14 Apr

Leia Ann Woods’s website;  we will combine a series of appearances by productive CP models.

CP maven Ms. Woods created her own CP company, where institutional spankings are the order of the day, women-in-prison style. She likes corridors, cinder block walls, clanging metal, cold floors, hopeless subordination, and dour countenances, and WE like the idea of a steady stream of convicts.

This concept of prison reception permits the entertaining humiliation of a series of well-known CP actresses portraying arrival convicts, in 15 minute segments, with the actors credited. Here are some of the first we have seen:

Gina Moon’  (‘Sent Down 2’) enters the reception room. “Stand on the line,” orders the officer, shaven imperious intimidating actor Karl Strong. A uniformed matron, actress Lucy McLean, stands by, looking very much like she has her rubber gloves nearby. Brunette Gina is dressed conservatively, part of the turn-on here, long hair, glasses.

“Remove the rest of your clothing.” Black skirt, garters and belt, stockings, flowered blouse. she manages to bend over dramatically to remove her impractical heels. and of course she pauses theatrically at bra and panties. Panties off; matron finds a drug bag in one bra cup.

Over the desk again, for contraband possession. The bra remains. 12 of the tawse. Gina concludes her spanking, accepts and zips into her little orange prison smock.

‘Amy Hunter‘ (‘Sent Down 2’): The Intake process will be about the same for each girl. Amy slumps in sullen hostility at the taped line on the floor. Hasn’t she heard what happens here? Actor Paul Kennedy plays a “senior guard.”

“We are here to make your stay with us as unpleasant as possible.” Amy has to strip, but the scene is accelerated. She is bent over the desk naked for handspanking and paddling.

‘Zena Stones’ (‘Sent Down 2′): Officer Richard Harris this time, in civilian clothes; maybe the Admin staff gets a bottom or two during the guards’  lunch hour. Brunette Zena, long hair, normal top and slacks. She is quickly bent over the desk, drops her own slacks, and is spanked on black lace boyshorts. She is directed to strip, and gets down to the bra/panties pause. Matron does the panties with a flourish. Zena has the biggest tramp stamp we think we have seen, like a coat of arms over a fireplace. Matron uses the tawse and Zena cusses. March off in her orange smock.

‘Sascha Harvey’ (23 minutes): Another prison reception; CP  actress Sascha Harvey gets the welcome on this Leia Ann Woods site, in a longer segment. A uniformed male guard and matron ‘Lucy McLean’ will do the honors. Tall glamorous brunette Ms. Harvey actually asks to “call her father.” She has received 12 months for possession of cocaine.

She gets the obedience lecture, hears the difference between the “hard way and the easy way,” and toes the line in front of the desk. The guard bends her forward over his desk and begins the handspankng on the skirt of her dress. Here is a girl who chose to dress respectfully before going off to prison.

He raises her dress to expose white panties, then pulls them down. “How dare you!” You should save your strength, Ms. Harvey. After this brief spanking, the guard makes her strip. This little humiliation is the best part of these ‘Intake’ episodes. Sascha unzips the dress, drops her panties, but retains the bra. She puts on the mocking little orange smock.

To complete the subjugation: Lucy gropes inside her bra cups for contraband, then herself gives Sascha a bit of the strap over the desk, on her prison knickers and on the bare. Then wrists are manacled and they march off.

Dublin O’Brien‘ (“Sent Down #3’) (12 minutes) One of the more entertaining actresses, with her feisty Irish accent and temper, and here a little more mature and filled out—her bottom still a jewel. She is brought to guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ in the office setting. She will be jailed with Leia Ann Woods to see if she can get some scoop on Leia’s husband’s illicit activities. But she needs to be spanked to legitimize the charade. Good thorough police work.

First, and OTK spanking on her bars-and-stripes print jeans. Kennedy helps her down with the jeans and her black panties. Ms. O’Brien is so tall both her hands and feet touch the floor as she forms a graceful bare-bottomed parabola. A  caning will complete the deal.

After she puts on the orange, shorty prison smock, Dublin drops her knickers again and takes 8 loud cane shots.

”Michelle Brown’ (‘Sent Down #3’) (15 minutes) Ms. Brown hasn’t gotten the word. She slouches and chomps gum in front of the admitting officer (‘Stephen Lewis’). Blond hair up, blue skirt, white blouse, running shoes.

When she spits her gum at Lewis, she goes over the desk, handspanking, skirt up, black panties quickly down, some leather strap, then she gets naked to put on the orange smock.

A conventional spanking. We hope you share with us the pleasure of this parade of subjugated ‘intakes’  in this institution. More big names to come.

‘Riannon Diablo’ (“Sent Down #3′) (12 minutes) Officer Lewis will elicit tears and involuntary quivering from this dark blonde.

Jeans and a top, Lewis helps her drop her jeans, tears quickly during a handspanking over the desk. He gets to the white panties. Top off, she is shaking. Tawny frontals.

Lewis produces a leather paddle which is a first for us–shaped like an exclamation point, a long stiff leather shaft and a round dot about the size of a dinner plate at the business end.  She is paddled naked, then given the orange smock. We will probably visit all these girls later in their cells.

‘Emma Brown’ (“Sent Down #1′) Pert actress Ms. Brown stands in front of the admissions desk; ‘Lucy McLean’ as the matron; ‘Richard Harris’  as the civilian supervisor. She wears a pink ribbed sweater and a minimal red skirt. She is made to bend forward from the painted line and lean on the desk. Harris flicks up her skirt to expose light pink panties trimmed in red.

Harris slowly lowers her panties. “This is what happens, Emma.” That left-buttock tattoo is alive and well. She gets a moderate handspanking in this posture. At the line, she is ordered  to undress–boots off, skirt off, sweater over her head, just a white bra. Rather than remove it, the matron feels under the cups, a ritual repeated often. “She’s clean.”

Emma puts her panties back on and zips into the orange prison tunic.

‘Leia Ann Woods’ (‘Sent down #1’ ). The tall brunette founder of Bars-and-Stripes plays a role. She arrives at Intake, wearing a long formal coat, looking more like a countess having stepped off the PanAm Clipper to get her luggage than a girl who will have to strip naked in a prison.

She’s got a major attitude, and the matron is aching to get at her. After some shouting, she bends over the desk. Harris throws up her skirt and begins spanking. He pulls down her knickers to discover more than a few marks from a recent spanking. After some tawsing on the bare, Harris shifts to the cane. about 15 strokes, a lot of banter, matron holds her wrists.

“Stand by the line and get your clothes off.” They wrestle; after threats to rip off her clothes, Leia agrees and gets down to just bra and stockings. Matron gropes under the bra and finds nothing. Stockings off, Leia slowly puts on  the orange smock.

‘Hannah Martin’ (‘Sent Down #1’). Another tall blonde with a good CP resume plays the Intake theme. She wears a festive white outfit more suitable for veranda cocktails than a cinder block admissions chamber. When she bends over and her dress hem is flipped up, the officer (‘Adam Smith’) and matron are surprised to see that her white thong leaves her buttocks completely bare.

Handspanking and six with a hard tawse. The matron helps her off with her clothes, without resistance. Nothing found under her white bra. Orange smock next.

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