Amelia Jane Rutherford – Military Blogger FIRMHAND

4 Apr

10  parts; year: 2012

(A) Another delicious serial from FIRMHAND and Ms. Rutherford ; here, the story is–Amelia was recruited into the prestigious ‘S’ Regiment into the Army, but soon became disabused of the honor and began anonymously blogging about conditions. The Army hired a cyber spook (Richard Anderson), an “adjunct,” to track down the blogger and, we’ll see, to settle matters his own way, in a fashion the Army can’t do.

Ms. Rutherford is her usual tall, arrow-thin, long-blonde self. The film carries the date 2012–after 10+ years, Ms. Rutherford is still willing to put her tush on the line. The ‘adjunct,’  the same actor who played ‘Cameron’ in Diva-Bodyguard, has summoned her and greets her. She is stylishly dressed, as usual, here in striped blouse, short skirt, and heels. ‘Cameron’ explains he is authorized to take this matter into his own hands. Amelia does not contest.

“We’ll start with a short, sharp punishment.” She must bend over a table and he requires her to stare at her laptop, the offending instrument. On order, she raises her own skirt to display full white cotton panties. Cameron starts with a  hard handspanking and asks her to bunch her panties herself.

“Panties right down,  please.” She reaches back to comply.  The spanking continues. Facials, oblique, and rear shots are spliced without loss of ths smacking rhythm. In this first session, she is left bare bottom to contemplate.

Amelia narrates a documentary trailer. This is a 5-day shoot at FirmHand; she teases us to think it will be a challenge to be “bottoming” so frequently.

(B) Amelia’s redemption for covert blogging continues. She opens written instructions: “Remove your clothing below the waist and kneel on the red stool, hands on head, and wait.” She complies, kneeling erect on the little wood stool. The camera pans her bare feet, curling toes, and that bottom!

The adjunct arrives. “This session is about control and fear.” He spanks her with a large embossed leather paddle, large enough to cover most of one cheek, and refers to her as “Rutherford.”  Obliques and facials, allowing us to see her reaction as the paddle strikes.

‘C’ Rutherford reads more instructions. “Remove your skirt. Kneel on the sofa and face the door.” Adjunct arrives. “This session is about discomfort and humiliation.” He takes her over his lap on the couch and begins a resolute handspanking on her black bikini panties, naughty little things to have worn considering she knew what was going to happen here.

When he tugs them down, she gives out that little ‘ooh’ squeak, as well as any CP actress we can recall. Her bottom pulsates on his lap with its own beating heart. Her full-screen writhings are without equal. His hard flurries make her reach back in shock.

He takes her panties all the way off and she helps with her legs. Maybe he is a souvenir guy. We would be. She gets up and kneels on the couch, leaning on the back, knowing just how to move in the ritualized CP style. He gets her laptop for her to associate these spankings with her behavior.

(D) “Sorry I’m late,” Amelia intones to her ‘adjunct,’ who is assigned to punish her for an unauthorized blog. She is smashing in a green dress. Because she is late, she must read the written isntructions aloud: “Remove all your clothing except your bra. Bend over the table with your arms stretched out in front of you. Your hands must remain in place at all times.” And further, “What is that?” she asks of a little white strap on the table.

After a brief quarrel about the nudity requirement thing, she strips down to little flowered panties and bra, a sight to see. The panties come whisking off, providing a little frontal flash we lean forward to catch. Over the table, legs locked, the strap strokes ring out. When she jumps, she earns more, especially when her thighs are nicked. She is left naked to think. Slo-m0 repeats.

(E) Amelia reports to another session, in yet another fashion displaY, a long flowing skirt and sleeveless blouse. She reads her instructions–she is to remove all her clothes but her panties, stand on a padded stool, bend over and grab her ankles, and wait. When she is ready, the camera slowly pans her from ankles to hips.

The ‘adjunct’  arrives to inspect this incredible sight, fit for a sculpture garden. He has her move and bend to lean onto the mantelpiece, in the traditional pose. “This is the cane,” he shows her. “I know!”

