11 May

NU-WEST/LEDA  moved away from conventional spanking fantasies to more severe and harsh storylines because, in our amateur estimation, Ed Lee was exhausting his plot possibilities , being influenced by the Eastern Europeans, and personally finding it more difficult to achieve satisfaction, like all of us. NW made many female whipping films, varied in plot and setting, which have been excerpted and packaged into this series.

We find these stories far more entertaining than most of the general-consumption ‘Whipped Women,’ ‘Women in Prison,’ B-movie rated type of scenarios. In those films, we are left wanting when Caribbean pirates tie a captured Lady to the mast and rip her gown down, or a camp guard marches a female prisoner to the exercise yard whipping post.

Ed Lee completed the fantasy and left nothing on the table. And it should be said that many of the female models in this series are on the amateur side, although we will also see most of his favorite girls from the NU-WEST dressing room in the various settings. These films are almost exclusively about whipping–Lee’s extra-cirricular hanky-panky is reserved for other videos.

“FBW” may refer to ‘full-body whipping,’ or ‘full-blood whipping,’ both of which occasionally pertain. We officially suspend judgment on authenticity and just recommend you enjoy the theater and the squirming.


(F/f, 5 minutes): A whipping filmed at night outdoors. A redhead is strung up naked to a tree limb in what looks like anybody’s back yard. She wears heels,of course. Another redhead lashes her from shoulders to knees. Filmed from all angles, facials, buxom body, fuzzy pubis, lots of twisting and gasping. Fun

(MF/f; 18 minutes): Domina Julia featured here in a longer segment with clunky brunette ‘Mallory’ in a storeroom setting, which Ed Lee has identified elsewhere as his ‘garage.’ Documentary-style, Lee makes her state for the camera: “This is voluntary.” Lee: “This is what you asked for, this is what you need.”

Lee will “warm her up” and Julia will finish her, 100 strokes on the front, 100 strokes on the back. Julia makes Mallory strip–dress, shoes, bra, pantyhose. Her wrists are fastened and she is hauled up–erotic in this semi-lit industrial environment. The dogwhip is used. Lee delineates the target area, from her shoulders to her knees.

Julia is not so good with the whip (just pretend theater, if you watch her other films); Lee doesn’t like the inaccurate laddering on Mallory’s stomach and threatens to give Julia her own whipping. (Laughter)

Lee takes command with his long bullwhip. The first 100 strokes are on the back, and as frequently happens in this series, the buttocks are given the lightest treatment, we figure because the model has a spanking film on the calendar and also because the whipping fetish focusses on the bare back.

Now, 10 strokes on the front, spreader bar fastened to keep her legs open. Mallory apparently cries out a safe-word, because the whipping stops in the 70’s count, but plenty is accomplished.


(F/f; 5 minutes) The garage-storeroom scene; a naked blonde is strung up, spreader bars at wrists and ankles. “Debra,’ in leather bodice and jeans, walks around her with Ed Lee’s dogwhip. There will be no dialogue. In a brief whipping, Debra concentrates on the girl’s back,  drawing some blood toward the conclusion.

(M/f; 16 minutes): A longer segment, using the faux prison punishment room setting in the NW studio. Ed Lee arrives with his briefcase, apparently called to the prison after hours to deal with a situation. A regular NW actress plays a guard who ushers him in to see ‘Prisoner Smith,’ the actress ‘Joanne,’ already strung up in a shift and panties. She was supposed to be bare-back, so the guard cuts off the shift. Now in just red bikini panties,  she is helpless as Lee removes his bullwhip from his briefcase. Excellent foreplay.

He proceeds with a long whipping, his customary pacing, and complaints about having to come out at night to whip a naked girl when he could have been home with his family. He gradually draws some blood on her right shoulder. At the conclusion the guard wheels in a medical cart to touch up the damage. We wish, despite the prison regulations, he had yanked down those panties and laid on a few quick strokes.


(2F/f; 6 minutes): Three women have blonde ‘Sandra’ strung up almost naked in the brightly lit garage/storeroom. Vanna drags down her panties, stuffs them in Sandra’s mouth, then flogs her with the large company flogger. A second girl, a tall blonde, takes over the whipping for a bit, before Vanna finishes the matter. Not a word of dialogue, only the gagged gasps from Sandra.

