Spanking and Shame Collection #4

12 May

Ten more films from our purchased download from this site when it existed. The episodes were, except for a few, not titled, so we have tried to summarize the plot in just a few words.

1.’Nude Medical’  (M/f; 41 minutes) a long, careful subjugation and personal humiliation from the French film producer, in a lightly equipped medical treatment setting. Actor ‘Tom’ handles a tall, pretty and sophisticated blonde, who body language suggests she knows there is no way out of this exam room.

Tom gropes and rotates her on a little red rug. She steps behind a screen to undress; only Tom is shielded from seeing her; we have the voyeur view as she strips down to bra and full white panties. She reports to Tom, who soon removes her bra and spends significant time massaging her breasts, to her discomfort. With a stethoscope he checks her breathing in places you’d like to put the stethoscope if you were him.

He pulls up a stool to sit at a strategic height in front of her and begins a little contest with her hands to work her panties down. she is shaved bald. Closeups of a very solid bottom on this well-cast young lady.

Fondling;  hands-on-head;  bottom-smacking; general degradation. Onto a gyno table, Tom spreads her legs and does somew unlicensed probing; feet into stirrups. Onto her stomach, he admires her buttocks. On hands and knees, he takes her temperature rectally, and she gives us a nice little jerk when she feels the penetration. Her blond hair has come lose.

At the conclusion she dresses, a bit embarrassed. We highly recommend this little adventure, a bit of ‘playing doctor.’

2.’Girl on green couch, purple top’ (M/f; 41 minutes)
A pigtailed brunette will be the plaything in this longer episode, in a sparsely furnished sitting room, with a different male actor.  She wears a purple top and jeans, nervously awaiting attention, and eying a tabletop of spanking implements, with some apprehension.

A man enters the set and takes her OTK with a bit of a struggle. After a short spanking, he orders her to undress. Top off, she is back OTK, where he himself unfastens her bra and works her jeans down. She struggles to resist; he gropes what he can reach. At last she wears just black panties. There are tears. Very submissive.

The man yanks off the panties, none too gently. She is shaved bald. Hands-on-head, more spanking; cornered naked. She is just being tormented. She kneels on a hassock, he spreads her labia. More spanking, frigging, torture. Whatever she did, she won’t do it again.

3.’Dr Tom and geometry'(M/f; time: 38 minutes) Naughty Dr. Tom, or here, an actor who looks very much like him; a brunette nervously awaits him on the set which is used as a gym or a classroom. He arrives, in a rally cap. He looks her over; she must know the jeopardy–we play along with the fantasy.

She goes to the blackboard and starts on some geometry while Tom begins handling and teasing her. The girl wears a leotard top, tights, and a little outer skirt. He sets up a chair and takes her OTK over his standing knee on the chair. This posture, often used by SpankingandShame, produces a flying and flailing bottom. Tights down, white panties. Top and skirt off.

Tom keeps picking at her and moves into the more functional seated OTK position. The girl looks delightfully unhappy, now in just bra and panties. Tom unsnaps her bra; her clothes are being scattered about, soon the panties, the little socks, everything. She kicks bare feet through a long spanking. Groping, overhead shots, uncommon for this producer.

Stark naked, she stands between his legs, red bottom facing us, he gets a slow eyeful before he twirls her to share with us. Nice. Hands-on-head, she is shaved and going nowhere.

Back to the geometry, jaybird naked. Then she sits at a school desk, with a seat built so narrow that her bottom is mostly hanging off the back. A naughty carpenter appreciated a pose we love. He nips at her plentiful bottom with a paddle as she pages through schoolwork, very uncomfortable. We don’t remember this regimen being spelled out in the new American federal ‘Common Core’ school curriculum, but it would work. She presents enough buttock that he can pry and poke. Zoom in.

Tom keeps his pants on here, surely he was tempted. But this is one of the most erotic for us.

