Straight 12 – XEROTICS

14 May

M/f; time: 9 minutes

Blond ‘Heather Stanton’ in her undies, getting a lecture and being awarded 12 strokes of the cane without any more ado. She wears a white bra and loose full white cotton knickers, not common in CP films. The caner is a scruffy  ‘Peters,’ her usual male antagonist in most of her films.

She bends over, hands on a stool. “Arch your back.” Peters slowly pulls her panties down, knowing this is the moment for many of us. Heather’s bottom is already slightly pink, maybe just embarrassed. He begins caning, slow and sharp little strokes, with some repeats mixed in.

After the first six, Heather is allowed to rub, which she does with style, knowing we’re hanging in there with her. The final six, with some repeats, are filmed in oblique, so we an look between her legs as the cane falls. Shaved. Peters  seems to lighten up his strokes at this point.

To conclude, he makes her stand on a chair, so that her bare bottom is level with his chest, and he pulls her panties back up to the thigh position, a ceremonial conclusion.

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