Streaked mascara at the conclusion, some blood running down the right side of her back where the tips of the flogger straps touched her.

(M/f; 16 minutes): Ed Lee in a two-part episode with one of his familiar blond models, Joanne Jameson. First, we enjoy some comical dialogue they didn’t spend too many takes on. It seems she is from West Virginia and has been dressing like an “LA slut.” Her mother wants her whipped. “Get over here and get your clothes off.”

The scene is a bedroom set NW has used to very entertaining effect on numerous occasions. The blonde drops her shorts, pulls off her panties, hesitates, then takes off her top. She is directed to lie on the bed, “pillows under your butt like you’re used to.” Her white bottom arches invitingly. Ed promises this will be “a light whipping,” but it will be the horsewhip the next time. He flails with his dogwhip–very erotic and effective.

In the next scene, we are at “Table Mountain” and the girl’s wrists are tied to the trailer stair railing. She is still wearing tarty clothes. He rips off her skimpy shirt. “Let’s see if we can’t whip these panties off.” But he soon rips them off. The girl gets a solid whipping from several whips, including the big one. Lee is quite proud of the cuts on her back and buttocks.


(M/f; 6 minutes): Ed Lee,looking very patriarchal, has a brunette strung up in just pantyhose and boots on a darkened stage. With his pocketknife, he cuts off and pulls down her pantyhose, a frequent gesture he loves.

He whips hard and quickly, drawing blood on her shoulders and leaving her buttocks untouched.

(M/f; 17 minutes): Lee’s narrations were often humorous jewels, lightly rehearsed and surely not edited. Here, he is gong to whip a girl from “Estonia” named “Irmagard,” neither pronunciation is he sure of. “She doesn’t speak a word of English,” he insists with some satisfaction. We wonder though, does she scream?

Lee will operate a stationary camera and go solo, because Irmagard doesn’t want anyone else in the room, other than her husband off-camera. “Prepare for some weird camera shots,” he tells us, perhaps unnecessarily. “We’ll see if we can’t get a little blood.”

Irmagard straddles backward in a high chair, cowboy style, so that her back is high and angled. Lee manacles her wrists and fastens them tho the frame. He pulls down her dress top and rolls her bra off her shoulders to bare her back, the chair posture providing plenty of skin. “Wish she could speak English,:  he mutters, but we know the action has a universal language.

He cirlces her with the hand-held camera, jerky but erotic in this dim space. He catches her bare breasts. Her face is hidden in the shadows and in her hair. He whips her back for a brief time to get his kicks and for her to achieve hers. Lights off and on to catch her pretty face.

She is released and dresses. Hope she is a bundle of excitement tonight.


(M/f; 23 minutes): Ed Lee begins the segment with an ‘interview’ with a statuesque blonde, “Henrith,” where he explains these clandestine, private-circulation films, -“severe whipping”;  welts, marks, some skin breaking, no pay if the film has to stop, total nudity. The girl is good with it. She likes the money, but also the anticipation and arousal.

Lee shows her the bullwhip. “It looks kind of mean,”  she says. He directs her to strip so he can determine how she will mark. Short peasant dress off, bra and panties off. Henrith has a tramp stamp and another butterfly tattoo on her belly, pointed breasts, short blond hair, a mohawk, a bikini tan, and a bottom which got her the job. She poses nude, legs spread, arms “V” for victory, quite comfortable with displaying herself.

Fade to the garage workshop. Henrith is already strung up with spreader bars. Lee enters. “The day of your whipping has arrived.” He quickly cuts off her brown shift and she is naked. He proceeds with a thorough bullwhipping, which we watch from the front, back, overhead, and long facials.

(F/f; 7 minutes): Jacque is strung up naked in the garage. A female NW staffer enters with the short bullwhip and whips and circles for the full seven minutes, not a work of dialogue, just the rattling of chains, gasps from Jacque, and the footsteps of the domina.

(M/f; 13 minutes): A more traditional presentation in the blue studio, where a faux whipping post is anchored to a wood base. A blonde (we think Joanne Jameson, as sexy and buxom as she gets) stands, her wrists manacled and fastened by a chain and pulled over her head. Predator Lee circles and rips apart her simple shift bit by bit, her only garment, so she is naked. Very effective, very Mr. Lee. He was in his graybeard phase, kempt, short hair.

