Cell Block 1 and 2 – BARSANDSTRIPES

28 May

M/f; time: 42 minutes and 38 minutes; segments

Leia Ann Wood’s website, episodes of what happens to the girls in the cells of the prison they have been admitted to. We watched their ‘Intake’ spankings in other films.

Cell Block 1 The Party’s Over‘ (M/2f; 13 minutes): Guard ‘Paul Kennedy’ catches ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and redhead ‘Amy Hunter’ swigging a bottle of smuggled wine on their cell bunks. Around this place, spankings are meted out for just about anything.

Kennedy gets actress ‘Lucy McLean,’ playing her dour matron role, to help him; after a lot of yelling, Hunter gets the strap on the bare at the end of her bunk. Woods next–she spreads her arms wide to hang onto the bunk frame, pants  down. both retreat to their bunks without pants to conclude.

In general, the spankings in these B&S series are not severe, but we do recommend your attention for the plausible institutional ritual and the director’s attention to detail, especially to knickers.

Food for Thought‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): Guard ‘Adam Strong’ suggests to inmate ‘Gina Moon’ that he will cut her sentence if she steers some of the loot she stole to him. He offers a little spanking to clarify her thoughts on the matter.

She bends over the lower bunk for a handspanking, and the strap; incomprehensibly, a blonde on the top bunk (“Hannah Martin”) sleeps through this melee. Gina capitulates and will give up some money to save her bottom.

Moon Shine‘ (M/2f; 8 minutes): Actor ‘Richard Harris’ enters the cell of Leia and ‘Emma Brown,’ having already brought his paddle. He finds a little bottle of airline whiskey, which of course costs Emma her knickers. Lovely bend-over, our hundredth look  at her love-tattoo o0n her left buttock. Full-screen handspanking and paddling. She blames Leia for the contraband.

Fight Club‘ (M/2f; 10 minutes): More all-stars, Leia and ‘Dublin O’Brien’ with Paul Kennedy again. Kennedy breaks up a wrestling match between the girls (like American ice hockey, we’d have enjoyed seeing them fight it out). Both are bent over the bottom bunk, he lowers both sets of knickers with care, and he alternates spanking both girls, as hard as we see at Bars and Stripes. Both girls rub in bed.

Cell Block 2
‘Planting Alcohol’ (M/f; time 11 minutes): Supervisor ‘Richard Harris’ shakes Leia Ann out of her bunk. ‘Emma Brown’ cowers in her bunk and will miss out here. He has found whiskey, she denies, but that doesn’t matter in this place. She spreads her arms to grab the top bunk, Harris rucks up her orange smock and spanks her with a spatula paddle and a strap. Ms. Woods is always insouciant. Panties down, 12 with a cane, good facials, back to bed.

‘Cell Spin’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Blond prisoner ‘Hannah Martin’ won’t tell where the drugs are hidden, calls guard ‘Adam Strong’ an “asshole,” who has tossed her cell, and she earns the usual. She grasps the top bunk, black panties down for a handspanking and the strap. “I might be a prostitute but I’m not a drug dealer.”

‘Going Down’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): ‘Zena Stone,’ a brunette with a Eastern European accent, is caught masturbating on the top bunk of her cell by guard Richard Harris. She has to stand on the bunk ladder, panties down, for a spanking.

‘Bunking Off’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes): “Michelle Brown’ and Leia share a cell. Guard ‘Stephen Lewis’ chases Leia away (are the cell doors open?), rousts big blond Michelle out of bed, and spanks and straps her.

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