She gets 12 strokes; in this session the two establish a procedure–if she breaks position, the stroke is not counted, and she must affirmativly declare “Disallowed!” and there will be several add-on strokes. Only on a British adult film would someone shout “disallowed.” She shows the typical shock on the first stroke, and earns 4 more extras for jumping and breaking.

Her disciplinarian comments: “We might have to do this again; this went too well.”

(F) Amelia misses a meeting, so the adjunct shows up at her apartment. She answers the door in skimpy black panties, green top, and loose flowing blond hair–her surprise at seeing him doesn’t exactly convince us. “You have done enough already…I’m still bruised.” “I’ll be the judge of that.”

He begins spanking her in the kitchen,  handspanking, and he uses a wood stirring spoon or spatula. He pulls the elegant little panties down at the beginning.

A short episode–zoom in on her sore bottom and the broken kitchen tool at the conclusion.

(G) Amelia’s punishment appointments approach conclusion. “This session will be harder,” she hears. And it will be the most erotic too.

“You need to take off all your clothes.” Amelia gets naked without batting an eye, and presents a shaved frontal, the most leisurely look she has permitted us so far. She lies buck naked on a table, folded covers under her hips, a feast for the eyes. The adjunct begins tawsing her soaring bottom. She yelps but takes it all in. If you like bare feet, they are here (and fairly clean, unusual in an adult film).

Some strokes she must declare as “disallowed” because she jerks. After an “Oh, my God” and other exclamations, the adjunct gags her by stuffing her pink panties in her mouth. Very exciting.

The nude six-foot goddess must lie and stare at “the proper tawse” to conclude. The overhead shots down on her buttocks are superlative.

(H) Amelia reads her instructions in this episode. She must take off all her clothes and put on a school uniform, this one a bit non-prototype and upscale, befitting Ms. Rutherford’s fashion acumen throughout the series. Black panties, white blouse, elegantly fitted red sweater-vest, skirt, and knee socks. Then she waits.

The adjunct arrives and is pleased. Amelia thought she would have been required to be naked and suspects he likes “uniforms.” He suggests that “maybe later” she can be naked. Both parties are completely consumed by this CP thing.

“This is a proper school cane,” he illustrates, and reminds her of the ‘disallowed’ stroke rules. After 6 shots on her panties, she is allowed to rub, then 12 more on the bare.

Then the final ritual which pretty much illustrates how Ms. Rutherford and FirmHand appreciate the schoolgirl genre. She must sit bare-bottom on a hard wood seat and write “Flogging leads to caning” 1000 times, while the camera catches her shirttails and buttocks through the back of the chair.

(J) The adjunct has gotten into Amelia’s quarters and left his note, which she is distressed to discover. “Don’t remove your clothes. Bend over and spread your legs.” Amelia dazzles in a pink top and designer jeans.

He arrives and explains the Pentagon (he anglaises as “PENT-e-guin”) has seen the blog and encourages him to do the right thing. This time he has a large American wood fraternity paddle. The first four strokes ring loud on her jeans. Even we winced.

“Stand up, take your panties down.” “How many more?” The remaining 10 are on the bare–she lost control and earned two extras. She is left bent over on a satin bedspread in the usual comtemplative posture.

(K)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) In the finale, Amelia waits, totally naked, on her haunches in the middle of a satin-covered bed, maybe a waterbed. The adjunct enters, and in a role reversal, “I  didn’t tell you to take your clothes off.” “Is it unwelcome?”  she asks, half teasing. She puts on a top and leisure pants back on.

“Now that I  am back in control, take your clothes off.” Nude on the bed, pillows under her hips, to whip her with a belt. The usual wonderful camera angles–oblique, closeup, overhead. The bed seems to shimmy just as the flesh does on her bottom.

This is one of the hardest whippings we can recall for Ms. Rutherford. He will be writing his report. She wants to know if this will be the “last one.” Almost 40 full-swing belt strokes on her bare bottom on the pillows. Too much talk and noise to edit in repeats, we thought. She rolls around under the onslaught. “Keep that bottom up, Miss Rutherford.” The remark, “Is that it?” earns her a few more extra hard. A rousing and erotic finale.

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