He grabs a handful of buttock, who would not? He will use a flogger, and not the party store variety, and it will not cut as much as his whip. “I’m going to take it slow…” He begins slashing–the blonde jerks, gasps, and twists up on her toes. [sirens on the soundtrack] Lee does not miss a beat–“a good background for a whipping.”

Several wondeful angles–facials, overheads, obliques catching hard grapefruit breasts, full rear, and a moving oblique which captures the whipfall and her face. As in all Lee’s whipping performances, some strokes connect, and some miss, causing reflexive jerks from his victim.

At 11 minutes, he is developing blood flecks and some trickles on her upper back. “Mercy, mercy, I  can’t take any more,” spoken more conversationally, a safe-signal. He gives her a 10-stroke flurry then releases the naked  blonde.

(M/f; 7 minutes): A very buxom and mature Julia Jameson  is strung up naked in the darkend studio. If she ever got loose there would be hell to pay. Huge boobs, thunder thighs, and one of those thick pubic patches from history.

Lee with his bullwhip earns an “Ow, shit” on the first stroke from the ever-indecorous Ms. Julia. He circles and whips her front-and-back, achieving some blood on her back and a lovely ladder on her buttocks to conclude.


(M/f; 6 minutes): Ed Lee has a buxom blonde with long braids completely naked and strung up on a darkened stage. “You came here to be whipped.” A  brief whipping with his long bullwhip, filmed from front and back. No dialogge. Lee draws blood on her right buttock.

(MF/f;  11 minutes): Ed Lee and Vanna have a familiar blonde strung up, fully clothed, in the brightly lit blue studio. Vanna will “warm her up” with a short dogwhip, on the girl’s back and bottom, over her two-piece dress.

Before Lee takes over he pulls her top up and rucks up her skirt to show us marks which are developing on bare skin. He pulls up her top, unsnaps and rolls up her bra, and pulls her panties down to access a lot of bare skin. The girl looks quite unhappy during Lee’s whipping.

At the conclusion, Vanna rolls a medical kit cart onto the set, puts on rubber gloves, and touches up the damages. Stinging grimaces.


(M/f; 7 minutes): Ed Lee rampant in his dimly lit ‘garage’  again; he makes some reference to Mexico and “a little girl’s first whipping.” A reddish-brunette is strung up to the ceiling, spreader bars for her wrists and ankles. Lee will uses his long bullwhip.

He explains : “You’re getting paid for this…the complete whipping.” He rips her dress off, one of his specialties. She wears no undies. He whips her back and bottom as she faces us, and the camera circles to get the best view. Standard stuff; Lee develops some blood traces on her back and buttocks, and the girl is gasping a bit more than usual.

(M/f; 13 minutes): The setting is the outdoor deck used in some of these FBW films. A brunette is already strung up and waiting. Ed Lee adds a spreader bar to her ankles.

First, I’ll gag your little ass…you’re a yeller.” He uses a cloth, then cuts off her bra and panties with his pocket knife, and rolls her stockings down to her knees.

The whipping is uneventful. Some shots from below. Blood trickles from her back.


(M/f; 7 minutes): A pretty statuesque brunette is strung up in Ed Lee’s workroom. She wears only black pantyhose. With her arms pulled over her head, her boobs are lovely. Lee circles and explains, he will use the ‘thong,’ the Australian dogwhip, and the climactic horsewhip.

The girl stays brave for a bit but begins to yelp as marks appear, both on her bare back and through the pantyhose. Sirens outside. “Are those sirens coming to rescue you? I don’t think so.” The thong marks, the dogwhip bites (“This will hurt a little more,”), and of course the horsewhip cracks and draws the promised blood.

(F/f; 11 minutes): A  svelte Vanna whips a totally naked and pale brunette in just heels, strung up in the gloaming on Ed Lee’s deck. She cries out at  each whip stroke and twists her wide, feminine pale hips, but keeps her feet firmly planted and her face mostly hidden in her arms. Vanna whips rapidly and with the accuracy of the best of them but does not do as much damage as Lee would do.

For the last three minutes, Vanna whips the girl’s front, not what she expected.


