Suffering Sisters – MOONGLOW

24 Apr

M/2f; year: 1995; time: 51 minutes

Early MOONGLOW, fresh, young bottoms, naughty fun. This film, subtitled ‘A Salutary Tale For Aspiring Actresses,” features the late John Kirwood, and actresses ‘Lisa Paine,’ (its current spelling) and ‘Angie Wood.’

Kirwood spoofs a sleazy B movie producer ‘Clint Westwood,’  wears a bad Amish beard, and fends off creditors in his shabby office. But he will manufacture some fun today. Two girls arrive at his “Golden Lion” studio for interview. In these CP films, the camera pans the girl’s face as well as the package in her pants. Westwood describes his film–the actresses try to restrain their laughter.

Can they sing? They try BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP, no they can’t. When the girls recite their “vital statistics,” anyone can detect there is suddenly promise here. And when Westwood learns they don’t have “Equity” cards, the die is cast for them, as we have said before.

The last part of the film Westwood intends to make has a caning scene. There will be an audition. ‘Mary Smith,’ played by Lisa Paine, goes first. OTK, handspanking on her slacks, really tights, as the magnificently  endowed Ms. Paine is wont to wear. Westwood helps Mary to work the slacks down, the minx is not wearing any knickers. Westwood continues to spank Mary. Six “Hail, Mary’s”  from Mary. “You passed part one.” Mary flashes her totally natural, untouched pubic thicket.

Angie Wood as ‘Joan Smith,’ for her part one. Same spanking, her blouse turns out to be a leotard when her slacks come down. Six Hail Mary’s also.

Westwood continues with his part two in the studio. The girls have changed clothes. Joan kneels on a bed and gets the tawse while Mary waits. Mary takes her turn.

“We will proceed to part 3,” he says, but then calls it “part 4.” Joan lies full-length on a table, tawse on her panties. “Not on my legs,” she whispers at one point. Mary climbs onto the table for the tawse, climbs down to remove her slacks, then back up, she raises her hips helpfully when Westwood addresses her knickers. Where did they come from? We’ve praised many views of Ms. Paine. This table setting goes into the scrapbook.

Westwood announces another ‘part 4’ of his spanking regimen. MOONGLOW didn’t sweat the details in the early ’90’s. The girls are back in their original outfits too! The continuity girl must have been on lunch hour. The girls are caned this time, and in the process must strip naked, making sure to show everything they’ve got. You can almost hear the director telling them to turn this way or that. Never tire of Ms. Paine.

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