Maid For Punishment – REALSPANKING

10 May

M2F/3f; 1 hr, 23 minutes, year: 2004

‘Realspanking’  brings 3 cute bottoms to Silverthorn, CO to film a thinly veiled storyline which permits plenty of spanking for just about any reason at all, in a long film. Actress ‘Jasmine’ is in a limo in the Rockies, headed for a chalet. She knows she is a pawn being brought to a spanking party. “The closer I get to the house, the slower the time goes,” she narrates and “Shit, I should have shaved better this morning.”

She is greeted at the glass and wood ski chalet by RSI’s “Dee,” and completes a trio of girls, joining RSI’s ‘Jessica’ and ‘Jennifer.’ The girls are shown their dorm-like room and given maids’  costumes, naughty little trifles which include lace hairpieces and chokers. This looks like a week of French maid fetish spanking games, for the pleasure of the mistress of the domicile, ‘Jacqueline.’  She inspects the girls in their outfits, spins them for a look at their essential parts. “They are lovely,” she announces to Dee, who is the procuress. Jacqueline will find reason to spank the girls in various ways over the remainder of the film. A male makes a sort of cameo appearance, is it Michael Masterson?

A leather Spencer paddle leaves the marks we expect;  frolic around an indoor lap pool means wet bottoms; a great shower scene for those who like that. And at least one of the girls finds herself fastened naked and gagged, spread hand-and-foot between two indoor pillars. The film ends with Jasmine spreadeagled naked and fastened to a vanity, being whipped by Jacqueline, in her dominatrix finery.


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