The Great Escape-Capture and Consequences – BARSANDSTRIPES

11 May

M/f; time: 44 minutes

Leia Ann Woods again with actor Paul Kennedy, in another prison story. Leia is incarcerated, her husband Charlie visits.

Charlie’s Visit (9 minutes): The segment features Charlie paying a prison visitation and sitting with Leia, under the watchful eye of a guard. After some unauthorized hand-touching (contraband is passed), Charlie’s visit is terminated and he is dismissed. The male guard is going to punish Leia here and now. Over the table, her shorty red prison tunic thrown up, he her bottom is bare because she wears a naughty thong instead of prison issue. “Is this OK for you, sir?” The guard delivers a sharp loud handspnking, brandishes a cane, but first cracks at Leia with a leather paddle. “Ooh, that is really nice.” She is not going to give the guard any more satisfaction than he is already getting.

Leia takes off her unauthorized thong and stockings in a taunting striptease style and is then sent back to her cell, to be inspected later. “I’ll see you this evening, sir.”

Cavity Search (13 minutes): In this segment we see Leia, again in her shorty prison tunic (we hope she put on panties this time), running through a field, in that delightfully unathletic way, trying to escape, and closely pursued by a male guard (Paul Kennedy), who tackles her and marches her back. “Do you know what is going to happen to you when you get back?”

Leia is handed over to a hefty female matron (Lucy McLean) in a stark painted brickwall examining room. “Mrs. Woods,” who is a nemesis to these guards, is ordered to “STRIP!” When she is naked, she kicks away her panties in contempt. The matron wants those panties, so Leia does a ballet-like bend-over worth the price of the film.

She kneels on the examining table, on go the rubber gloves, and the hunt-for-the-olive cavity search begins. You can also feel Leia’s squirming resistance. “You’re hurting me, bitch…pervert…” Leia is submissive stretched flat on her stomach on the table, pillows under her hips, ready for punishment. We recall submissive institutional postures, found throughout the genre and done as well here as anywhere. Leia’s high hard bottom swells on the table in the cold barren room.

The matron begins a hard strapping of Leia’s centered, elevated bottom with a two-foot long reformatory or razor strop. She cracks down aggressively with full swings, while Leia jumps and surges erotically with each stroke. Position change–another time-honored posture, Leia up on her knees, face down on a pillow, bottom-high. More ferocious strapping, winks from between her legs, the matron reaches under to massage her breasts.

Next, Leia on her back, into the diaper position, which she feigns not to understand. The matron has her lock her arms behind her knees to keep her legs elevated for more strapping. Leia is charming. The guard Mr. Kennedy is invited in to inspect the results. Leia is then handcuffed to the bed to be left for a while and looks delightfully worried about it.

Coup de Grass (13 mintes): A bit of naked female humiliation in the bright sunlight. Leia must crawl around, presenting her bottom to Kennedy for the riding crop, while she cuts the lawn to specification with a pair os scissors. Lots of entertaining versions of this posture too-maids scrubbing floors, etc.



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