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Leia Ann Woods – Military Dsicipline – FIRMHAND

30 Apr

Veteran CP actress Leia Ann Woods, tall, brunette, here is a series of episodes for FirmHand made in 2008. Her own production company, ‘Bars and Stripes,’ involve similar institutional punishment and confrontation between subordinate females and authority. Ms. Woods here is dressed conservatively in military unforms.

‘D’ (M/f; 4 minutes). Ms. Woods is caught by the General on a cell phone; we’ve said before that this old gent shouldn’t concern himself with these junior people, except of course, he has these privileges of rank and, what the hell, he can stop by the barracks, and pick off a bottom or two to spank on his way home. Here, Leia’s uniform is dark green with a white blouse and tie.

The General spanks her standing, skirt up, on blue knickers, in front of the traditional British mantel and hearth. He turns her thighs red but her pants don’t come down in this brief segment.

‘E’ (M/f; 7 minutes) The General is about to spank recruit Leia again, with a carpet beater. “Remove your skirt and your blouse…hands on your head…remove your knickers.” Leia’s bottom is already pink. Carpet beaters look impressive, but we have found them to be too big, soft, and not stiff enough to provide the proper thwack. But this one is smaller, with a shorter handle, and with what looks to be a hard and compact target area.

The General wants her shoes off and lastly her bra. She is naked this time. She must lean forward and grasp the traditional mantel. The General lays on 50 strokes and counts them himself. Leia sings out in marvelous discomfort. Her thighs get as much attention as her buttocks.

‘G’ (M/f; 6 minutes) Back in the entryway, in front of the grand staircase. Woods in full uniform again, being scolded by the General. This time it will be “strap on the hand,” which he says is “one of my favorite things.” We would wonder why, when you can have this little recruite pile her clothes on the floor at your command.

About 15 strap strokes on her palms, Ms. Woods has seen worse.

‘H’ (M/f; 7 minutes) Ms. Woods and the General in the entryway, in front of the padded table. The Man has the lochgelly tawse, a fearsome instrument for some. She must remove her jacket and skirt. White knickers this time, which she takes down without hesitation, resigned to the General.

She is directed to bend forward over the table, reach to the far edge, so that she is on tiptoe, which does marvelous things for her athletic legs. About 12 with the tawse. Lovely low angles.

Some of the tawsing is repeated with a “reaction cam,” facials.

‘I’ (M/f; 6 minutes) The General is spanking Leia again. she is naked below the waist, trying to remain on barefoot tiptoe on the cold tile floor. We’ve seen the General likes his Birds naked, so soon Leia hands over her blouse, tie, and bra.

There is a padded bench on the set, which purpose can’t be for much else than spanking. Leia bends over it, compliantly spreads her legs just-so, raises on tiptoe, to present a nice, hard, round bottom.

This is a caning and quite hard, just like the carpet beater in a previous episode. 20 strokes, gasps, and a nice pose to conclude.

‘J’  (M/f; 5 minutes) The General tells Leia this will be the “last encounter.” She is totally naked, in the tiled foyer in front of the black padded table. The actress is her usual thin lovely self, and when she puts her hands on her head, this thin body is accentuated, her belly flat, her breasts perk out, and there is that round and perfect bottom.

Up onto the table, legs off the ground, hands over the far edge. The General proudly announces he will use a Bull’s Pizzle today; she counts out 13 strokes and seems to be wiping tears. The General is actually moderate with this potentially fearsome instrument.

FirmHand knows the fetish fascination with staircases. The camera follows Leia’s bare bottom as she ascends the antique grand central staircase, presumably returning naked to her quarters.

A few segments with the same characters on the same theme:

‘Bare Bottom Strapping’ (M/f; 9  minutes) Same ‘General’  character with his spell over Ms. Woods, who this time looks like she is in the Royal Air Force. Jacker off, “Pull up your skirt…bend over…grab your ankles.”

The blue piped panties are back from the laundry. The General uses a heavy short strap, about 20 strokes, after some preliminary slaps, ALL on her thighs. Panties remain.

Out-takes of collapses into laughter.

Our Sorority Part 1 – SHADOWLANE

29 Apr

2F/2f; year: 1993; time: 51 minutes

Four CP  and adult actresses bare their bottoms in a playful romp, set in a lesbian-tinged sorority, where pants-down hazinng is the norm. Actresses Stephanie Locke and Alexis Payne, as ‘Catherine’  and ‘Rebecca,’ respectively, eagerly anticipate hazing two new sisters who await their attentions.

