Amelia Jane Rutherford – Marriage Guidance FIRMHAND

1 Apr

FirmHand; 10 part series; year: 2010; Amelia writes, directs, and is featured with actor ‘Richard Anderson’ on the theme of a married couple working out their relationship and discovering corporal punishment seems to have certain salutary effects. In the final segment, the actors narrate their experiences and suggest the series was made in one day. Possible?

‘A’ Richard and Amelia return home from a counseling session in hot dispute about who is right and wrong. Richard grabs her right there in their kitchen and gets her OTK. She is not amused, not yet. “This is not a joke,” she screams. Richard gets her skirt up to display stylish white panties, garter belt, and nude stockings. As usual, Ms. Rutherford is elegantly costumed.

Richard gives her a hard spanking, pinning her arms as she struggles. When he tugs her panties down, Ms. Rutherford issues one of her “How dare you” exclamations. Richard demands she hand him one of her slippers, which he employs as you would expect. She bucks that unbelievable bottom of hers.

He lets her up and she stomps off to bed. “You want your slippers?” “Fuck the slippers.” We know what our next line would be were we there.

‘B’ Next morning, Richard and Amelia exchange apologies. “I’m not happy about it, but it’s the first time we have communicated,” she observes. Richard has had an epiphany. “I though we found something which actually works for us.” Amelia is wearing revealing jersey-type pj’s, her pants almost falling off. She admits she wants attention,and this would work.

And why not? He bends her over the counter and flicks down the pants. Brisk handspanking and closeups–never too many of these for Ms. Rutherford. Her protests are hollow. He is finished and needs to leave. She slowly pulls up her pants in another closeup.

‘C’ Richard and Amelia return from another counseling session. Ms. Rutherford in another stunning outfit of white blouse and flared flower skirt. As soon as they enter the house, she proceeds to undress in the kitchen area, all the way down to little white lacy boyshorts. She put on a kimono as they discuss the session, where Richard got the impresssion couples-spanking works for conflict resolution.

Amelia wants to dress and leave for work. Richard refuses to allow her to leave and takes the opportunity to get her over the kitchen conter again, removes his belt, and lays 21 strokes across her mostly bare landmark bottom. The lacy pants cover nothing.

‘D’  After another counseling session, in their kitchen: “Take your clothes off.”  “Why?” Ms. Rutherford, possessing about the best wardrobe we have ever seen in the CP genre, is wearing transparent bra and panties, apparently anticipating undressing in the kitchen. Richard brandishes a strap.

Full-length, naked on the couch, stunning as always, all Bottom. overhead shots during the strapping and repeated filming from different angles.

‘E’ Now that spanking has become part of their married life, and we see that Amelia’s protestations are provocations, Richard is looking for opportunities.

Amelia has been flaunting her body, teasing, and flirting with a client of theirs. Time for another spanking. He takes off his belt. “Raise your skirt….you haven’t got panties on!” Did she show her stuff to the client?

She kneels on a little exercise seat for the belt on her bare bottom. The usual closeups as her buttocks turn red and we have great flesh quivering in slow motion.

‘F’ Richard and Amelia argue again about communicating. A leather belt doesn’t seem to be the voice for Amelia (although it works for us). Again, she is smashing in a lovely breezy white sundress.

When Richard gets his cane, Amelia sees it and scrambles to apologize for being such a scold. But no hope. She must bend over. When he asks her to drop her drawers, Amelia the minx replies, “If you want them down, do it yourself.” 21 entertaining stokes in this short film.

‘G’ Amelia, wearing  negligee, approaches Richard on the couch, carrying a leather paddle hidden behind her back. He has been slow to come to bed. They chat, she flirts, then shows him the paddle. “I thought this would be really good.”

It is no longer a debate to get her to bare her bottom over his lap. According the the FirmHand graphics introducing this film, he smacks her 126 times with the paddle. You will enjoy all 9 minutes, especially the shots from overhead and her facials. At the conclusion, “Now will you come to bed?

“‘H’ Richard and Amelia sit, eat, chat, and play at the game of communicating as a married couple. She keeps receiving cell phone calls, and her ringtone doesn’t help–it sounds like a general quarters alarm on a frigate. While she schmoozes, he steps out of the room and returns with a birch bundle,  a 2′ long package of a dozen or so twigs, which would cause a hush in any room.

She gets to use the big eyes which go with her estimable tush. “What is that?” “It’s my anti-phone deterrent.” In no time she lies full-length on a tabletop, pillow under her hips, stylish pink panties hardly covering anything.

She takes 25 hard slashes and seems to jump at every one. From our vantage point, this is one of the stingy-est and impressive spankings she has taken in this series. He feeds her strawberries at the conclusion, nice oral foreplay.

‘J’ Stylish Amelia lounging in yet another kimono on the couch. She and Richard discuss the progress they are making, in the marriage and in the spanking. He shows her what he calls an “American paddle.”  It looks very severe,” right on cue.

The kimono comes off as does the the tiniest conceivable thong–she is naked, all 6′ 1″. She flashes the briefest glimpse of a mohawk. She bends to touch toes, an incredible sight. She doubles over in pain and has to recover after each of 12 ringing swats.

‘K’ This would be the 19-minute documentary conclusion to the ‘Marrige Guidance’ series. Actors Amelia Rutherford and Richard Anderson step a bit out of character to discuss the making of the film. Amelia refers to “topping and bottoming,” their favorite scenes, and if and when Amelia ever moved from theater to real pain. She tells us she was excited by the physical act of him taking off his belt as much as anything.

They agree they had “such a fun day,”  although we can’t imagine how Amelia could take all that spanking, paddling, strapping, caning, and birching is a short period.

They’re going to finish the segment with another OTK bare bottom handspanking and with a wood spoon, partly filmed from outside through a mullioned window. Amelia puts up a delightful squawk, her bottom is so sore.

In a long concluding closeup, her buttocks are held, as she narrates the ending.

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