Leia Ann Woods – Military Dsicipline – FIRMHAND

30 Apr

Veteran CP actress Leia Ann Woods, tall, brunette, here is a series of episodes for FirmHand made in 2008. Her own production company, ‘Bars and Stripes,’ involve similar institutional punishment and confrontation between subordinate females and authority. Ms. Woods here is dressed conservatively in military unforms.

‘D’ (M/f; 4 minutes). Ms. Woods is caught by the General on a cell phone; we’ve said before that this old gent shouldn’t concern himself with these junior people, except of course, he has these privileges of rank and, what the hell, he can stop by the barracks, and pick off a bottom or two to spank on his way home. Here, Leia’s uniform is dark green with a white blouse and tie.

The General spanks her standing, skirt up, on blue knickers, in front of the traditional British mantel and hearth. He turns her thighs red but her pants don’t come down in this brief segment.

‘E’ (M/f; 7 minutes) The General is about to spank recruit Leia again, with a carpet beater. “Remove your skirt and your blouse…hands on your head…remove your knickers.” Leia’s bottom is already pink. Carpet beaters look impressive, but we have found them to be too big, soft, and not stiff enough to provide the proper thwack. But this one is smaller, with a shorter handle, and with what looks to be a hard and compact target area.

The General wants her shoes off and lastly her bra. She is naked this time. She must lean forward and grasp the traditional mantel. The General lays on 50 strokes and counts them himself. Leia sings out in marvelous discomfort. Her thighs get as much attention as her buttocks.

‘G’ (M/f; 6 minutes) Back in the entryway, in front of the grand staircase. Woods in full uniform again, being scolded by the General. This time it will be “strap on the hand,” which he says is “one of my favorite things.” We would wonder why, when you can have this little recruite pile her clothes on the floor at your command.

About 15 strap strokes on her palms, Ms. Woods has seen worse.

‘H’ (M/f; 7 minutes) Ms. Woods and the General in the entryway, in front of the padded table. The Man has the lochgelly tawse, a fearsome instrument for some. She must remove her jacket and skirt. White knickers this time, which she takes down without hesitation, resigned to the General.

She is directed to bend forward over the table, reach to the far edge, so that she is on tiptoe, which does marvelous things for her athletic legs. About 12 with the tawse. Lovely low angles.

Some of the tawsing is repeated with a “reaction cam,” facials.

‘I’ (M/f; 6 minutes) The General is spanking Leia again. she is naked below the waist, trying to remain on barefoot tiptoe on the cold tile floor. We’ve seen the General likes his Birds naked, so soon Leia hands over her blouse, tie, and bra.

There is a padded bench on the set, which purpose can’t be for much else than spanking. Leia bends over it, compliantly spreads her legs just-so, raises on tiptoe, to present a nice, hard, round bottom.

This is a caning and quite hard, just like the carpet beater in a previous episode. 20 strokes, gasps, and a nice pose to conclude.

‘J’  (M/f; 5 minutes) The General tells Leia this will be the “last encounter.” She is totally naked, in the tiled foyer in front of the black padded table. The actress is her usual thin lovely self, and when she puts her hands on her head, this thin body is accentuated, her belly flat, her breasts perk out, and there is that round and perfect bottom.

Up onto the table, legs off the ground, hands over the far edge. The General proudly announces he will use a Bull’s Pizzle today; she counts out 13 strokes and seems to be wiping tears. The General is actually moderate with this potentially fearsome instrument.

FirmHand knows the fetish fascination with staircases. The camera follows Leia’s bare bottom as she ascends the antique grand central staircase, presumably returning naked to her quarters.

A few segments with the same characters on the same theme:

‘Bare Bottom Strapping’ (M/f; 9  minutes) Same ‘General’  character with his spell over Ms. Woods, who this time looks like she is in the Royal Air Force. Jacker off, “Pull up your skirt…bend over…grab your ankles.”

The blue piped panties are back from the laundry. The General uses a heavy short strap, about 20 strokes, after some preliminary slaps, ALL on her thighs. Panties remain.

Out-takes of collapses into laughter.

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