Martial Law Part 1 – MOODPICTURES

24 May

F/f; 28 minutes

Not for the faint of heart, websites like to say;  we are at a very tough penal institution, where Staff can find themselves on the wrong side of the table with the Disciplinary Committee now and again.

A blond guard overzealously tortured a prisoner, who turned out to be one of the government’s own agents. She stands before the Committee. The torture scene is recreated. The blonde torments and strips a brunette, fondling her, then tying her bent-over to a chair, and caning her naked.

At the hearing, a like-kind exchange is awarded. The blonde will receive 100 strokes of the cane,and if you have watched any Mood productions, you know this is bad news for our missy. A ‘doctor’  attends, a typical runway model Mood actress, wearing a shorty hospital smock with bare legs, not for bending over.

The Committee orders the blonde to strip naked, which she does slowly, with just enough reluctance and distain to commence the stirring of your loins. She is assisted to climb  onto an aluminum trestle which might be confused with a clothes-drying rack, were it not found in a Mood punishment room.

There is a wide kneeling platform on four legs, a padded center crossbar for the victim to kneel up and over, and a higher crossbar, which she reaches to,  for her wrists to be fastened, so that her arms are stretched forward and up, tightening her back, and plumbing her bottom, held centered by the lower bar. The naked girl’s knees are forced wide to achieve balance. Nasty ans simple.

The blonde’s hair is bunched out the way, although the buttocks are the focus. She takes 100 hard full-swing strokes from a merciless female guard. The ‘doctor’ checks her to prevent fainting, which can result in a do-over. We’ve said we suspend judgment on authenticity. This theater is about the toughest caning you will find.

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