13 May

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Prison ‘intake,’  to a new level; a very brief exercise, every second is piquant. Set in London, 1895, a sweet-looking blonde is sent to Newgate Prison, where hellos and goodbyes are done with a cane. The girl begs her guard to be let off; he is a pevert, he makes her pee in a can in front of us, then “I’ll be back for your ride on the horse at 9 AM.” 

The blonde is convincing in prison shift, shackles and chains, hair cropped, and a sad helpless countenance behind barred doors and a setting reasonably authentic, rather than a high school drama club cardboard set.

The guard checks his supply of canes and the “horse,” yet another creative design entrant for the Museum of Spanking. It is a large barrel-shaped leather or cloth device, off the ground on a short pole, like a spring-loaded rocking horse in a playground. It is squat and wide, with knee positions to pull the girl’s legs open as she lies forward as if she were a jockey.

The guard practices cane strokes, slashing the horse where the buttocks are going to be. The girl enters and watches fearfully as the guard whacks a few more preparatory cuts. The blonde is directed to pull off her shift and is left wearing a sort of bustier, but very erotic,with no panties or bra. With resignation, she climbs into position, spreads her knees and lies forward for fastening.

Her ankles, knees, waist, small of back, and wrists are strapped down, and quickly, with less rattling and fanfare than some of MM’s competitors. Very erotic again. we needed to slow down at this point. Her high bare bottom brightens the cell-like scene.

With a “Welcome to Newgate” announcement, the guard lays on 18 legitimate, full-swing strokes. The blonde begins to howl after three or four strokes; her bonds are spaced just right and loose enough to allow her bottom to thrash and surge between strokes, adding measurable intensity to the caning. Perfect closeups; mean but not brutal red wheals, and distinct unhappiness. And the guard was not stupid to have her pee before she mounted.

It only takes a few minutes and she is released with a “same when you leave” notice when her three-month sentence is up and her stripes will have faded.

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