Amelia Jane Rutherford – What the Dickens? FIRMHAND

23 Apr

20 episodes; years 2009, 2016, and 2017 shown for copyrights; looks like FIRMHAND made the story and then released some extra stuff.

‘A’  (M/2f) Three CP  stars were convened to develop this episodic series. Amelia Jane Rutherford, a likeness of whose bottom will go on our Mount Rushmore as soon as we secure the development rights; American Niki Flynn, brave and creative; and male actor “Reggie,” with a long career in the finest British CP  films, whose identity we still seek.

Reggie is an inventive spanker, a fancier of the female bottom, and a CP raconteur of the first order. We found him in some vintage CalStar/Playback/Tallion/SfP work of 25 years ago and have reviewed some of the those films. Some of the out-takes included in this series confirm an observaion we have made–it must be a challenge to stay  in character and keep a straight face as a CP  actress when Reggie prattles, tugs at your shorts, explores with his fingers, and spanks.

Amelia sits with “Uncle Matthew” sipping tea. the clothing is Dickensian/Edwardian, as are the furnishings. Matthew unwraps a package which turns out to contain “instruments of punishment.” Amelia must sense what is coming and tries to suggest the canes and straps are for “the boys in the prison.” but no, they are for naughty girls.

“Stand up and get into position.” She bends over a table and raises her voluminous skirts. Her bloomers have already fallen open to expose her bare buttocks. He begins with the tawse, moderate but colorful. “Be quiet, girl,  you’ll wake the staff.” Closeups of her grabbing and rubbing as this episode concludes.

‘B’ (M/2f) We are still at tea with Matthew and Amelia. She reads a letter. A Mrs Barbarinski, (Niki Flynn), has been approved to come and stay with them. Apparently she is described as a “lunatic” and the authorizing agency recommends “appropriate punishment should be applied” to control her.

Amelia becomes very protective of Niki and suggests she might be wrongly accused for her misdemeanors. This infuriates Matthew and earns her another trip over the table. This time Matthew has to open her bloomers to get to bare skin. Much more fun for us.

More hilarity in out-takes.

‘C’ (M/2f) Actress Niki Flynn arrives at the Dickensian house, as “Mrs. Barbsrinski,” sent by an American institution to serve as housekeeper. Stern discipline is recommended, so we presume she has some real penal violations. Uncle Matthew greets her gruffly and grabs at her, “Have you got lice?” He knows here is another bottom for him to spank.

“Americans!…we should never have given you independence…discipline is the thing…a short sharp lesson!” Another example of our theory that this actor ‘Reggie’ does his own dialogue.

Right there in the front room, he takes Niki OTK, rucks up her voluminous skirts and petticoats and opens her bloomers. Niki’s bottom is to the camera, she puts out her delightful squeal.

More Reggie improv–to quiet her down, he threatens to “take you upstairs, tie you to a table, and thrash the skin off your backside with a cane!”  Good Uncle, slow down.

Amelia and Niki commiserate about life here in the parlor. Niki allows as how “he is worse than the doctor,” at her former institution.

Some amusing out-takes show Reggie fumbling through his complicated verbal creations and Niki bursting into laughter all the while being spanked.

‘D’  (M/2f) A longer episode, 11 minutes. The girls have created a large floral display. Matthew overhears their prattle and intrudes. “What the Dickens is this monstrosity?” Since he is always looking for any excuse, he finds the flower arrangement obscene—“…ungodly urges…sexual practices…disgusting…lunging phalluses….whorish red bulging…”

“Both of you, bend over that chair, the strap for the both of you.” The girls lean on a creaky chair we will see more of. Niki–skirts up, bloomers open, she gets the tawse. Closeups from a low angle of that famous musclar bottom.

Matthew turns to tend to Amelia as the scene ends.

More out-takes: Matthew tripping over his convoluted elocution, and a moment when the phone rings on-set. We are reminded of other films where Reggie ad libbed through such moments.

Uncle Matthew, Amelia Rutherford, and Niki Flynn in the Dickensian setting. Both girls muyst lift their skirts. Amelia must remove her bloomers and they adjust positions on the set so Uncle can get a few backswngs with this tawse. Low angles of her bare bottom up those long legs. She jumps delightfully on each stroke. “Tears, Amelia?…you soon will have.”

Each girl leans on an arm of a Victorian chair, which literally groans under their weight. Uncle cracks at both bottoms. To Niki: “I can see your chest heaving.” This actor has always sought reaction from his girls.

‘F’ (M/2f) Niki Flynn in her Victorian finery, has purloined Uncle Matthew’s copy of ‘History of the Rod.’ He must be a regular wanker and finds the girls not enough for him, because he misses the book immediately. The girls try to hide the leather-bound gilt volume, but he finds its quickly.

