Julia’s Prison Farm – NUWEST NWV-251

12 May

2F/f; year: 1997; time: 27 minutes

Actress Katie loses her pants early and permanently in this simplified version of ‘Cool Hand Luke,’ Guards ‘Julia’ and ‘Vanna’ speak on the phone. “That little prisoner in 417, the blonde one, escaped. Get our whips, we’ll get her.”

Julia and Vanna, in their costume uniforms, run Katie down on a desert road, the San Marcos scrub terrain we’ve seen in numerous videos. Julia gives her a brief spanking, sitting roadside. They take off her panties, tie up her skirt, manacle her wrists, then whip her bottom back up the road to the prison. The camera is just a bit too far back for us to enjoy Katie’s predicament.

Into the barren blue studio, Katie’s fate is immediately detected. There sits a toilet in the middle of the room and a bench. Katie kneels on the bench, now naked. Vanna wheels over an enema trolley, and Julia puts on her rubber gloves. Katie’s bottom is striped with whip marks, a bit faux, but we are having a wonderful time.

Julia inserts the nozzle, the thin straight-in variety. We couldn’t quite hear an important line, but we were thinking also: “Aren’t you glad this isn’t a big bulb?” Katie moans her way through the enema; shots of an emptying rubber bag are not fully convincing. At the conclusion of this phase, the nozzle is slowly removed and Katie must stand and hold her water. She dances from one foot to the other, bare naked, the best part of the film.

She is allowed to sit on the toilet open in the room, her naked little blond self full-screen, and she makes the appropriate noises, to the amusement of Vanna and Julia. But this is not enough–back to the bench for another! Same insertion, same voiding.

NuWest throws in a surprising scene from time to time. The guards sit, legs spread. Katie will give each one oral sex in turn, kneeling in front of them, first through their panties , then panties off.

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