101 Strokes – NUWEST NWV-294

19 May

F/f; 25 minutes

Hard caning at Nu West; no apologies, in the barren blue studio in San Marcos, a brunette has been strapped onto one of Nu West’s carpentry creations, a sort of prayer stool on legs. Vanna reads her punishment sentence, another woman witnesses. The brunette is fastened across her back, thighs, and wrists. Skirt up, panties down.

The caning is slow, about 30 seconds between strokes, and just as hard as it ever needs to be. The brunette rocks the platform in reaction. Powerful Vanna paces and swooshes in classic NW style. “Is she starting to bleed?” “Not yet.”

Part way through, Vanna begins to group the strokes in two’s and three’s, to speed up the process, and eliciting kicking and screaming from the captured brunette. “Bleeding yet?” “Not yet.”

Groups of four. At 22 minutes into the film, Vanna dabs ointment on the girl’s sorry bottom, then they decide to pull up her panties to get her through these 101 shots. The final 25 are on the panties, blood spotting through, groups of 6. Vanna wipes blood off the cane. We finally get a facial of this distressed young lady when she is released.

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