Niki, in her nightdress and molly cap, is going to get a “live demonstration” of the book’s contents. She must lie face down on the bed. Matthew pulls up her nightdress and separates her bloomers to access bare cheeks. He whacks with the tawse, nothing fierce, but wonderfully staged. These films were not made to satisfy the prurient fetish for severity.

Amelia looks on and he promises to take her “to a special room, strip you naked, and burn every once of flesh off your backside with a branding iron.” Would that we could see some of this. And we would guess ‘Reggie’ improvised this line.

This segment concludes with 3 minutes of out-takes—Matthew tripping on a rug, and flubbing some of his longer lines.

‘G’ (M/2f) This brief final segment, still shot in the bedroom, has the girls goofing around, the director of the film steps on-set to give them spankings for himself. They must lie, head-to-foot, on the bed, bottoms bared.

“You can’t! We’ll be marked. Are we being paid extra?” Both bottoms wriggle on the bed, having lives of their own. Hilarity on the set as the director spanks, the girls laugh, and Uncle Matthew chortles in the background.

‘H’ (M/f; year: 2016; time:6 minutes) FIRMHAND seems to have continued this series, holding these next segments for a few years and replacing ‘Reggie’ with ‘Christian Fennington,’ who in fact had made some films with Amelia Jane at FH about the earlier time. If we learn more about what transpired here, we will annotate. You’ve got to admire that Amelia could just go to the phone and engage the iconic Fennington.

The story seems to continue in the girls’ bedroom (Amelia Jane Rutherford and Niki Flynn). The girls are frolicking about, trying on bustier/bloomer combinations. Amelia is all in a twitter about Victorian spanking photos she has seen. The girls check each other’s bottoms.

Matthew (Fennington) bursts in and feigns being appalled at the girls’ being half-naked. Victorian opportunist that he is, he will spank them both right now and sends Amelia to fetch his birch bundle. She drops her bloomers and flashes a full-frontal–certainly that is not a Victorian pubic trim. Matthew begins birching, 10 strokes, she howls.

Amelia kneels on the bed, a posture, with two cameras, allows for wonderful facials under duress and a second, full-bottom view. She rolls on the bed in pain.

To the corner, bottom full-screen. Niki is beckoned. Matthew has a tawse. It is her turn.

‘J’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Niki will in fact receive the same birch bundle, not the strap. Like Amelia, her bloomers are open and her bottom is ready. She stands, hands on head, as Matthew begins birching. Seems harder, we thought. Niki struggles. “I didn’t ask you to perform the jig.”

Like Amelia, Niki kneels on the bed for the second set of strokes. She is popping out of her bustier. Both girls to the wall, bottom rubs full screen. Two CP Titans. Long slow-motion replay and some silly out-takes.

‘K’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls have dressed and gone downstairs into the heavily decorated Victorian sitting room. They seem to have visited a prison, and Matthew wants to ensure they noted the miserable conditions and the spanking equipment on hand. They should not let prison happen to them.

Matthew overhears the girls; apparently Niki has fallen in love with a prisoner. Matthew wants to know, is she a lunatic or what? A harsh punishment can sort this out. “You’re going to be caned.” The shocked girls beg.

Niki takes off her jacket. Ms. Flynn makes the mistake of starting to remove her skirt before she is told to. Skirt off, bloomers dropped, she displays that athletic bottom and thighs which, combined with acting, got her this work. A dozen cane strokes, some shot from low angles. Amelia watches and cringes, and at the conclusion, begs Matthew to stop.

After Matthew leaves, Niki tells Amelia she must escape from this place

‘L’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) The actors construct a complete episode out of contrived ‘out-takes,’ where we watch the last two strokes of Niki’s caning above and Amelia’s attempted intervention.

Amelia plays at messing up this scene six times, so that Niki must take 12 extra cane strokes to get it right. In effect, two caning episodes for Ms. Flynn, ‘K’ and ‘L.’ Is this proof she is the tougher lady?

‘M’ (MF/f; time:8 minutes) Continuing the post-story playtime, Fennington, the director, and the cameraman decide that since Amelia messed up the closing scene six times, SHE should get 12 strokes of the cane. Everyone loves the idea except Amelia.

She bends over the mantel and opens her skirt and bloomers. Her spectacular bare bottom seems to throb on its own and is beautifully framed by the voluminous folds. Niki is loving it and will be given a chance to join in the caning. “Ow, Fuck.” on the first stroke. Niki: “Did you rip those bloomers? They’re authentic . I got them on EBay.” After an entertaining caning, they all hug and leave. Would this be the concluding episode?

(N) ( M/f;  7 minutes) We continue in the Victorian character. Niki has run away and left a note, apologizing for cleaning out the money from the house’s ‘charity box.’ Christian accuses Amelia of aiding in the escape and offering the money. She immediately confesses.

“Stand up!” screams Fennington, in the frightening tone he specialized in in earlier films during the Sophie Fennington era. “What did I say would happen,,I said I would cane you and strip you naked.” Amelia slowly removes her layers of Victorian garments until she is nude, an erotic acting skill found in many of her films. The camera cuts to a female nude painting on the wall.

