Red Riding Crop – CALSTAR

17 May

M/2f; year: 1989; time: 24 minutes

Reissue of early vintage CalStar; a young, thin, and incisive actor Michael Dawes. Two girls are spanked, cropped , and caned  in a one-bedroom scene, where the seques are handled with blackouts rather than the more advanced on-screen continuity.

The camera pans a wall hung with horse riding leather tack, of no interest were this not a spanking film. Michael takes a thin, slightly uninterested brunette OTK, rucks up her red dress and spanks hard, in his style, on black transparent panties. Panties down, he uses a shoe, not a ‘slipper,’ and raises bruises.

Blackout–over the back of a straight chair. Skirt up, pants down, Michael does a practiced job with a doubled belt. Ample pubic fuzz between the girl’s thighs. Scene cut–the brunette is naked and has put on a full body leather harness, criss-crossed belts worthy of a B&D film or Pancho Villa. Michael squeezes and fondles. Hands-on-head, she tries to look miserable.

With no transition, we shift to a second spanking, a tall short-haired brunette you’re hoping is going to get a wide ride as soon as you see her. She is face-down on the bed, pillow under her bare bottom, a position of huge potential we love, getting the belt from Michael as the harness-girl watches.

Another scene cut–the girl is naked now but for her stockings, more of the belt, her bottom rises with majesty over the pillow. Scene cut–she kneels on the bed, boobs hang, a handful. Cane time–15 good strokes, filmed from various angles, the harnessed girl holding her down.

Both girls bend over the end of the bed for alternating strokes with a red riding crop from Michael. The first brunette is well bruised; the second girl is so tall her naked bottom is a foot higher and worth more than a moment to contemplate. Michael carefully examines both bottoms’ welts and bruises.

The film concludes with a hand-lotion bottom creaming scene, where the lotion is distributed as if it were semen. Not much to this film, except intimations of erotic promise later realized by CalStar.

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