Carried Away – NUWEST NWV-373

19 May

M/f; 12 minutes

Nu West vintage simplism, Katie with no pants again. The scene is a patio bar, the deck setting NuWest has used before. ‘Vanna’  is the bartender at ‘Nettson’s Pub,’ we read from the bar mirror. Blond Katie arrives and orders a vodka martini; actress ‘Jodi Cline’  occupies a stool.

Katie fends off the first male pick-up attempt; Ed Lee arrives, the others vacate. Ed and Katie commiserate about their bad day. She’s an “architect,” he’s a “construction”  guy. Visually, they are an odd couple, and it will get wilder. He grabs her ass at the bar, she pours her martini over his head. “You asshole.” This would not be either party’s best performance.

On her way out, Lee waylays her on the path, and throws her over his shoulder, carrying her away, her jeaned-bottom of course center screen. Right there on the patio, he begins her spanking her OTK. He gets her jeans down, just a white little thong scrap, and soon that is gone.

Fade to another scene at the bar. Ed and Katie meet again. They argue, he carries her away again, more spanking (her bottom is still red, we note). Ed now scores. “Wouldn’t you rather continue this at my place?”

We cut to a full-fledged sex scene, harshly lit Nu West style. Katie is naked, on top, riding up and down on a quite impressive cock, her little white bottom facing us. We don’t see anybody’s face, but we are entertained by the concept.

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