Amelia Jane Rutherford at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

10 Apr

Amelia Jane Rutherford made these five segments for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, in the early 2000’s as best as we can determine. From interviews we have pieced together, including several on-screen with Michael Masterson at REALSPANKINGS, these films may have been the first serious spanking work she did. She describes flying to some “Spanish island.” The spankings were “prolonged,” and she was shocked at the condition of her bottom in her hotel room.

‘New Resident Lucy’ (M/f; 18 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford very her CP career. Very schoolgirl, very fetching, tall, poised, smart, and a lot of bottom. GBS knew they had a star.

A number of girls get ‘welcoming’ spankings in this ‘New Resident’ format. At Headmaster Tom’s remedial school, this is the best way to get attention, if you are Management or a  student. ‘Lucy’  enters Tom’s office.  He holds a traffic summons she received when she borrowed his car, without his knowledge.

Tom will deal with this now. He puts her “face to the wall”; she slumps and cowers a bit, toes turned in, looking meek, juvenile, and helpless. While she stands there, she must pull down her knickers and display her bottom–one of the early presentations of this treasure.

He takes her OTK; Lucy puts up a good squawk, a characteristic in all her future films. Back to the wall, she can rub, zoom closeups.

Tom returns. “Take off your skirt.” One of the longest frontal glimpses we’ve seen of her–not that we were surprised by what she’s got, we just enjoyed this furtive but extended moment. Ms. Rutherford will withhold and parcel out this candy in future films. Hands-on-chair; he slippers her with a flip-flop, very hard. Obliques, closeups, shots from below–the director recognized Ms. Rutherford’s asset for what it is.

Back to the wall, hands-0n-head, bottom on display. Apologies choked out. She must stand here for two hours.

‘Never Caned Before’ (M/f) One of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s earliest performances, here as ‘Lucy’  at GirlsBoardingSchool. Amelia’s hair is dark-blond here, and she wears the muted makeup appropriate for a schoolgirl. And she will take one of the hardest spankings we have found in her films, maybe coupled with the other two GBS appearances, AND, she shows us all she’s got.

Headmaster ‘Tom’  receives a call. Lucy has overdrawn $350 worth of books from the university library. He is furious, as he tends to get, with predictable results. “That damned stupid girl…Lucy, come down…take off your clothes….come down, NOW!” Lucy, lying on her bed, hears the shouts, pulls off her dress, drops her panties and is down the stairs in a flash. She knows not to provoke Tom any more than necessary.

We’ve often praised the sight of a nude descending a staircase, here an elegant curved marble set, with sweet naked barefoot Lucy hesitantly trying to cover herself. Tom jumps her, puts her against the wall, hands-on-head, facing us, providing a leisurely frontal presentation, much rationed in her future work. You know what she’s got, but we still appreciate the 30-second display.

Where are the books? In the kitchen; Tom gets them and forces her to hold the stack at arm’s length–very British, very cute, and very early in her CP career. We leave her–she must hold the books out and repeat “I’m a stupid girl and I need to be punished as severely as possible.” She has a lovely Oxford lilt, among her other lovely things.

Tom returns; “Bend over the table.” Those buttocks! Thank you, casting dept GBS. He makes her select a cane from a collection on a table. No vulnerable young lady likes to make this humiliating choice.

Tom proceeds to lay on 15 very hard strokes. Lucy jerks and twists, and covers her face in agony, and shows tears and a very flushed and anguished complection, quite convincing. Obliques, facials, full rear shots you won’t be able to replicate. “Spread your legs, young lady!” More to see.

Headmaster Tom makes her sit naked on a hard dining room chair, lift her feet, and hands-on-head so that all her weight is on her bottom. Nothwithstanding quite a large catalogue of her films we have found, made later at Sound Punishment, FirmHand, and ShadowLane, Strictly English, and many more, this is one of  our favorite spanking of hers.

‘Fair Enough’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Amelia as ‘Lucy’ here at the Boarding School, in one of her five appearances–crisp, rocking spanking episodes. Here she wears little denim shorts,  a pink top with bare midriff, pigtailed dark-blond hair.

She has let Headmaster ‘Tom’s’ trousers get mixed in the laundry with his reading glasses, and around this school, almost any mistake means a spanking. She is confronted—Ms. Rutherford’s shocked expressions continue to entertain throughout her career.

Tom makes her kneel on a couch and bend over the arm so that her head and hands reach the floor and that world-class bottom is top-and-center. He (and we) notes her bottom is still red from the last event. He gets a very wide 12″ wide floppy strap. “OH, please,” she begs when she sees it, and for good reason. WE shall see. Tom lays on furious smacks, surprising for GBS we thought, and Lucy screams.

He starts over. “Count each stroke…15.” Great facials, tears, low angles on her denim-clad buttocks. Tom holds the waistband of her shorts to keep his target centered.

“Lucy, get up.” “Is that…the end?” “NO. Trousers down.” Glorious. These GBS appearances are not to be missed. More strapping, the camera never leaves her tush.

At the conclusion, Tom takes Lucy, without pants, to the laundry room, and dumps her there, where she will cower for several hours, another one of those nude frontal scenes as she descends the sEntairs.

‘Old Enough’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) At this point, when we write this revision, we have seen and reviewed maybe hundreds of Ms. Rutherford’s films, and this particular segment may have been the naughtiest work of all.

The title may have been intended to suggest she was of legal age. We’re guessing she is about 23 here. She (‘Lucy’) cowers totally naked in the corner of a stark white set. Her hair is dark blonde here, and she wears no discernable makeup. She faces us, covering her nakedness with both hands.

Headmaster Tom, long hair early in his own career,  is scolding her about something, and vulnerable as she is, there will be no argument. He will slap her palms with a tawse, one palm at a time, which causes her to put her arms out and expose herself, resulting in long frontals. Her artistic management of pubic hair will come later.

Tom (always) straps very hard, Amelia is the best of CP actresses, and she buckles at the strokes. After each palm, then both palms are slapped, she turns to the wall. Her bottom is red from one of the previous segments in her visit.  Long hold, hands on head.

‘Personal Belongings’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Lucy sneaks around the house. she has lost her key, and things like this cost you your pants. Tom catches her and takes her to her room for the spanking.

Lucy is wearing just a white gymslip, white panties, and socks. Tom arranges pillows on the bed for her to lie over, elevating her bottom even  more than nature has already done. With a double belt, he whales her on the panties, then pulls them down. Lucy squirms. Just about the best depiction you’ll ever find of this scenario.

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