Hands on couch, naked. Fennington lays on 18 strokes, filmed at various angles, including some low shots. We’ve read in blog threads that some thought Ms. Rutherford could not take a hard caning. These strokes are good enough for us, and they seem to take her breath away on occasion. If there were repeats, we were charmed into belief.

She collapses on the floor, angry. “I’ve finished learning lessons from you. You can beat me all you like. I won’t learn anything,”  Fighting words for Fennington. “Let’s see how many strokes it takes.” The caning begins again in slow motion as the film concludes.

‘O’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) A film identified as ‘prequel 1’ and out of the character of the story. In the present,  Niki and Amelia have overslept for another spanking shoot in this series. They scramble to dress and get to the studio. Some playful dispute as to who is hogging the POV camera as they dress.

They are more than an hour late for a rented studio. Waiting for them is the angry director–we think it is ‘Hywell Phillips,’ whose face won’t be seen. After a mild argument and some faux reluctance, the director will spank both girls to send a message.

Amelia is taken OTK first, slacks down, usual cute panties. She doth protest a bit–“I won’t be able to do my job.” Niki is watching, amused and innocent so far,  and comments on her dirty bare feet, the porn studio problem. “I washed them this morning.”

‘P’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Prequel 2’ It is Niki’s turn to be spanked for being late. The director is willing to waste even more studio time to send a disciplinary message to his models, and he will use this filming.

Niki goes OTK, jeans down, red bikini panties with the peace symbol emblazoned, surely a clever pornographic metaphor in addition to a peace and feminine symbol. Amelia watches amused. Just who was it who kept resetting the alarm?

The director takes her panties down. Ms. Flynn is still in marvelous shape. Christian Fennington arrives and the director explains he is teaching these two tardy models  a lesson. It is pointed out that Fennington is late also. As Niki is spanked, we again notice that deep bruise high on her left buttock.

‘Q’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) There is a pre-filming conference. The director lectures Amelia, Niki, and Christian that the acting has not been crisp, that many of the takes are marginal or useless. (He doesn’t say that do-overs with a red bottom damage authenticity.)

So the director is going to spank some commitment and dynamic into both girls, and he will use a big clothes brush, an implement they deemed too severe for any film segment. The girls are partially  dressed in their Victorian undies.

The director takes Niki over an easy chair air. Her bloomers open down the back. She doesn’t like the brush and overacts a bit here. Amelia sits at her face, filming this spanking with a hand-held camera. She is just wearing a shorty blouse and black panties.

The second half repeats this spanking from Amelia’s camera.

‘R’ (M/2f; time:9 minutes) A good example of how well Ms. Rutherford can ad lib, and if fact how she can carry on normal conversation while her spanking is underway. It is her turn to be spanked by the director, apparently for disparaging the productions on a ‘forum.’

Niki holds a second camera. Amelia is steered over the arm of a chair. “This is gratuitous!” she protests, more arcane dialogue you won’t find elsewhere. The director reaches to pull down her black lace panties. “No! I don’t want them taken down.” It seems her ‘limits’ vary. Panties-down for filming is one thing, but this must seem personal to her.

The director gets the knickers off and begins with the clothes brush. She is shocked. “Oh, fuck, fuck!” Usual sexy struggle.

Again, these spanking sequences are repeated in somewhat edited form from Niki’s hand-CAM.

‘S’ (2M/2f; time: 12 minutes) The girls are giggling and jiving with each other in the same hotel room which has been used for all these extra sessions. They are partially dressed for the Victorian drama. They roll around and spank each other, mocking  Christian Fennington with a false mustache. Of course it was ‘Reggie’ who had the mustache. And no panties today.

Fennington interrupts. “Are you mocking my performance?” He begins a spanking scene which is perhaps the best of the series. Both girls are bent side by side over the back of the each chair, two all-star bottoms. The background is the Thames and London skyline through a glass door.

The director has arrived, and the two men will flog the bottoms together, and switch places. Wonderful facials, kicking, wriggling. Once or twice the girls completely depart from character and laugh at the corny dialogue. They all debate if this sort of aside behavior is appropriate for a spanking film. Amelia insists you’ve got to have fun and cites Hollywood.

Interesting to note, and the men do–Niki’s bottom has turned into a dark storm cloud, while Amelia is still pale white with some pink. Same floggings. We’ve noted before Vive La Difference.

‘T’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Niki and Amelia complete and jostle with each other to film a narrative introduction to this series.

They introduce Christian Fennington, who has laid out the spanking implements which will be used. Since the girls continue to be annoying, he decides to illustrate now how the implements will be used. He grabs Amelia first, bends her over, and gives her a taste with each tool. Niki keeps helping pull her crinolines up and takes her panties down when Christian asks. Amelia is disheveled and sexy.

Niki gets her share in the next segment.


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