District Manager – NUWEST NWV-108

9 May

MF/2f; time: 30 minutes

Fast food spanking; Another very early example, guessing early 1980’s from the panties-down graphic and catalogue number #108, of how Ed Lee fleshed out fantasies for how we’d like to have imagined spankings were administered. The female district manager of a restaurant chain has two young dollies on the carpet in front of her in NW’s blue studio office setup. They are dressed in issued smocks and pants reminiscent of the era at Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, Carl’s Jr., or Long John Silver, etc. The girls have been siphoning cash.

The slighly smarmy female DM: “I don’t have time to waste. You either take a spanking or be fired…today.” The girls exchange glances and, thankfully for us, because we paid our admission, accept the punishment.

A short blonde will go OTK first; the DM first unfastens her pants, pulls down her pantyhose, takes her over her knee, then pulls down the white panties, enjoying the ritual humiliation a touch more than she should. Slow, moderate handspanking, flashes of pleasure from the spanker. Typical early NW spanking–no other nudity.

The second blonde: “You come over here and get your spanking now.” Same ritual.

Scene change: The girls’ uncle, they are sisters, arrives to challenge the district manager’s right to use such disciplinary practices. He threatens the police; she admits “I spank my girls.” Why not, HE will get his flesh and spank the lady DM. OTK, skirt up, he gsts the white panties down quickly, a hard spanking with a handy ruler. She squawks, but it ends well when he suggests dinner and she accepts in a flash.

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