28 Apr

2M/2f;  year: 2011; time: 35 minutes

‘Rebeca,’  a boarding school student has been caught stealing in this short Lupus film, with combines CP  and conventional sex. A matronly governess brings her to the headmaster, who will do the disciplining and get his own reward.

After showing her an awesome Spencer paddle,he takes her OTK  for a hard, slow handspanking. White panties down. Because she grabs and struggles, he pins her flailing legs between his.

Over the desk, he paddles her with the holed Spencer monster. The governess brings in the school cashbox, and the headmaster puts some papers inside as he continues whaling, maybe some evidence of her crimes. The governess is quite oblivious to the bare bottom under attack. We had a difficult time with the details of this plot.

In a new scene, Rebeca is with another male student, her confederate boyfriend. They enter the room where she was spanked. He removes money from the cashbox, and we guess for the fun of it, he puts her across the desk again, panties down, for a vigorous frigging, reflecting the naughty thrill of having sex in the boss’  office.

Another scene:  the headmaster and governess are in a punishment room Lupus has used from time to time, containing the table with the built-up pillory for neck and wrists. They discuss something we couldn’t fathom, and he is pleading with her.

In the 0ther room, Rebeca is naked with her young friend, who is getting his rocks off by pretending to be the headmaster, and they are in the midst of a vigorous blowjob, which is mostly a handjob, because the guy is so big. And a lusty fuck on the desk.

Another scene–‘Lorentynka,’  a blond student, is seen with the governess. She is sent to the headmaster with her spanking note, but she is waylaid there by the boyfriend. The guy has enough in him  because  this blonde  gives a very experienced blowjob, and then is fucked doggy-style over the desk. She turns to sit on the desk for more screwing, not very comfortable for her but very good for the camera crew.

Yet another scene–Lorentynka enters the room where Rebeca has just finished with the young guy; he reads something he has about her–he found some evidence of her too,  and helps her to undress. Rebeca is quite pleased with Lorentynka’s misery. After she is quite naked, she gives the guy head, then sits on his lap for a good poke, while Rebeca watches. He runs off with Rebeca.

The headmaster enters the room to greet the naked Lorentynka with the papers he has. He spanks her OTK then puts her over the desk for the Spencer paddle.

At the conclusion, the headmaster calls the governess in to show her the empty box.

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