Roxanne’s Severe Caning – NUWEST NWV-369

6 Apr

year: 2003; M/f; time:  24 minutes

Producer Ed Lee explored just about every CP  fantasy you can conjure; if you have wandering thoughts as you survey the passengers in your train coach, he made a film about it. In this exercise, ‘Roxanne’ has been brought to the NuWest facilities “from Phoenix” by her husband “Eric,” who has hired Lee to adjust her attitude.

The set is the darkened studio. Lee will film this discipline for him. “We have a naughty wife to punish today.” Roxanne stands centered on the NW Oriental rug. She is a mature reddish blonde, wearing a simple flower print dress, not your showgirl type. Lee circles and scolds. Eric sits in the shadows.

“Lift your skirt, pull your pantyhose to mid-thigh, and bend over the table.” Lee observes that Roxanne has followed his instructions and only wears a thong, so that her buttocks are bare.

Elegant Lee ritual–he circles, violently swooshes his cane, and Roxanne shivers at the sound. A procedure he employs in other films, he will pace and pause, caning in irregular spurts, so that the victim cannot anticipate.

Lee lays on the first two strokes, surprisingly hard. Roxanne gasps in horror and shock. Assuming this is acting, it is not difficult to imagine this is what happens when an inexperienced woman actually felt the cane on her bare bottom for the first time. Two red lines jump immediately.

Lee will cane, pace, and scold. Roxanne has been rude, drinks too much, abuses credit cards, writes bad checks, loses her temper, and other transgressions. The caning comes in four sets of two, four sets of four, and two rousing flurries of six each, for a total of about 36. Roxanne surges and cries; Lee gives her time to settle down and recover between sets, which must surely make it worse.

As her head hangs over the table, her hair covers her face much of the time, except when she jolts in pain, unlike the more staged CP films where the girls keep rearranging their hair for the camera. She sobs and gasps continually toward the end. Were the production values better we could probably count 36 lines on her bottom and thighs, some of them quite wild.

When the punishment is complete, Lee tops off the humiliation by forcing her to choke out promises and apologies to Eric and showing him her bottom. They embrace to conclude. What kind of ride back to Phoenix will it be?

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