Molly’s One Hundred – MOONGLOW

19 May

2M/f; time: 1 hr, seven minutes

The longest caning we have seen; one of our favorites, and that of other reviewers, because of  ‘Alison Payne’  or’Lisa,’ or her few other stage names. Here she will take one of her longest thrashings, from actor ‘Joe Stewart’ and another male. If there was cinematic trickery here, we didn’t figure it out, because Alison will count the strokes aloud. A reissue of this film has been titled “105 Strokes.”

Joe accuses mobster moll Alison of two-timing him. “You’ve been with another bloke.” She denies, so he will simply spank her until she confesses, which will take a while, quite the whole film, with little wasted filler. He’ll start with his hand. He takes the Liverpudlian  auburn-haired minx OTK and pulls up her long gauzy blue dress and bunches her panties. A fantastic view of this well-endowed actress, and we have only just begun.

”You’re going to get the paddle.” Knickers down. The scene is a sitting room with fireplace. As Alison twists under the paddle, her panties gradually descend to her ankles. No confession.

“After lunch, you’re going to get 100 strokes of the cane.” In the sitting room, a bench-like device has been set up, a waist-high platform with straps, similar to the headmaster’s trestle in the LUPUS series. Alison is bent over it, dress up to expose dotted panties. Legs 18″ apart.

The caning begins. Alison will count aloud all one hundred strokes, actually a few more. Marks appear at 5; Alison begins her patented gasping. A  character naked “Guiseppe” interrupts the proceedings with some information and garners a nice view. Joe tells Alison: “Get up, strip!” Ms Paine gets naked, facing us, giving us an eyeful of her lovely unshavened bush. Back over the trestle naked, the caning continues.

At 50 strokes, Guiseppe returns and asks to stay and watch. At this point, the leather straps are employed to hold Alison still. At 55 strokes, Guiseppe beseeches to take over and uses another cane. (Alison keeps her face clear of her long hair.) Guiseppe switches to another cane, even thicker.

At around 80 strokes,  Joe steps into the batter’s box again and takes brave Ms. Paine all the way to 100. She STILL refuses to confess, so the men push on. At 105, she breaks down and implicates Guiseppe as the paramour. Joe runs off after him, leaving Alison naked and fastened.

In a slow, sexy struggle, Alison manages to unfasten her wrists, her back, and her ankles. We hear a gunshot outside.

This film contains some unusual out-takes, where the director steps into the scene and points out that the whippy cane is leaving nasty wrap-around marks on Alison’s flank, (and we need her next Thursday).

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