(M/f; 9 minutes): Nu West model ‘Jacque’ has tolerated a lot from Ed Lee in the NuWest catalogue, and we are the benficiary. She is strung up in Lee’s ‘garage,’ spreader bars on both wrists and ankles, stark naked, bare feet shuffling on the concrete. “This is going to hurt, I love to whip women.”

Jacque is the Barbie-doll of the NW cast, hard round boobs and what some would call a ‘bubble-butt.’  Lee paces and scolds, snapping his bullwhip. When a stroke lands, Jacque jerks and she is equally entertaining on the intentional  misses. “Keep your eyes down. Don’t look at me.” Lee draws a little blood on her back but leaves her bottom almost alone. He is enjoying himself.

(F/f; 11 minutes): Two girls escort–no, they URGE a long-haired brunette onto the darkened patio setting we are used to. She strips naked, they fasten her to the frame of a cabana, then leave her for a while, her bare body glowing in the muted light. A blonde returns, may be ‘Jodie Cline,’ and herself strips down to the domina outfit of panties, pantyhose, and heels.

Jodie does the run-up whipping technique,clattering across the planks to slash each blow. Not fun when you are on the receiving end to hear the train coming. Again, the girl’s bottom is spared.


{M/f; 8 minutes): The first segment here was released as ‘Sandy’s Utimate Whipping,’  which we’ll review soon.

(M/f; 10 minutes): A ‘Table Mountain’ segment at the gallows, we have covered elsewhere. Lee reminds his captive: “It only hurts for a little while.”


(M/f; 8 minutes): The unmistakable squeals of the model ‘Katie.’ stung up bare-naked in a darkened studio. Lee whips her back as we watch her from the front, kicking and pawing under the bullwhip. When the camera turns on the rear view, there are stripes on her back and bottom.

“Stop the God-damn screaming. I don’t want the cops coming in…or I will put this whip handle up your butt.”

(M/f; 9 minutes): “Rosa” from ‘Guadalajara.’ Ed Lee liked to roll around such words. He’s got a little dolly strung up to a tree branch in the darkened backyard setting we see now and again.

And, as he does, he likes to get some testimony on-camera: she is doing this for money, she is 22 years old, she knows what a whipping is; there may be blood. He rips her dress and pantyhose off in his style. [low flying plane on the soundtrack. Lee forges ahead]

He uses his impressive leather flogger; Rosa gets a workout on her buttocks, struggling to keep quiet and trying to resist the reflexive desire to avoid the whip. Excellent facial and rear shots; the shadowy lighting works. At the conclusion, Lee compliments her on her courage.


(F/f; 9 minutes): Nu West model Katie again, strung up naked with spreader bars in the garage/workroom. A note about Mr. Lee’s “garage”–it is no better than ours. Retired refrigerator, paint cans, hot water heater, washer/dryer.

A bond domina enters, snapping her whip. “Spanking doesn’t work. That’s why you’re being whipped.” She whips Katie’s back and buttocks with the medium bullwhip. Katie hangs her head in pain and her face is covered in the longest blond hair we’ve seen in her videos. Obliques of a frontal view are entertaining as she twists under the whip, and her facials are as attractive as any of her.

When the domina is finished, she runs her fingers over some wheals, making Katie jump and shiver.

(M/f; 9 minutes): The scene is a darkened room, with indirect not-so-effective theatrical lighting. A  fully clothed curly bonde is strung up. Ed Lee drops her skirt, helps her step out of it, and pulls down her pantyhose. No knickers. Only her bare buttocks are exposed.

With his senior flogger, he goes to work on those cheeks. She gasps at the first stroke, kicks her high heels, and generally makes a fuss throughout. He pulls her sweater up and flogs her bare back, generating a whole different level of screams.

The camera gets around to some of her pretty face in the half-light as Lee tries to tuck the sweater around her shoulders to keep it from falling when she struggles. She is one of the most vocal and miserable of the whipped actresses we have seen. Lee spreads a trickle of her blood around to prove his results.


(M/f; 7 minutes): A blonde is already strung up in Lee’s garage. “You’re going to get your first whipping today….nothing like whipping a new girl.” She has spreader bars attached to her wrists and ankles.

