Tasha’s Bad Day – NUWEST NWV-265

12 May

M/f; time: 29 minutes

Niki Flynn at Nu West!  Producer Ed Lee occasionally spun in a complete surprise. This actress must have made a brief visit to Lee’s spanking factory. She wears a black pageboy wig, and in fact fooled us in a sequel to this story, ‘Debra’s Comuppance,’ which we saw first, and where in fact neither her face nor her hindquarters came into play. We have edited that post to reflect our discovery. So far, we have found no record in her filmography of this visit to San Marcos, or any mention anywhere.

The setting is the usual lean and mean office layout. Executive secretary “Vanna’ has accused ‘Tasha’ of embezzling office funds, and threatens the police. The male boss, another lucky cast regular, not Lee, can hardly keep a straight face.

“What I’m going to do is take you over my knee and spank you.”  “You can’t do that,”  Ms. Flynn protests weakly, a cunning little mannerism of hers which always fascinated us as her CP film appearances grew more complicated and intense. “Just watch me,” says the boss.

Tasha goes OTK for a slow handspanking, skirt up, loose-fitting flowered panties someone might actually wear, not tight-whities, thong, or bikini. Great facials–desperate glances, grimacing, lips, “I’m just going to have to lower your panties.”

Vanna leads her to the corner, where there is some adjustment to get her skirt and panties positioned quite properly. After all, a girl being spanked by her boss wouldn’t automatically assume she was requried to display her bare bottom cornered in the office.

Tasha is brought back to the boss’ lap for a slow, steady, moderate paddling, the boss pinnng her kicking legs with his. Back into the corner, Tasha admits to embezzling company money and that she was aided, abetted, and encouraged by financial officer “Debra,”  whose pants will come down in the aforementioned sequel.

Over the desk, pants puddled, for the cane. “Caning should always be given on the bare bottom.” A  set of 6 strokes, a pause, then 6 more. The boss is not yet satisfied and lays on another 12. Camera angles here feature Ms. Flynn’s muscular bottom and thighs, a presentation we will come to covet (and collect).



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