29 May

YEAR: 2001;    M/f; time: 40 minutes

Everything hangs out at SHADOWLANE and they are not shy about it. Ubiquitous, always rampant, actor/partner ‘Butch Simms,’ getting a little gray here, but none the worse for wear, as he will demonstrate, plays a therapist. ‘Catherine de Sade’  as “Miss Trent,” adorns his couch. She is trying to control her sexual urges (this is the right place for that). “I kind of like not to wear panties,” and she raises her skirt to flash her charms to Butch. “Oh, I see.”

He will practice some ‘aversion therapy,’ a cunning phrase in CP films. “I turn you over my knee and I spank the sluttiness right out of you….I apply pain…and you associate it with…bad behavior.” He begins spanking her in the office, skirt up (we’ve seen, the panties have been left at home.)

“I don’t think it’s working, doctor.” Butch: “We”ll have to go to the next level.” Segue to “Level 2,” Trent in just bra unsnapped and garter belt. Kneeling, boobs hang. She loves this.

“OK, Miss Trent, spread your legs.” He slaps her vagina and pinches nipples. Who is getting the therapy here? He frigs her in closeup. He gets some “timber…and some leather,” paddle and straps; he frigs, she coos.

“Your sexuality is leaking out. I need it to come pouring out.” All the pretense gone, he opens his fly and Trent begins a slow blowjob–Mr Simms can still give you a start with what he can produce. They work through a full-scale porn scene, clothes come off, and Simms completes the money shot with Trent lying face up on the hassock.

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