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Soundly Spanked, Squeaky Clean – NUWEST

31 May

F/2f; time: 23 minutes

Girls face spankings and enemas for partying; producer Ed Lee and ‘Vanna’ play parents of girls returning late after a party. There are no retakes at this studio. Vanna stumbles all over her lines and actually adjusts a dime store wig on camera.

Tall blonde ‘Kelly Rae’ first home; they smell her breath, and Vanna has her hand over her panties to be checked for having sex. Bare bottom now under her dress. “This is a good time for a spanking.” Vanna gives a brief OTK workout–a few smacks from Vanna go a long way. Kelly Rae is sent to put on her nightgown, because she is going to take an enema.

In the bedroom, Kelly kneels on her bed, presents a bare bottom, gets the nozzle from Vanna while Lee watches, and we cut to an empty water bag. Then a long scene with Kelly on the toilet.

Actress Katie is the second daughter to arrive home late, and she is naughtily disrespectful, as she can be. She also smells of bourbon. Vanna checks HER panties, gives her a brief spanking, then it’s off to the bedroom. This enema scene takes longer, because Katie is so delightful a package that the camera lingers on her with the nozzle in her anus and then on the toilet.


29 May

YEAR: 2001;    M/f; time: 40 minutes

Everything hangs out at SHADOWLANE and they are not shy about it. Ubiquitous, always rampant, actor/partner ‘Butch Simms,’ getting a little gray here, but none the worse for wear, as he will demonstrate, plays a therapist. ‘Catherine de Sade’  as “Miss Trent,” adorns his couch. She is trying to control her sexual urges (this is the right place for that). “I kind of like not to wear panties,” and she raises her skirt to flash her charms to Butch. “Oh, I see.”

He will practice some ‘aversion therapy,’ a cunning phrase in CP films. “I turn you over my knee and I spank the sluttiness right out of you….I apply pain…and you associate it with…bad behavior.” He begins spanking her in the office, skirt up (we’ve seen, the panties have been left at home.)

“I don’t think it’s working, doctor.” Butch: “We”ll have to go to the next level.” Segue to “Level 2,” Trent in just bra unsnapped and garter belt. Kneeling, boobs hang. She loves this.

“OK, Miss Trent, spread your legs.” He slaps her vagina and pinches nipples. Who is getting the therapy here? He frigs her in closeup. He gets some “timber…and some leather,” paddle and straps; he frigs, she coos.

“Your sexuality is leaking out. I need it to come pouring out.” All the pretense gone, he opens his fly and Trent begins a slow blowjob–Mr Simms can still give you a start with what he can produce. They work through a full-scale porn scene, clothes come off, and Simms completes the money shot with Trent lying face up on the hassock.

Cell Block 1 and 2 – BARSANDSTRIPES

28 May

M/f; time: 42 minutes and 38 minutes; segments

Leia Ann Wood’s website, episodes of what happens to the girls in the cells of the prison they have been admitted to. We watched their ‘Intake’ spankings in other films.

Cell Block 1 The Party’s Over‘ (M/2f; 13 minutes): Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ catches ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and redhead ‘Amy Hunter’ swigging a bottle of smuggled wine on their cell bunks. Around this place, spankings are meted out for just about anything.

Kennedy gets actress ‘Lucy McLean,’ playing her dour matron role, to help him; after a lot of yelling, Hunter gets the strap on the bare at the end of her bunk. Woods next–she spreads her arms wide to hang onto the bunk frame, pants  down. both retreat to their bunks without pants to conclude.

In general, the spankings in these B&S series are not severe, but we do recommend your attention for the plausible institutional ritual and the director’s attention to detail, especially to knickers.

Food for Thought‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): Guard ‘Adam Strong’ suggests to inmate ‘Gina Moon’ that he will cut her sentence if she steers some of the loot she stole to him. He offers a little spanking to clarify her thoughts on the matter.

She bends over the lower bunk for a handspanking, and the strap; incomprehensibly, a blonde on the top bunk (“Hannah Martin”) sleeps through this melee. Gina capitulates and will give up some money to save her bottom.

Moon Shine‘ (M/2f; 8 minutes): Actor ‘Richard Harris’ enters the cell of Leia and ‘Emma Brown,’ having already brought his paddle. He finds a little bottle of airline whiskey, which of course costs Emma her knickers. Lovely bend-over, our hundredth look  at her love-tattoo o0n her left buttock. Full-screen handspanking and paddling. She blames Leia for the contraband.

Fight Club‘ (M/2f; 10 minutes): More all-stars, Leia and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ with Paul Kennedy again. Kennedy breaks up a wrestling match between the girls (like American ice hockey, we’d have enjoyed seeing them fight it out). Both are bent over the bottom bunk, he lowers both sets of knickers with care, and he alternates spanking both girls, as hard as we see at Bars and Stripes. Both girls rub in bed.

Cell Block 2
‘Planting Alcohol’ (M/f; time 11 minutes): Supervisor ‘Richard Harris’ shakes Leia Ann out of her bunk. ‘Emma Brown’ cowers in her bunk and will miss out here. He has found whiskey, she denies, but that doesn’t matter in this place. She spreads her arms to grab the top bunk, Harris rucks up her orange smock and spanks her with a spatula paddle and a strap. Ms. Woods is always insouciant. Panties down, 12 with a cane, good facials, back to bed.