In a sorority bedroom, the pledges, Tanya Fox and Kiri Kelly, as ‘Lisa’ and “Nikki,’ unpack and discuss the spanking proclivities of the sorority. They begin to experiment. Both Tanya and Kiri have nice resumes at Nu west and CalStar, as well as here at ShadowLane. This scene, harmless enough, is meant to feature the bottoms on these two CP  celebrities. Tanya, as always, startles us with her equipment. There is a nice added nude scene where she changes into pj’s, reminding us that pubic shaving was not yet in vogue.

Big sister Catherine joins to check the girls and smacks some bottom.

The film concludes with a harmless hazing scene, with Lisa and Nikki being spanked in various positions. The details are not important but the scenery is first-class. Here there is a reference to Part II.

Caned for Benefits – CALSTAR

29 Apr

M/2f; time:  52 minutes

Spanking in the workplace. Two very attractive girls, ‘Joanne’  and ‘Amanda,’ serve as person assistants to the landed lord Ms. Watson. Tihe girls omitted to notice the “punishment regime” CP option in their employment contracts .They have gotten in trouble on the estate, and this is, after all, England.

Watson will hand out spankings right now, in the brick-walled, arched wooden-door room CalStar has used often, providing an institutional, ecclesiastical feel and magnfied accoustics when flesh meets flesh. Watson takes brunette Joanne OTK first, on a couch. She is slightly too eager, pullng up her skirt without prompting, to expose a tiny thong. Good over-the-shoulder views. Same treatment for blond Amanda.

Watson wants more and uses a doubled belt on them, each in turn, kneeling on the couch. The girls are sent back to work, but for some reason go to a bedroom, put on white satin nighties, and carefully examine each other’s red bottoms.

The girls might not mind this CP stuff too much. Joanne tries spanking Amanda on the bed. “Oh, you have a wonderful bottom…are you enjoying it?” The answer must be ‘yes,’  because Joanne gets “tough” in order that “we are going to get used to this…take your panties down…right down.” The girls switch–Amanda spanks Joanne. Watson, not so dumb, walks in. Why aren’t they working? He has brought a paddle, the large and long kidney-shaped leather item which can cover both cheeks.

Watson positions Joanne on the bed, pillows under her bottom. He spanks in moderation, she doth protest too much, she starts counting strokes without command. The acting and editing are awkward. Amanda climbs into position for her paddling. Joanne sneaks her pants back up. The best disciplinarians we’ve seen usually spot this and take punitive action.

Amanda kneels on the bed, holds the headboard and cocks her bottom like a goose at mating time. Watson to Joanne: “Pull up her nightdress and her knickers down.” After some spanking and paddling, he rubs her, flicking between her legs.

Both glamorous tushes are compared. “I  will see the pair of you in my study in 10 minutes, dressed as you are, without panties.”  Right on, Mr. Watson!

This film is not strong on theatrical continuity. We see the girls, Amanda completely naked, in the bright sunlight on the lawn, a nudie show. Back in the brick room, Watson waits with the cane. Amanda kneels on the couch naked, a topless Joanne holds her–about 20 strokes. She’s got dirty feet. Watson breaks the cane on the fifth stroke. She surges and wiggles seductively.

It is a long session, about 10 minutes. Amanda stands, hands-on-couch, for a whole new brace, almost 50 more strokes shown, the last two laser-like. Some blood flecks. Don’t fuss about repeats (probably three times)–a nice bottom getting a thorough caning.

Joanne’s turn–just a half-dozen on the couch, then at least 40 with repeats, standing. She had to be told to drop her panties, having missed the instruction to leave them behind for the evening. (We suggest the continuity girl herself be spanked at the studio before she goes home.) More dirty feet from the studio floor and a full thatch of fur. And just for good measure–[a dog barks].

The girls rub and say “Good night.” Watson checks his magnificent handiwork, and what-the hell, let’s have a few more, four or five strokes on each bare bottom, Amanda being the most delightful, just by a hair.

Bench – NUWEST NWV-381

28 Apr

M/3f; year: 2005; time: 24 minutes

Ed Lee in the blue studio with the Oriental rug rolled out. He has created another piece of furniture; the’bench’ here, not as imaginative as some of his museum-bound contraptions, is simply a body-length table with a pillow in the center. The pillow looks exactly like a cloth covered mailbox, its rounded top makes it comfortable for the occupant.

A buxom reddish/brunette is Lee’s first assignee for the bench. “Climb onto the bench, your hips over the pad, your chin over the edge…you’re going to have your ass whipped,” spoken only like he can. He ties her wrists and ankles to the table legs and pulls down her pantyhose. Her bottom is humped invitingly like a department store display.

He whips her with a short flogger, she shouts from the onset;  someone has arranged her hair for us. He does one of his forehand-backhand Erroll Flynn swashbuckling finishes. She is gasping for breath and Ed is winded himself.

