My Fantasies: Impressing the Boss Pt 2 Nina Birch – MISS MARCHMONT

1 May

M/2f; time: 1 hr 14 minutes

Actresses Nina Birch and Rachel Lloyd play out the fantasy of being punished in your office by your boss. There are many erotic versions of this theme, where young ladies wrestle with the big choice, when confronted with their tardiness, incompetence, or disrespect. One of our favorites is CALSTAR’s  ‘Railway Office Spankings.’

The Boss here confronts Nina and Rachel in an office, the set is no more than a folding table/desk in an open room. Both girls are competing for what they think is one glamorous job in New York. The Boss is going to take advantage of his leverage to see how far they are prepared to go to get the job. In fact, we hear in a phone call that the Boss has TWO jobs in New York and that he is just going to have his fun with them. He will achieve that, we hope you’ll agree.

The girls have seen his spanking magazines about and know he fancies girls’ bottoms. To decide “which of you is most committed,” he suggests “a method I have used before…a CP session.” The girls grudgingly admit they know what that is and agree to proceed. Trap set, cage door open.

The Boss feels their bottoms–the girls are beautifully dressed with typical MARCHMONT detail as if they were actually interviewing, rather than some tarty office outfits seen elsewhere. He gently bends Nina over his desk and works his hand upskirt between  her thighs. Same feel for Rachel, then jackets off.

Nina is first OTK, a slow erotic fondling and handspanking. The Boss is going to drag this out. Skirt up, black panties, Nina gets sweet facials from the camera, here and throughout. This is just a preliminary, a reconnaissance. Rachel is next  OTK, the same exploration.

The Boss steps out of the room and the girls check the state of each other’s bottoms and unbutton each other’s blouses to check breasts. The Boss returns and is delighted with their progress and asks them to take off those blouses.

Side-by-side over the desk, skirts bunched up at their waists, the Boss slaps their bottoms with a leather “slipper,” a chunk of sole-shaped hide manufactured just for human bottoms. The slipper–it is an effective little devil, rings loud and both girls yelp. “Oh, that really stings,”  says Nina.

The Boss directs Nina to slipper Rachel. “If you hold back it will reflect.” They switch. Nina’s bottom is pleasingly red and we applaud her skill at facing the camera as she is spanked.

Next, what? “The strap, sir.” Nina is first to bend over. The Boss gets a leisurely frig in before he starts. Rachel switches. The Boss keeps up a light conversation with these two mostly naked girls who are gradually getting a major workout. Even under this pressure these British models can construct sentences as if they were at the British Museum, as opposed to the trash talk we hear during American paddlings.

Both girls agree to take off their rolled up skirts, then their panties, providing a leisurely frontal pose. Rachel straps Nina, then the Boss and Nina each take a cheek and handspank Rachel. Such a melee this is. Next–this must have stung, she gets the strap on one side and the slipper on the other.

The Boss picks up the cane and the girls know he is reaching the moment of decision. Nina goes over first. “The amount of strokes you take directly affects whether you get the position.” Nina gasps and moans through almost 30 strokes. Great closeups, no repeats, loud echoing cries, and lines you can count. At about 27, Rachel wants to reprieve her. “She’s proved her worth.”

Rachel takes her place. Her strokes are much faster for some reason, but just as difficult. The Boss compares his two prizes at the conclusion and says he needs a few days to “think it over.” They are both going to get the New York jobs. Returning to London for sales meetings will be interesting for them.

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