Spoiled Brats Get Punished at Christmas – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

27 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 20 minutes

Busy bottom in 2008 for  statuesque Amelia Jane Rutherford; Ms.Rrutherford plays a rambunctious wife, in her negligee, teasing her husband about Christmas gifts. He says: “You always want something. NOW I want something. You were absolutely drunk last night.” And she was the designated driver! We know about those nights, and this is definitely a spanking offiense.

He gets her OTK, one of her cute little protesting squawks; nightgown, black panties, garter belt, stockings–she is looking for action! Panties down–those wonderful facials of her mock and playful anger. After some slippering of that great and famous bottom, her husband gives her a first gift.

She is mischievously puzzled when she unwraps a spatula-shaped paddle. Over the couch, panties back up, the paddle works fine, and even better with her knickers at her knees.

The next puzzlement is a party-favor flogger, not the mule-team type in the instrument locker at NuWest. Nightie off, bra and panties off, just stockings, she keeps her legs together (for now), and lies flat on the dining room table. She has one of those bottoms which rises like foothills and is enhanced by this pose. Nice little flogging and the cameraman must have been in the chandelier. Hands-and-knees on elbows, pussy flashes, writhing on the table. Terrific.

Still quite naked, and the way we would leave it, she squeals in delight when she is freed to open other packages.

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