The second whipping involves a blonde. Blondes are always in the cast dressing room at Nu West. She struggles a bit more. Lee whips her from both sides and vertically.

The third scene puts a heavier brunette, “another ample bottom,” to quote Lee, over the padded pillow. Watching the girls climb and wiggle into position is nearly as erotic as the whippings.


28 Apr

2M/2f;  year: 2011; time: 35 minutes

‘Rebeca,’  a boarding school student has been caught stealing in this short Lupus film, with combines CP  and conventional sex. A matronly governess brings her to the headmaster, who will do the disciplining and get his own reward.

After showing her an awesome Spencer paddle,he takes her OTK  for a hard, slow handspanking. White panties down. Because she grabs and struggles, he pins her flailing legs between his.

Over the desk, he paddles her with the holed Spencer monster. The governess brings in the school cashbox, and the headmaster puts some papers inside as he continues whaling, maybe some evidence of her crimes. The governess is quite oblivious to the bare bottom under attack. We had a difficult time with the details of this plot.

In a new scene, Rebeca is with another male student, her confederate boyfriend. They enter the room where she was spanked. He removes money from the cashbox, and we guess for the fun of it, he puts her across the desk again, panties down, for a vigorous frigging, reflecting the naughty thrill of having sex in the boss’  office.

Another scene:  the headmaster and governess are in a punishment room Lupus has used from time to time, containing the table with the built-up pillory for neck and wrists. They discuss something we couldn’t fathom, and he is pleading with her.

In the 0ther room, Rebeca is naked with her young friend, who is getting his rocks off by pretending to be the headmaster, and they are in the midst of a vigorous blowjob, which is mostly a handjob, because the guy is so big. And a lusty fuck on the desk.

Another scene–‘Lorentynka,’  a blond student, is seen with the governess. She is sent to the headmaster with her spanking note, but she is waylaid there by the boyfriend. The guy has enough in him  because  this blonde  gives a very experienced blowjob, and then is fucked doggy-style over the desk. She turns to sit on the desk for more screwing, not very comfortable for her but very good for the camera crew.

Yet another scene–Lorentynka enters the room where Rebeca has just finished with the young guy; he reads something he has about her–he found some evidence of her too,  and helps her to undress. Rebeca is quite pleased with Lorentynka’s misery. After she is quite naked, she gives the guy head, then sits on his lap for a good poke, while Rebeca watches. He runs off with Rebeca.

The headmaster enters the room to greet the naked Lorentynka with the papers he has. He spanks her OTK then puts her over the desk for the Spencer paddle.

At the conclusion, the headmaster calls the governess in to show her the empty box.

Suffering Sisters – MOONGLOW

24 Apr

M/2f; year: 1995; time: 51 minutes

Early Moonglow, fresh, young bottoms, naughty fun. This film, subtitled ‘A Salutary Tale For Aspiring Actresses,” features the late John Kirwood, and actresses ‘Lisa Paine,’ and ‘Angie Wood.’

Kirwood spoofs a sleazy movie producer ‘Clint Westwood,’  wears a bad Amish beard, and fends off creditors in his shabby office. But he will manufacture some fun today. Two girls arrive at his “Golden Lion” studio for interview. In these CP films, the camera pans the girl’s face as well as the package in her pants. Westwood describes his film–the actresses try to restrain their laughter.

Can they sing? y try BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP, no they can’t. When the girls recite their “vital statistics,” anyone can detect there is suddenly promise here. And when Westwood learns they don’t have “Equity” cards, the die is cast for them, as we have said before.

The last scene of the film Westwood intends to make has a caning scene. There will be an audition. ‘Mary Smith,’ played by Lisa Paine, goes first. OTK, handspanking on her slacks, really tights, as the maginificently endowed Ms. Paine is wont to wear. Westwood helps Mary to work the slacks down, the minx is not wearing any knickers. Westwood continues to spank Mary. Six “Hail, Mary’s”  from Mary. “You passed part one.” Mary flashes her totally natural, untouched pubic thicket.

Angie Wood as ‘Joan Smith,’ for her part one. Same spanking, her blouse turns out to be a leotard when her slacks come down. Six Hail Mary’s also.

Westwood continues with his Part Two in the studios. The girls have changed clothes. Joan kneels on a bed and gets the tawse while Mary waits. Mary takes her turn.

“We will proceed to part 3,” he says, but then calls it “part 4.” Joan lies full-length on a table, tawse on her panties. “Not on my legs,” she whispers at one point. Mary climbs onto the table for the tawse, climbs down to remove her slacks, then back up, she raises her hips helpfully when Westwood addresses her knickers. We’ve praised many views of Ms. Paine. This table setting goes into the scrapbook.