‘Cell Spin’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Blond prisoner ‘Hannah Martin’ won’t tell where the drugs are hidden, calls guard ‘Adam Strong’ an “asshole,” who has tossed her cell, and she earns the usual. She grasps the top bunk, black panties down for a handspanking and the strap. “I might be a prostitute but I’m not a drug dealer.”

‘Going Down’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): ‘Zena Stone,’ a brunette with a Eastern European accent, is caught masturbating on the top bunk of her cell by guard Richard Harris. She has to stand on the bunk ladder, panties down, for a spanking.

‘Bunking Off’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): “Michelle Brown’ and Leia share a cell. Guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ chases Leia away (are the cell doors open?), rousts big blond Michelle out of bed, and spanks and straps her.

The Way of a Man and a Maid – MISSMARCHMONT

28 May

M/f; time:44 minutes

A maid wears her apron and nothing else; actors Karl Strong and Leia Ann Woods play out a naughty relationship on the dining room and kitchen floors. Strong, as ‘Lord Malthorn,’ with his shaven-head, drill sergeant demeanor, has his maid Leia helpless. She wears just an apron–no bra,  no panties, and this is her master’s playtime. She kneels before him, shining his shoes, while he prods her with his riding crop. Ms. Woods has always played the subjugated creature as well as anyone.

At his direction, she slides over his boot and pleasures herself on his foot, hidden by her apron, very sexy, back and forth. She kneels erect, elbows on the table, he handspanks her–the apron covers nothing. Her bottom is already quite red, as if there were a prequel to this film.

On the cold stone floor, kneeling mostly naked, head to the floor, he crops her pussy, knees apart. Leia is totally submissive. Kneel up, Strong pulls her apron down, plays with her breasts, slaps her face, and makes her hold his crop between her teeth, like a dog.

Strong fondles and probes as Leia remains prostrate in front. We can’t help wondering when the maid will be ordered to open the lord’s britches.

Into the kitchen, Leia works on the floor with a scrub brush, bottom up, an obligatory scene in every maid/spanking story. Strong will string her up here. Fast with the knots, he secures her wrists, throws the rope over an open beam, and cinches it to a stove handle, pulling her tightly erect,  but not torture. Spanking and fondling, he rips away her superfluous little apron so that she is naked. Leia quivers as he spanks and crops and twirls her to provide frontals. We are amused at her one-piece bathing suit tan in this Victorian story.

Spoiled Brats Get Punished at Christmas – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

27 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

Busy bottom in 2008 for  statuesque Amelia Jane Rutherford; Ms.Rrutherford plays a rambunctious wife, in her negligee, teasing her husband about Christmas gifts. He says: “You always want something. NOW I want something. You were absolutely drunk last night.” And she was the designated driver! We know about those nights, and this is definitely a spanking offiense.

He gets her OTK, one of her cute little protesting squawks; nightgown, black panties, garter belt, stockings–she is looking for action! Panties down–those wonderful facials of her mock and playful anger. After some slippering of that great and famous bottom, her husband gives her a first gift.

She is mischievously puzzled when she unwraps a spatula-shaped paddle. Over the couch, panties back up, the paddle works fine, and even better with her knickers at her knees.

The next puzzlement is a party-favor flogger, not the mule-team type in the instrument locker at NuWest. Nightie off, bra and panties off, just stockings, she keeps her legs together (for now), and lies flat on the dining room table. She has one of those bottoms which rises like foothills and is enhanced by this pose. Nice little flogging and the cameraman must have been in the chandelier. Hands-and-knees on elbows, pussy flashes, writhing on the table. Terrific.

Still quite naked, and the way we would leave it, she squeals in delight when she is freed to open other packages.

Teachers Exam Meeting – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

27 May

M/4f; time: 54 minutes

Spanking appointment with the headmaster and guests; three girls wait outside the headmaster’s office, quaking and wringing their hands, as they listen to screams coming from within. There are many depictions of this scene in the schoolgirl CP genre, one better than the next, and too many for us to make recommendations. We enjoy these build-ups, the anguished cries behind closed doors, nail-biting, and wetting-of-pants in a few instances. In some, the girl has to sit naked on a hard chair until her turn comes. Here, you know Lupus will do it right.

The girls are normal-looking brunette young ladies, no statuesque runway types sent over by an agency to make a few coins. A girl exits the office in tears and shows the waiting girls her spanked bottom. A dour-looking female comes out and takes in the next girl, we hear crying, etc.

The scene moves into the office. A girl is bent over a desk, stretched out, her red panties down. It seems there is a little gathering in there–the faculty members have come to sip tea and watch the punishments. No hands-in-pockets, male teachers!

A male student on crutches appears in the hall, is taken into the meeting room as  the second girl is released. The last two girls are taken in together and given long scoldings. The men in the room are familiar Lupus/RGE cast ‘pervs,’ Lars Moebius as the headmaster, and Pavel Stastny, resting his right arm in this particular film.

