Finishing School Discipline #4 – BRITISHSPANKING

16 Apr

MF/2f; time: 49 minutes

We loved ‘Finishing School 1-3,’ circa 1998, simple formulaic schoolgirl spankings, great exploitation of innocent students–pajamas, after-hours, total nudity, embarrassment, etc. with no nastiness or cruelty, and of course smarmy humorous disciplinarians, nudging the girls right to the edge of impropriety. This FSD #4 carries the same “Paradox” production logo, but is more recent.

The scene is a finishing school in a tony London neighborhood. A gray-haired ageplay gentleman, familiar to us from ‘Moonglow’  and ‘CalStar’  appearances (and we later know to be ‘Jack Uppitt,’ with a tendency to negotiate sex with his spankees) , is a member of the school’s board of governors and pays a call at the school on some disciplinary matters.

The sets, costumes, and production standards are excellent. The spanking scene is a well-appointed sitting room–no sense of a motel room or an office with the furniture pushed aside, as we often see. We get it all here–pristine sets, pretty girls, good dialogue, and crisp discipline. There is the fireplace mantel. Will anyone have to lean on it?

The first matter is student ‘Turner,’ who has hassled and assaulted French teacher Mss DuPont. The governor and Miss DuPont discuss what should be done with Turner. “Punish her severely, we might get through to her…” Miss DuPont takes unusual care to describe her own youthful spankings, in colorful detail, “always on the bare bottom.” Governor: “You believe in the bare bottom?” “Yes.” The governor must be getting a rise out of this. “So you’re going to give her naked bottom a good beating?” “Yes.”

The governor decides to let Miss DuPont deal with Turner. When she is alone, to herself: “I think I am going to enjoy this.” DuPont is a young sophisticate, a thin blonde dressed in white slacks and a spiffy jacket. We hope the board of governors finds some dissatisfaction with something she has done at a future date.

Turner, a blond, uniformed, credible schoolgirl, is called in, given the lecture, and is dragged OTK. Skirt up, blue pants, she struggles realistically, especially as Miss DuPont works her knickers down, which she was eager to do, in a sexy little tussle we wish was done more often. The OTK handspanking is mostly struggling, but we only just begin.

DuPont has Turner stand and lean on the spanking bench, for a slippering. Charming, perfect spankable bottom, taking on some pink, perfectly lit and positioned. DuPont is smiling and enthusiastic; Turner whines just a bit too much.

DuPont: “Let’s have a look at you.” She removes Turner’s necktie and unbuttons her blouse–no bra. Turner drops her own skirt after a moment of dispute and stands naked. “Hands at your sides!” DuPont  is thrilled, the camera pans and zones in on one of those perfect mohawks and holds as she stands naked. Intense stuff.

Hands-on-bench again. “Open your legs.” More hard slippering, full-screen bottom closeups. Turner is sent off naked. Is she finished?

In another scene in this sitting room, the governor is going to deal with tall, thin, blond Johnson, identified as actress ‘Rebekah Jordan’ in some places. She is accustomed to this guy. “You know the position” –OTK. Skirt up, lovely little white panties, just barely covering a small, tight, athletic bottom. This actress keeps her legs locked straight, thrustng her bottom dramatically high on the governor’s lap.

She too wrestles with him; he has to pin her free arm as he spanks. This gentle resistance we find very stimulating. She stands, skirt off, pants at ankles, hands-on-head makes her blouse rise and her bottom peek out as she moves. Ritual-postures another praise-worthy notation for the British at Paradox. To the bench for a mean-looking thick embossed leather strap. Only moderate swings, but to good effect, and fast sets cause Johnson to squirim. Lovely choking tears and wet face in closeups. The governor may be having his fun but he is not finished.

“Get in position. You’re going to get caned.” Johnson puts hands on the bench, legs straight. Her bottom is thin, perfectly molded, and hard. With less flesh, these strokes must hurt more. 20 strokes are shown, mild to moderate. She cries and twists seductively. Long shots of her, naked from the waist down, in the staid setting of the Victorian furnishings, are appealing.

After 12 strokes, she shifts to hands-on-knees posture, legs about 18″ apart, which tightens her bottom even more. A few bright wheals show on her thighs. To conclude, she bundles her clothes and hustles off half-naked. The governor is seen leaving for the day, hopefully energized for whatever he does next.

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