As Tears Go By (1) – SHADOWLANE

8 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 48 minutes

Actress Amelia Jane Rutherford, about a delicious  31 here, and actor Arthur Sire, in one of three perfect films Ms. Rutherford made in her stopover at Eve Howard’s company. She plays ‘Miss St. Clair,’ a teacher with a predilection for spanking her students at Braemawr School. Sire, as ‘Mr. Cameron,’ has a list of thirteen students he knows of who got spanked.  St. Clair hasn’t been checking student files to see if CP is individually authorized.

She claims of course that these students wanted to be spanked. We know the fantasy–St. Clair can be exonerated if SHE will take the same medicine. Cameron grabs her OTK  before she has quite acquiesced, eliciting one of those little gasps of protest, without which no Rutherford film would be complete. She is nattily attired as usual–knee boots, white blouse, beige skirt, and we quickly see, black panties.

Cameron spanks sharply, panties come down–she protests–some blotching. Cameron has two straps he can reach while he holds her. St. Clair tells Cameron he seems to be enjoying this, we certainly are. The glamorous Ms. Rutherford without pants always enthralls us, to be euphemistic.

Cameron escorts her, bare-bottom, to the mantelpiece. She turns to flash her mohawk front, giving us a naughty smile.

In a new scene, St. Clair is down to black bra and black transparent panties, bent over a divan being paddled, panties come down. She knows to lock her knees to thrust her buttocks high. Cameron switches to a braided strap, hands-on-divan. At this point, St. Clair is weakening and admits to possessing spanking magazines. She shifts to a position of being arched over a divan arm–there aren’t many actresses who can match Ms. Rutherford’s glamor here.

She takes off her boots and bra and kneels on a hassock on her haunches quite naked and quite ready for the portrait artist. She is now paddled with a hard leather implement and Cameron has to hold her still–very erotic. “You’re a handful.”

More OTK, handspanking, a bit of touching and fondling;  she sits on his lap naked as they hug and fondle. She wipes tears;  they laugh. Keep those hands where we can see them, Mr. Cameron.

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