The Way of a Man and a Maid – MISSMARCHMONT

28 May

M/f; time:44 minutes

A maid wears her apron and nothing else; actors Karl Strong and Leia Ann Woods play out a naughty relationship on the dining room and kitchen floors. Strong, as ‘Lord Malthorn,’ with his shaven-head, drill sergeant demeanor, has his maid Leia helpless. She wears just an apron–no bra,  no panties, and this is her master’s playtime. She kneels before him, shining his shoes, while he prods her with his riding crop. Ms. Woods has always played the subjugated creature as well as anyone.

At his direction, she slides over his boot and pleasures herself on his foot, hidden by her apron, very sexy, back and forth. She kneels erect, elbows on the table, he handspanks her–the apron covers nothing. Her bottom is already quite red, as if there were a prequel to this film.

On the cold stone floor, kneeling mostly naked, head to the floor, he crops her pussy, knees apart. Leia is totally submissive. Kneel up, Strong pulls her apron down, plays with her breasts, slaps her face, and makes her hold his crop between her teeth, like a dog.

Strong fondles and probes as Leia remains prostrate in front. We can’t help wondering when the maid will be ordered to open the lord’s britches.

Into the kitchen, Leia works on the floor with a scrub brush, bottom up, an obligatory scene in every maid/spanking story. Strong will string her up here. Fast with the knots, he secures her wrists, throws the rope over an open beam, and cinches it to a stove handle, pulling her tightly erect,  but not torture. Spanking and fondling, he rips away her superfluous little apron so that she is naked. Leia quivers as he spanks and crops and twirls her to provide frontals. We are amused at her one-piece bathing suit tan in this Victorian story.

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