Westwood announces another ‘part 4’ of his spanking regimen. Moonglow didn’t sweat the details in the early ’90’s. The girls are back in their original outfits too! The continuity girl must have been on vacation. The girls are caned this time, and in the process must strip naked, making sure to show everything they’ve got. You can almost hear the director telling them to turn this way or that. Never tire of Ms. Paine.

Discipline Academy/My Fantasies Nina Birch Pt 1 – MISSMARCHMONT

24 Apr

F/f; time: 1 hr, 20 minutes

The actress, director, producer Nina Birch released three films of spanking fantasies–about school and office scenarios, some involving men in surprising situations. Here Ms. Birch acts out six spanking fantasies with another actress, named either ‘Miss Marcmont’ or ‘Miss Harper’; the video is subtitled ‘Discipline Academy, Strict Headmistress.’ The segments catalogue ritualized schoolgirl punishment behavior, positions, panty placement, language. 

I-Smoking Hot Bottom (8 minutes): Nina has been caught smoking at school. Miss Marchmont threatens her with a cane, but she first gets a hard handspanking, bent over a school desk in a barren classroom. Nina is a strong-looking, short-haired blonde in school blouse and plaid skirt. Her bottom is wide, soft, and firmly feminine, which is why she does this work. Marchmont bunches her pants and the reddening process begins. She gets more tonight at Detention.

II-Wandering Hands Are Sore Hands (14 minutes): Nina sits at detention, writing repetitive lines and playing with herself. Miss Marchmont catches her, smacks her palms with a ruler (“These hands don’t go down panties.”), then spanks her OTK, pants rolled to the top of her thighs. “I’ve caught you with your hand in your panties….you’re lucky I don’t have a cane with me.”  Reddening increases.

III- Testing Times (11 minutes): Nina sits at a simple classroom desk.  Miss Marchmont checks her poor work and uses a cane to point to the blackboard. “What you need is hard punishment.”  Nina bends over a desk and takes full-stroke  shots from a large monogramed fraternity paddle, large resoundng cracks which set her howling and produce circle bruises and a further rouging of her bare bottom.

IV-Vanity Unfair (15 minutes):  Nina must report to Miss Marchment; she’s been caught putting her hands in a boy’s pants; Miss Marchmont is going to put her hands in HER pants and ratchet the spankings up a few notches. Her lesbian-tinged supervision deosn’t take kindly to boys. Ruler on palms; very hard fast paddling bare bottom OTK with a hairbrush-sized very hard paddle–ouch. Panties all the way off, ruler and handsmacks on her thighs. “Just remember, there’s a cane in a minute….I’m going to giveyou 12 hard strokes.” Ritual posture over the back of a straight chair–12 strokes. Marchmont is very enamoured of Nina’s chiseled bottom.

V- Advantage Miss Harper (11 minutes): This is a lesbian encounter; the actress identified as Miss Marchmont above calls Nina in,decides to strip her in search of unauthorized jewelry. The search for “jewelry in strange parts of their bodies” leads to some spirited nipple tweaking and such a lusty frigging grope between Nina’s legs that you feel it yourself. “Nothing down there.” A few cracks with that inpressive small wood paddle; Nina keeps losing her clothes and is finally naked for the first time in the video. Harper: “Touch me very slowly.” Harper slowly undresses her, Nina fondles. They rub nipples.

VI- P.A. Punished (18 minutes): The last fantasy is unrelated to the school setting above and is set in an office. All of us in this spanking fetish have imagined this one., with some help from Hollywood.  A charming, sophisticated, elegantly dressed Nina sits in a baronial office setting. She has made some crucial errors. The solicitor she works for is furious (and clever!) and offers her the big choice–he throws paddles on her desk–quit or take a spanking.

Nina stares at the wood paddles and equivocates. The solicitor grabs her and pulls her OTK and begins a vigorous handspanking on the skirt of her blue suit. “Is this really necessary, sir?” Skirt up, panties bunched. “Does it sting?”  “Yes, sir.”

She squeals as the attorney hauls her panties down. “You feel embarrassed, your bare bottom on display?” Like he felt in court, unprepared because of her negligence. She stands, takes off her jacket and tries to cover her front before she must put her hands on her head. Very sexy, and the full fantasy of an office secretary spanking. She is perfectly dressed in suit, blouse, stockings, black garter belt, and matching underwear.

Up on a chair, kneeling for the hard little wood paddle with a coaster-sized hitting area, a real detailed stinger. And some strapping over his knee with his foot up on a chair, so that her legs kick free. The lawyer is surely having a fine morning.

A long private bottom rub closeup at the end. Ms. Birch goes on our list. And the attorney, when he goes home that night, imagine his wife asking: “How was your day, dear?”