Lee makes her jump with his dogwhip. We watch the whipping from both sides. [In a first for us, we can hear flies buzzing near the microphone] Lee develops some blood flecks, on her upper back and buttocks. She is most displeased when he whips her front briefly, before finishing with a rousing flourish on her bottom.

(MF/f; 9 minutes): Lee can hardly contain himself that he is going to preside over the whipping of tall blond “Sydney,” who is strung up naked with especially harsh spreaders in the garage. Vanna is on hand to assist. She will “warm you up with the dogwhip.” Sydney is able to remain quiet and very still while Vanna whips rapidly with the shortish dogwhip. We see stripes on her back and bottom, yet she hardly flinches.

Lee has to restrain Vanna’s enthusiasm. “Whoa, you’re the tough one,”  he says of Sydney. Vanna shifts to a longer whip–again she is stoic, although welts and flecks appear.

How, it’s Ed’s turn. “Now you will go to college.” He refers to his bullwhip, which does elicit some reaction from her. At the conclusion, in a scene too short, Vanna touches up some of the skin breaks with alcohol, causing the reaction you can imagine.

15. (M/f;  5 minutes): Katie gets yet another whipping, resilient lady that she is. Ed Lee has her naked in the sunlight, strung up to what looks like his outer garage wall. She shuffles her bare feet in the rocky dirt, Lee ties a light rope around her calves to keep them together. She looks absolutely juvenile here. Reminds us of having coaxed a girl behind the barn ourselves. We didn’t get this far.

There is not a word of dialogue; her blond hair, longer here,  is pinned up  to  expose even more bare back. Ed uses the dogwhip; we watch a standard whipping from several angles. Little Katie’s gasps come early; blood flecks develop toward the end. Easy does it, Ed, we need her tomorrow. Highly erotic, despite the simplicity.


(F/f; 15 minutes): Actress-domina Jodie Cline marches an older brunette into the garage. “Remove all your clothes. Leave your boots on if you want.” Off with the top, jeans, and purple bra and thong.  Jodie cuffs her wrists and fastens them to the hanging chain.

A standard whipping for this naked lady. “You can grunt, moan, and swear, but no screaming.” Good lines and welts on her back and buttocks. “You’re taking this whipping very well.”

4 Responses to “FBW – NUWEST”

  1. Debra Neilson June 27, 2015 at 10:37 pm #

    None of the “blood” evident in any of our FBW series was real. The whips weren’t real, they were just lightweight pieces of foam rubber wrapped in black cloth tape. Since my late husband, David Neilson (best known to you as “Ed Lee”) is no longer with us, and NWL belongs to someone not even in our scene, it’s only fair that I share this information. Signed,
    Debra Neilson, Trustee, The David M Neilson Trust of 2012

    • Peter June 9, 2016 at 7:14 pm #

      Dear Debra,

      Having been a nuwest fan for 15 years i am really glad to reply to your comment. Between 2009 and 2012, I used to chat by email with Dave (Ed) as he liked customers reviews and general exchanges about life overseas. I never discussed specifically about the FBW series with him, but we mentioned the whipping videos a couple of times. He wrote that the whip he used “sting but do not cut the skin, and leaves red welts that go away in 3 weeks”. So i don’t know if you are referring in you comment to all the FCV and FBW videos, or just the FBW ones.

      While i guessed that the FBW’s blood was fake, the marks, sounds and reactions were so realistic either in most of FBW and FCV that i would think that some were pretty real. Anyway even with foam rubber, that might be a kind of whipping in a way (and still hurt a little bit)

      Still i miss him very much.


      Peter (France)

  2. Hari October 5, 2016 at 12:30 am #


    Quite a few years ago, I bought the video from Nuwest Leda called CP 101 (it was about teaching femdom). One of the first canning examples of the video were sketches taken from another video that I should really like to buy. At the time, I asked Ed and he told me the name of the actress involved: she was called Audrey. In this scene, she is wearing a greenish blue sort of t-shirt and a dark skirt and she is canning a man’s bottom. The walls of the room are blue. Unfortunately, Ed did not get around to tell me the name of the video.

    Does anybody know which video it is and whether it is for sale as a download?



    • spankingfilmreview October 6, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

      We don’t have NWV-101 so can’t help, but will be on the lookout for it. thanks for reading. We are adding about 10 more old NW we reviewed originally on SPREVIEW before they stopped posting guests.

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