The Kane Assignment – KANE

19 Apr

MF/2f; year: 1991; time: 54 minutes

An early CP classic, featuring Paula Meadows in the altogether and a naughty lesbian romp. A/k/a ‘Lynn Paula Russell,’ this lady made adult films and a few CP films and then became a widely published sketch artist for the CP magazine trade, illustrating many of our most memorable fantasies. She also edited and published CP magazines in their pre-web hayday. All this, and she has a very frisky bottom to boot.

The film is about doing a photo shoot for George Harrison Marks’ ‘Kane Magazine.’ Many of the Kane films were about the CP industry itself. Actor ‘Harry Bayman’ awakes in the morning in bed with actress ‘Ann Proto,’ both quite naked. Ann climbs out of bed, displaying wonderful boobs, a full thatch of pubic hair, and naturally, a great bottom. She starts coffee and comes back to bed for some nude play with Harry.

Paula arrives at the door for the day’s photo shoot, and Ann is delighted to see her. They will be able to rekindle some lesbian interest. Paula wears short cropped brunette hair which we always associate with ingenue actressses. Then comes one of those little surprises which were found in the earlier CP films, when girlie-film nudity was still novel. Ann squeals when Paula pulls off her red dress and is naked underneath–no bra, no panties, just a naughty garter belt and stockings.

Both girls naked, they look through spanking implements Paula has brought with her and begin some lesbian play, a long nudie scene, comic spanking.

Paula puts on a leather B&D body harness, a little feature found in her art. She bends over the “altar,” a studio prop, for the photo shoot. Various postures and implements–both the girls naked and Harry with the camera. When he can’t stand it any more, Harry takes over the spanking.

Harry is called away for a photo lab crisis, so the girls renew their lesbian games. The screen is filled with pink bodies, CP of secondary interest. When Harry returns he jumps in the naked pile and is soon playfully spanked himself.

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