having just whaled the bottom of an innocent girl lasts only a second. She turns on the teacher. “You’re going to pay for this episode.” The thin short-haired teacher doesn’t object for long and is soon OTK, black skirt rolled up, handspanking on her thong. Vernon pulls the thong down; “Let’s see what you’ve got to offer your husband that young girls don’t have.”

Vernon sends the teacher to get her “equipment,” a full armload of spanking implements to choose from. She bends over a chair. “Spread your legs.” A big paddle-shaped strap is first–full hard swings. A big tawse–“Keep your elbows on the chair.” Knees locked, bottom up, very well directed.

“You may rub your bottom.” Cane flexing time. The teacher bends over the desk. “Keep your feet six inches apart,” which is actually 18″ and appropriately revealing. A lot of time is taken for posture and position. About 20 strokes, classic Veronon zingers. The teacher gasps, sobs, and quivers. Some of the most erotic misery we have seen in a while.

She is sent off, matters set square.

London Derrieres – SHADOWLANE

4 Mar

MF/3f; year: 2006; time: 1:16

Playful spankings for experienced CP stars; actresses Leia Ann Woods, Jadie Reese, and Andi play girlfriends, agruing amongst themselves about behavior…cell phone use, cussing, etc. Apparently they use spankings to settle scores, much more mature, we think, than carrying grudges.

Andi berates Leia, whose phone keeps on ringing and annoying anyway. Blond, tall Andi takes Leia OTK and goes to work on her jeans with a small red paddle, sized to carry in your handbag, but with a sharp sting. “Stand up, drop your trousers.” OTK again, more paddle and handspanking, a little red thong doesn’t help. The cell phone rings, her bottom bruises.

Jadie is going to be spanked also. “Don’t be ridiculous.” Jean cutoffs down, white panties, some paddle. Another round for Leia before the scenes conclude.

The three girls are in their nighties, and now it is Andi’s turn to go bottoms-up. Girlfriends all! Jadie spanks Andi then Leia, with some foot tickling thrown in.

New scene: actor Keith Jones meets with the three girls. He has put them up in this casino, where they keep running amok (and also naked!) and disrupting the place. After he scolds them: “We all agree, a spanking, bare bottom.” He proceeds with Jadie, Leia, Andi, one at a time OTK, first on panties.

Second round: To Leia–“I want you naked.” She strips, but with attitude. When she is nude, “Happy?” OTK again, then a double belt. When she is released, Keith notices, You sat down a bit too easy.” More spanking.

“Einey…meany…” Keith selects Jadie next. Andi can’t possibly be thinking she is going to be lucky enough to avoid her turn. To Jadie: “Take your dress off (no bra)…panties off!” She gets spanking and the belt.

And last, Andi has to strip. “Embarrassing, isn’t it?” Same punishment.

Three naked girls on the couch now. “There will be a finale…a caning…the cherry on the top…after all, you ARE English.”The girls go bottom-up on the couch. “My London derrieres,” Keith remarks, and the sight is almost too much for any man. He zings from bottom to bottom, moderate strokes, but for some reason he really prefers the buttocks at the top of the thighs. Ouch!

The girls stand at a mantelpiece, hands-on-head, naked, the official British formation. Six more strokes for each, then a group hug. Surely Keith has some other perquisites coming his way here in this hotel.



Community Charge Caning – CALSTAR

2 Mar

M/f; year: 1992; time: 33 minutes

A buxom career girl hands over her clothes to repay a debt. Another revered plot line, where local bureaucrats–customs officers, weights-and-measures, tax collectors, police officials, maneuver to leverage young ladies into compromising situations. Mr. Beagle calls on Sharon Perkins to collect 600 pds of unpaid poll tax. Of course she doesn’t have the money. “Have you given any thought to my alternate proposal? It is a way to wipe the slate clean.”

Sharon is conservatively decked out in a blue dress, short blondish hair, and the conventionally well-groomed demeanor of a girl you’d expect to see come off the train at night after a day at the law firm. A solid spanking would be a very humiliating event in her life. As such she presents one of most exciting spanking potentials we can recall, largely because it would seem so improbable. Despite her demure attire, there are indications she has plenty to show us when the time comes. She wants to know about this “spanking thing.” “All you have to do is let me smack your bottom.” Beagle hastens to add it must be “on the bare flesh.”

Sharon is crestfallen. “I haven’t got much choice, have I?” Beagle takes his strap out of his briefcase, the sight of which almost makes Sharon back out, but Beagle bluffs to leave, so she capitulates. “Stand up and undress.” She unzips and steps out of her dress to display a perfect set of black lingerie underthings–bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. There is an exciting young lady to be seen here. “Turn around…oh, yes, very pretty.” He refers to our particular interest.

Sharon tries offering her body–some sex instead of this spanking thing, but Beagle isn’t buying. OTK she goes, and to begin the humiliation, he makes her repeat: “For what I am about to receive, may the Lord make me truly thankful.” She wrestles and struggles mightily as she is spanked on her couch, one of the best performances we have seen of a girl reluctant, embarrassed, and incredulous at having had to turn her bottom up for a stranger. Beagle sees as we do that her bra is working overtime to do its job under this duress.

Bealge fondles his strap. “I call him Trevor. You can call him whatever you like.” Sharon must lean over her easy chair, panties pulled down. “Let’s do so good, Trevor.” The cracks of the stap don’t phase Sharon as much–she has become subordinate and her bottom now is very red. Beagle “confiscates” her panties. “Spread ’em, as they say in America.” She doesn’t appreciate  his hands in the wrong places.

Next he shows Sharon the cane, flexible enough to have been bent into his briefcase. “Let’s lose the bra, shall we?” She is mantelpiec’d, just in garter belt. “One stroke for each inspector in our department. You don’t know how many that is.” Sharon is no position to argue. She takes about 14 hard strokes; her bottom is red, blotched, and swollen. Realistic crying, cringing, and evasion. “I hate you.” There is one shot up between her lgs. “It’s all over now. You’ve paid your debt to the community.” (Of course we know another bill is coming in October.)