4.Dr.Tom with Asian girl'(M/f; time: 47 minutes) Doctor Tom sits on the green studio couch with an Asian girl; he is looking very studious today in his eyeglasses. The young lady wears a white blouse and white hairband.

As they converse, his hands begin to wander and he explores her. Skirt up, well-filled flower-print panties. She has the look of doom on her face.

Tom maneuvers her OTK on the couch, not difficult, for a long and slow spanking. After a full 20 minutes, he has worked her panties off. He spreads her legs and lowers a reading lamp for a closer look at her anus.

After a cut, the girl is now naked for some spanking, probing, twirling inspection.

5. ‘Two guys and a photo model'(2M/f; time: 33 minutes) A pretty frosted blonde lounges on a simple set, feet up, reading a newspaper. She admits two guys, an older and younger one, who could be father and son, but we hope not, given how they are about to behave.

The girl serves refreshments, seems amused, and agrees to model for the younger guy, who has a still camera. She wears a jersey with a bare midriff and a sort skirt. She sashays around the room, innocently enough. We’ve seen other CP films where lechers with cameras have larger agendas.

The girl steps out and returns to model a fuscia top and white mini-dress. The older guy begins to pick at her skirt, which she resists, but only slightly. The dialogue is in French–they must be promising her things.

The third outfit is a longer spaghetti-strap, semi-transparent dress. Both guys begin manhandling her, flicking at the dress, and eventually holding her still. Her dress is peeled to the waist and then off. Pink striped bra and panties. While she tussles, she is held, and the men jointly drop her bra and pull down their panties. Naked, her body keeps its promise.

Both guys manhandle, grope, probe, and spank, in the tradition of the SpankingandShame site. Finally she is maneuvered onto the couch into the diaper position and her ankles spread with a bar. After more wrestling, she is turned onto her knees, the guy sits on the back of the couch, and she begins an enthusiastic blowjob. His shirt is too long, we can’t see much; she works harder and harder, using her mouth and her hand, while the older guy flogs her, however gently. His young friend wouldn’t like it if he jolted her at this moment.

Brief cut–the guy is off the couch and fucking her doggy style–that shirt still interferes, but he appears to have plenty to offer and he is rocking her hard. Whatever they promised her, she deserves it.

6. ‘Guy with older blonde, exercises’ (M/f; time: 40 minutes) The studious guy in the leather jacket will deal with an older, curly dark blonde. She waits for him in the gym setup, looking at the equipment.

He arrives, scolds her, and she hands him her chewing gum. He takes his jacket off and takes her OTK for a long session. She stands and seems to have been convinced to start taking her clothes off. Jacket off, slacks gone, she wears a loosely fitting white chemise and white lace panties, with stockings.

More OTK, panties down, a thorough spanking, she kicks on his lap. Boots off, top off, no bra.

She will now begin the gym exercises, star jumps, knee bends, hands on head. Jump rope, she is quite good at it, but she is a bit small on top to make this as entertaining as it can be. Exercise mat on the floor, she takes various kneeling positions while the guy gropes between her legs. Leg lifts and scissor spread, panties off and on again. Bicycle; shaved.

She stands for more fondling and cannot resist a snicker. Handstands–the guy holds her and plays with her pussy. More OTK, a brief attempt and crawling under the limbo bar, which did not work out somehow. Some bend-over for a strap, then a nude march to the corner, hands on head.

7. ‘Dr. Tom, 2 brunettes, panties’ (M/2f; time:41 minutes)
In the gym setting, Tom has complete mastery of two brunettes. One at a time, he will fondle them, then encourage them to raise their skirts. He gets the panties down, one method or another, and both are spanked.

Soon both girls are naked, frontals, twirls–the film is heavy on the ‘humiliation’ side. Since there are two girls, they are probably safe from what Tom is capable of doing.

Lots of boob fondling, hands on head, panties at the thighs. Panties up, the girls stand at the wall in just their skivvies. Nice.