The last two girls are appropriately caned, and at the conclusion the headmaster steps away to masturbate privately. One can imagine these faculty meetings, say, each Friday afternoon.

Sex and Spanking Overload – SHADOWLANE

24 May

M/2f;  year: 2000;  time: 48 minutes

Spanking and  conventional sex combined; Greta Carlson as ‘Julie,’ and Rikki Lixx as ‘Kim,’ play naughty neighbors of Shadowlane owner Butch Simms as ‘Chet.’ Chet’s wife is a ‘stewardess,’  so the girls are tempted to tinker with his sperm count while she travels.

The film is all about his seduction by the girls in simple sitting room and bedroom settings. The trio gets each other’s clothes off in due course. Chet likes spanking and has two bottoms to explore. Much of the sex is about bottoms.

The final 25 minutes of the film finds Mr. Simms fucking the girls in one position or another, some sequences 5 minutes or more–we don’t ask how they can do it. And after all this, Chet still has to jerk himself off for the money shot, to the amusement and delight of his naked neighbors.

Martial Law Part 1 – MOODPICTURES

24 May

F/f; 28 minutes

Not for the faint of heart, websites like to say;  we are at a very tough penal institution, where Staff can find themselves on the wrong side of the table with the Disciplinary Committee now and again.

A blond guard overzealously tortured a prisoner, who turned out to be one of the government’s own agents. She stands before the Committee. The torture scene is recreated. The blonde torments and strips a brunette, fondling her, then tying her bent-over to a chair, and caning her naked.

At the hearing, a like-kind exchange is awarded. The blonde will receive 100 strokes of the cane,and if you have watched any Mood productions, you know this is bad news for our missy. A ‘doctor’  attends, a typical runway model Mood actress, wearing a shorty hospital smock with bare legs, not for bending over.

The Committee orders the blonde to strip naked, which she does slowly, with just enough reluctance and distain to commence the stirring of your loins. She is assisted to climb  onto an aluminum trestle which might be confused with a clothes-drying rack, were it not found in a Mood punishment room.

There is a wide kneeling platform on four legs, a padded center crossbar for the victim to kneel up and over, and a higher crossbar, which she reaches to,  for her wrists to be fastened, so that her arms are stretched forward and up, tightening her back, and plumbing her bottom, held centered by the lower bar. The naked girl’s knees are forced wide to achieve balance. Nasty ans simple.

The blonde’s hair is bunched out the way, although the buttocks are the focus. She takes 100 hard full-swing strokes from a merciless female guard. The ‘doctor’ checks her to prevent fainting, which can result in a do-over. We’ve said we suspend judgment on authenticity. This theater is about the toughest caning you will find.

101 Strokes – NUWEST NWV-294

19 May

F/f; 25 minutes

Hard caning at Nu West; no apologies, in the barren blue studio in San Marcos, a brunette has been strapped onto one of Nu West’s carpentry creations, a sort of prayer stool on legs. Vanna reads her punishment sentence, another woman witnesses. The brunette is fastened across her back, thighs, and wrists. Skirt up, panties down.

The caning is slow, about 30 seconds between strokes, and just as hard as it ever needs to be. The brunette rocks the platform in reaction. Powerful Vanna paces and swooshes in classic NW style. “Is she starting to bleed?” “Not yet.”

Part way through, Vanna begins to group the strokes in two’s and three’s, to speed up the process, and eliciting kicking and screaming from the captured brunette. “Bleeding yet?” “Not yet.”

Groups of four. At 22 minutes into the film, Vanna dabs ointment on the girl’s sorry bottom, then they decide to pull up her panties to get her through these 101 shots. The final 25 are on the panties, blood spotting through, groups of 6. Vanna wipes blood off the cane. We finally get a facial of this distressed young lady when she is released.

Carried Away – NUWEST NWV-373

19 May

M/f; 12 minutes

Nu West vintage simplism, Katie with no pants again. The scene is a patio bar, the deck setting NuWest has used before. ‘Vanna’  is the bartender at ‘Nettson’s Pub,’ we read from the bar mirror. Blond Katie arrives and orders a vodka martini; actress ‘Jodi Cline’  occupies a stool.

Katie fends off the first male pick-up attempt; Ed Lee arrives, the others vacate. Ed and Katie commiserate about their bad day. She’s an “architect,” he’s a “construction”  guy. Visually, they are an odd couple, and it will get wilder. He grabs her ass at the bar, she pours her martini over his head. “You asshole.” This would not be either party’s best performance.

On her way out, Lee waylays her on the path, and throws her over his shoulder, carrying her away, her jeaned-bottom of course center screen. Right there on the patio, he begins her spanking her OTK. He gets her jeans down, just a white little thong scrap, and soon that is gone.

Fade to another scene at the bar. Ed and Katie meet again. They argue, he carries her away again, more spanking (her bottom is still red, we note). Ed now scores. “Wouldn’t you rather continue this at my place?”

We cut to a full-fledged sex scene, harshly lit Nu West style. Katie is naked, on top, riding up and down on a quite impressive cock, her little white bottom facing us. We don’t see anybody’s face, but we are entertained by the concept.