Miss Birch’s Study–Part 3 – MISSMARCHMONT

8 May

F/mf; time:  59 minutes

Part 3 of producer Nina Birch’s spanking fantasies, beautifully made, camera work which catches every follicle, our first co-educational bare bottom spanking scene. Nina plays a headmistress in a conventional classroom setup at Brichwood Academy, London, with every detail attended to. This is a longer review–the film is longer and it is difficult to omit describing so many surprising segments.

Miss Birch calls in Peter Clark–is he a teacher or an aide?–dressed a bit improbably in tie, matching blazer, and boyshorts. It seems he has been paying attention “more to your girls than to your homework.” And Nina has dealt with him before. “I’ve speent too much time dealing with your bottom.” She takes him OTK and soon he stands to remove his boyshorts to expose white jockey shorts. He covers his genitals, where something appears to be happening. Back OTK, Nina tugs down the jockeys and spanks hard on the bare; both are quite facile in the process.

The segment completed, Peter stands, keeps himself covered and gets his shorts back up. There is an additional transgression to be dealt with. For raiding the supply cabinet without permission, Nina slaps his palms with a heavy ruler, which procedure is depicted as dreaded and painful in all these fantasies. His effeminate cries of pain belie the behavior he will demonstrate later. Nina brandishes the cane but he is let off for now.

The second segment involves a student–actress Rachel Lloyd, the tall charming short-haired brunette, whose flaired hips are unmistakable even when she is fully dressed. In Marchmont style, her school uniform is exacting in its detail. Nina is suitably stern as the headmistress. “Appaently you are just fascinated with boys.” Her blazer off, OTK for her. Nina noted her “very short skirt,”  which almost exposes her panties as her bottom arches OTK, and we haven’t even started yet. She is a dramatic lapful. Skirt up, “non-regulation” black panties soon down, a lovely mole on her left thigh must be entertaining. “A stinging bare bottom is the only way to get through to you.”

After Nina does a very detailed buttocks inspection, Rachel stands, Nina pulls her pants up for her, and she learns she was caught wearing nail polish last week. This earns the tawse on the palms. Rachel falls back when she sees it–“No…” At the conclusion of this session, Rachel dresses, must face the wall, hands on head, skirt up, panties back down. A  charming closeup of her reddened bottom, with a Shakespeare bust on the desk in the foreground, will remain in your memory.

In the next segment, Rachel is back in the headmisstress’ office. “It’s not fair, I haven’t done anything wrong.” She is accused, with an accomplice, of bullying other students. Over the desk, blazer off, jumper-dress raised, she is handspanked on panties. Sophisticated garter belt and stockings. Nina needs something “harder,” a long strap on her pants. “Stick it out.” Hard rhythmic strokes–no pulling of punches at Marchmont. Nina needs to know who her confederate is in the bullying.

Pants down for the tawse. it is getting tough. She confesses, it’s Peter Clark! In perhaps the best cornering of a spanked bottom we have ever seen, Rachel must pin a coin against the wall with her nose, bottom bare, hands behind back, skirt tucked up.

Clark is summoned and can’t miss Rachel’s red cheeks. He is accused and tries to blame Rachel. Nina: “I’m going to put you in a humiliating position like your friend here.” First, he must hold heavy textbooks on his palms, arms outstretched. (Check Vida Garman in ‘College Classics #3’ for the last word on how to depict this). Ms. Birch is not shy–she pulls up the legs of his shorts and slaps bare thighs when his arms sag. At this point Rachel lets the coin clatter to the floor.

Both must bend over the desk; Rachel is bare and Clark is down to jockey shorts, a first for us. Without hesitation Nina pulls down Clark’s shorts and seems all too familiar with it. His bottom is muscular. She is going to give the both of them a slippering, the thick sole-shaped slab of leather designed just for the purpose of a sizzling spanking. She alternates bottoms; and they color quickly. It is a fearsome instrument. To conclude, she shows them the cane. “Oh, no, Miss.”

Peter stands and recovers his shorts to protect his modesty and hide any excitement he might be experiencing. Nina and Rachel: “Take your clothes off now, except for your underwear.” Over the desk again, the camera holds a perfect closeup of her perfect bottom as she takes at least 20 legitimate full-swing strokes–the stripes materialize, repeats are not evident, Nina fondles with care between strokes, and Rachel gasps in quiet desperation.

It’s Peter’s turn. “You’re going to receive a severe caning–take off that tie and shirt.” Over the desk in just his jockeys, carefully positioned. Ms. Birch gets his shorts down. At least 25 rousing strokes–she draws some blood. “Stop sniveling. Keep still and stick it out.” Nina positions Rachel so her striped bottom is also on-screen.

Side-by-side bare bottoms. Still not satisfied, she gives them four more each. They thought they were finished. Rachel is sent back to class, naked in the halls, clothes bundled. “Oh, no,” she utters, to this last humiliation. Nina has other plans for Peter. They embrace–his jockey shorts are at half-mast and her hands are wandering. She whispers: “You’re sure you haven’t told anyone what we do?”

He helps her undress to bra and panties and begins a spanking which is clearly a prelude to more activities.


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