Punishment Profiles – REALSPANKING

23 Apr

year: 2002; time: 1:14, 12 segments

This American producer occasionally makes faux-documentaries, for the purpose of parading pretty bottoms, where spankings are meted out at the ‘Real Spanking Institute’  for various reasons–punishment, therapy, blackmail. The company consistently offers pretty girls, young, and very strong in the bottom department. the spankings are always vigorous, full-power, colorful, no excuses. In the American style, the strap and paddle are the most common. And frequently, much to our delight, the punishment is awarded in the nude, and the girl must strip down on camera, often surrendering each item of clothing.

These 12 segments are each 7 0r 8 minutes long and follow the same format, which we will describe in detail for ‘Haley’ below. The girls have each come to the Institute voluntarily to receive a spanking–to atone for some failure, or to acquire the taste for discipline to please a boyfriend.

‘Haley’: A tall thin brunette,  sits in a Queen Anne side chair, acknowledges she knows what goes on at RSI, and has come here for “a spanking.” The scene is the brick-walled sitting toom used in many RSI films. Lauren, the ubiquitous RSI disciplinarian: “OK. Let;s get started. Take off all your clothes.” Haley strips totally naked, full screen, without fanfare or melodrama.

Haley is fully shaved, with long legs, powerful thighs, and the plump bottom which comes with such a figure. Lauren spanks her OTK  with high, sharp smacks, a warming-up, and then at an increasingly severe pace, no sympathy. As with some other producers, the masonry walls reflect excellent spanking acoustics.

The second part of the punishment involves a bend-over, hands-on-chair, boobs hanging. More handspanking. The session concludes with Haley sitting naked, on the chair, legs crossed strategically, discussing what the experience was like.

‘Ginger’: a  big brunette, she needs ‘real punishment’ because her boyfriend doesn’t spank hard enough. When she sits naked for her exit interview, she winces.

”Bobbi’: A redhead; She has been “a bad girl and needs discipline.” “Get naked.” Her undressing may be the best in the film. Nipple jewelry; shaved; praise-be to  the pale skin of a colleen for spanking; Bobbi’s hips produce one of those spankable feminine bottoms.

‘April’: a tall, giggling brunette, she likes being spanked by her boyfriend but wants more. Lauren: “This is more like a real spanking; it’s supposed to hurt.” When she strips and flashes her mohawk, Lauren is so impressed with her body she pauses, fondles April, and has her twirl slowly for us.

‘Tyler’: A tall black girl, maybe a little embarrassed when she is naked, enjoyed the whole thing. “It felt good.”

‘Paige’: Lauren asks of this pageboy blonde what immediately comes to mind: “How old are you?” “Nineteen years old.” When her clothes come off, we didn’t see any underwear. The spankings bruise her more than most; she wipes tears as she sits naked for her interview.

‘Caroline’: Dark blonde, a lot of perfect buttocks to work on here. This spanking occurs on a different set, one of those cleared-out office situations.

Donna‘: A tall brunette; she undresses with a spirited and innocent flair;  she explains as she sits naked–she is 19, still in school, and that the RSI model ‘Brandi’ has suggested she try a spanking. She only gets the OTK version here, just another wonderful bottom to look at.

‘Donna -3 month interview’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Girls get reviews at the Institute, and despite good behavior, they always seem to get another spanking. Mistress Dee presides here. She found unauthorized panties in a room check, so Donna must strip, now. School sweater, blouse, kilt, more unauthorized undies. “My goodness Miss Donna!” They come off, into the trash,  naked.

Donna sits in a chair, one those which shows her bottom. Lovely big girl body and a mohawk. The spanking begins. On all fours on Dee’s desk, clear bottom, a strap, full screen. In addition to the underwear, there are tardies, and an ongoing attitude. Dee could call the probation officer and send her back to jail. Picture that.

More strapping on the desk. Counted out. She wears jeans knee socks and maryjanes. She will wait one hour in the hall, naked, while the classes pass by. But no change in her attitude, so she is sent to get the cane.

‘Katie and Jessica’: This is a return visit for tall brunette Katie, which Lauren reminds her means the spanking must be harder, and Lauren is displeased she didn’t dress better for this session. Katie goes OTK still dressed, Lauren helps her down with her jeans and thong.

RSI model ‘Jessica’  enters the set and helps hold Katie still. Then Jessica takes her OTK for more with a paddle, and for some reason pulls her own shirt up to expose her boobs as she spanks,lest we forget we’re here for s thrill.

‘Tiffany and Melanie’: Two girls are interviewed here, and when they stand and strip together, there is almost too much to watch. The camera pans both naked bodies with a practiced leisure. Both girls are spanked OTK, then bend over their pedastal chairs, but facing us, so tha their estimable boobs and loong hair hang for us to contemplate. We will watch this segment a few times.

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