Tom then blindfolds both girls and will play a little panty game we have seen written in erotic spanking fiction. He handcuffs the girls together, one wrist to one wrist, has their remove their panties and then toss them away. Then they must scurry to find them and put them on again, all while blindfolded, producing lots of struggling nudity on the screen.

Off and on with the panties. In some films this little exercise would have been encouraged with the snap of a strap or whip. Ed Lee at NUWEST would have had fun with this scenario.

8. ‘Photographer and model’ (M/f; time: 29 minutes) One of the SpankingAndShame guys receives a model in the studio. She wears a black top and slacks, and eyeglasses. He begins having her pose for him and takes 35MM snapshots.

He is convincing her to begin undressing. She pulls the top off and drops her jeans. Down to black bra and panties. Various poses, kneeling on a chair, etc. When he begins picking at the waistband of her thong, she begins to struggle.

She grabs her OTK; a cute struggle and a long moderate handspanking, nice white bottom with sunburn bikini lines. The girl stands, and the photographer succeeds in pulling down her thong, twirling her, with extensive frontal views.

Bra off, another little struggle. The girl seems comfortable enough now, posing nude for the camera. He uses a chair and small hassock to put her in poses decidedly not intended for fashion magazines. Spanking, paddling, prying, scolding, persuading.

A spanking in the wheelbarrow position. Over the shoulder shots, a necessity for this posture. The guy has got to be aroused, but this particular actor doesn’t move to the sex scenes.

She ends up kneeling erect on a chair, nose in the corner, nude, hands on head.

9, ‘Brunette spreadeagled’ (M/f; time: 41 minutes) A light-haired brunette reports to one of the SpankingAndShame guys. She stands on the little red rug in the gym setup set. Surely she sees the straps and ropes.

The girl is being persuaded to take off her blouse. She does a creditable acting job of appearing nervous. Blouse off, a well-filled white bra. She raises her Black Watch kilt to display white bikini panties.

Kilt off, she begins to argue. She is down to white bra, panties and knee socks. She displays one of the more exciting bodies we have seen on this series.

The guy takes her OTK for moderate spanking; he reaches up and unsnaps her bra–struggles don’t help. He reaches under and grabs handfuls of boobs. Her nipples are erect, not happening in most of the films. Her pulls the panties aside as he spanks.

Panties down, plenty of puss, prying, probing. He spins her on his lap to show us everything.

The girl stands and is forced into several revealing poses, especially when you are naked. Some boob play, frigging, and a little oral from the guy.

He will now spreadeagle her to two poles, by the wrists and ankles, soft white ropes and leather straps. She is not pulled tight. He teases her with a martinet. To get the rear view and her bottom, he has to release her and turn her around. They apparently did not have enough studio to center this action and travel with the camera. He likes to wipe her panties in her crotch and rub them in her face.

10. ‘Tom, brunette in pink sweater’ ‘Tom,’ not playing doctor here, greets a pretty brunette on the green couch. She wears a pink sweater and jeans. There is a long discussion, presumably to point out that she has no choice in what is about to happen to her.

Tom takes her on the couch for a long interval of spanking on her jeans. She stands between Tom’s legs and works her jeans down herself–he has quite the view. OTK again, nifty black high-cut black panties. Rubbing, panties down, probing.

The girl stands again–shoes off, she steps out of her jeans and panties. Tom helps her off with her sweater, the blouse underneath, and the bra. He fondles her boobs in handfuls, as he likes to do. Hands on head, Tom probes and examines.

Back OTK, he rolls her around on his lap, for frontal and rear exposure. He throws her leg over his shoulder to allow him to pick at her vagina and anus. You can see she is getting excited.

Tom opens his pants—HE is excited. He will spend the rest of the film stroking her pussy and bottom with his erect cock. He does not penetrate here, but we invite you to see any number of his other films.

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