Amelia Jane Rutherford – SOUND PUNISHMENT

9 Apr

Two films from ‘Sound Punishment,’ made in 2009, with plot continuity

Amelia’s  New School‘: (M/f; 19 minutes) Long, lean, lanky blond Ms. Rutherford, she with the traffic-stopping bottom, plays a student in a new school. Her headmaster (Agean)  is unhappy with hear uniform; policies are such in this school that he is able to lift her skirt and check her panties without so much as a muscle twitch from Amelia.

The young lady wears unauthorized gauzy white transparent panties, which, after a lot of scolding, costs her a colorful and lengthy OTK spanking, mostly with the offending knickers out of the way. “Don’t tear them, they’re expensive.”

She’s also been fighting, a lot of trouble for a new school. Amelia stands and pulls up the knickers but Agean wants them down again. She bends over for a tawse; a lot of dialogue to delay spanking. Very good schoolgirl here.

Amelia Jane Earns the Cane’ (M/f; 32 minutes) Resplendent Miss Amelia, a new schoolgirl, isn’t wearing her new school uniform and so will pay the price. A male supervisor, Agean: “I’m going to punish you for your insolence.” What the character here, ‘Miss Rutherford,’ IS wearing meets our highest expectations for the actress’ fashion sense–pumps, knee socks, skirt. blouse, sweater, necktie.

Rutherford is taken OTK on a couch and wiggles into perfect balance. When the spanking starts, “Ow, I still have bruises from the last time.” He flips her skirt up to expose sweet little white bikini panties, very ‘Rutherford’ but not regulation. As he smacks, she comments: “It’s almost like dental pain.” He tugs the skimpy knickers down but she pulls them back up. She’ll get the cane now for being so resistant.

Agean has a cane at hand and finishes this OTK  session with it. The two banter back and forth, a lot of complicated dialogue, typical of her films. The supervisor sends her off to change into the proper kit, which she does slowly, keeping her bottom facing us.

In a rare edit error, we hear the director say “Action!” as Rutherford finds the cane and tests it on her thigh. “Oww!” He describes her lavender-tinged outfit as “blue vomit.”  Agean  can’t resist laying his hands on her. “Don’t you dare touch my breasts.”

He sees the cane mark she made on herself and has her “touch your toes,” amid some dialogue which causes muffled laughter. He lifts her skirt. “Six on the pants, six on the bare.” She jumps immediately. “Do you ACTUALLY do this to people?” Six on the pants, he does the lowering. Rear and oblique shots, closeups. “Can I have a spanking instead?” Her panties end up puddled on the floor–she looks very young and vulnerable in these poses.

She has earned and gets a final six on the bare, before she stands and rubs in closeup—making your palms itch to watch.

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