Schoolgirl Spectacular-Prefect’s Story – CALSTAR

12 May

F/3f; time: 56 minutes

Two schoolgirls will lose their pants, dignity, and some skin in this vintage episode. They smoke and drink on a bench in the bright sunlight–either CalStar inserted some bird chirping or the film crew was quiet enough not to disturb the fauna. “Phillips,”  a tall frizzy blonde, and “Ryan.” a brunette in pigtails, gossip about boys and parties, done in a film style when CalStar and/or its affiliates, were in their prime of production.

Prefect “Miss Barrett,” already equipped with a paddle, catches the skylarking (of these two school Birds, not the birds). They have missed PE. Barrett is going to deal with them  “…out here. I  have full spanking privileges. Mr. Whitehead authorized me.”

The spankings begin innocently enough. Barrett takes Phillips OTK first for a deceivingly mild handspanking on her full white knickers. Phillips squirms too much so she muct stand and lose the pants. Barrett makes sure Ryan sees the marks she is making. The girls fear Whitehead more than his prefect. “You’re not going to tell Whitehead, are you?” “Depends on how well you take this spanking.”

“You can both strip!” “What…completely?” Two very well put-together girls, a lot of white flesh in the sunshine. [ on the soundtrack, a light plane seems to be circling, an amusing interlude on many CalStar films. This pilot may have binoculars.] The girls will do some nude PT–star jumps, lots of jiggling; squats, legs apart, one of the great naked exercises. The girls are poorly coordinated, but who cares?

Ryan is spanked next–naked, with nude Phillips watching in the shot for a bonus, careful to keep her hands at her sides as she controls the instinct to cover her charms. Barrett reddens Ryan’s bottom nicely. Now both girls will be spanked in the CalStar sequence with the usual tools–the soft oval paddle, the crisp little strap, then the cane.

Phillips bends over a bench, “on tiptoes, please,” a little too quickly. Ryan holds her. Soft paddle, floppy strap, loud and hard. These silly preliminary handspankings become histoire. Barrett admits: “I’m really enjoying this.” Not so Phillips. “Time for the cane, Phillips.” About 25 strokes shown–wheals, gasping. Repeats-various angles. Phillips jumps up near the end. “No more!” [and the small plane is back]

Ryan’s turn. “I’m not taking that from you, Barrett.” “You actually are.” Same paddle and strap. “Bend over, stick that ass out.” Spectator Phillips makes sure the wheals on her bottom are noted. “Are you going to give her a caning…like this?” Ryan is downright brave during her caning; about 20 strokes, some low and nasty, and we watch the lines ripen during the pauses.

The girls are sent running off naked to dress for gym.

In  a new scene, Prefect Barrett has gone inside [to avoid the light palnes?] to greet a new student, blonde ‘Marshall,’  who is to be spanked for not doing her lines. OTK, (“Please, please, Barrett!”), panties  bunched, then down. Over a chair for the soft paddle, the strap, and the cane. (“Please Barrett, not the cane!”) Almost 20 convincing strokes, a very early stroke is low and nasty. Cloeups, wheals, tears. Barrett saves her best for last.

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