Woodwork Lesson – XEROTICS

17 May

MF/f; 13 minutes

Actress Catherine Corbett, pants off; a simple and short vehicle for  an experienced CP player, who has an endearing trait of shedding a tear or two when she is spanked. She is also one brave soul, frequently receiving the hardest spankings in films with other girls.

The scene is a workshop, probably just a corner in the film studio where other work is done. A man and woman (‘Miss Smith’} discuss the visible mess and the fact that Smith has not been able to impress the sloppy student, even after spanking her. “You should take it to the next level,” he advises.

Catherine Corbett is called in. She is very carefully dressed as a schoolgirl–dark blonde hair in a bun, cardigan sweater, blouse,necktie, pleated skirt, knee socks. She is scolded by the man and Smith and she grabs her bottom when she hears the bad news.

“Bend over.”  Smith flips up her skirt to display full white “regular” knickers, which Smith immediately pulls down to begin the handspanking. “Harder,” the man demands.

She must remove her pants and hand them over. Hands-on-head. The man gets his cane. Smith will “witness.” “We’ll start off with 8 strokes.” Corbett grabs her ankles. The first strokes are just taps. Smith does the next eight, much harder–Corbett’s cheeks have turned red and maybe some skin has been knicked. The brief spanking concludes. Corbett is to report to the man’s office in 20 minutes, hands-on-head, bottom bared, if she wants her knickers back. She should get more.

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